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Shopping Crisis (pt. 3) [NQ]

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This time Kaiser was not even actively looking for work when work came to her. She was back at the shopping district because she needed to buy some things for the villa and for Pabu as well. It turned out that having a pet was making her use money more than she normally did. But then it cancelled out with the fact that Pabu was always able to help her find more money from work than she would normally on her own by stealing some from her clients or stealing some from the enemies involved in the job. Kaiser was not the type to actually ask her pet to steal stuff from her clients, but it was sort of like Pabu had a talent of her own and the vampire did not mind getting more money from her jobs thanks to this. As she was walking around in the shopping district, looking for a shop that sold the things that she needed, a random lady approached Kaiser, asking if she was the one who helped get rid of the bandits for the previous two shops. Kaiser was of course quite annoyed at first but she found this as a good opportunity to be known as such a reliable mage in the city. People were coming to her for work now, recognizing her for the work she had done previously. The vampire gave her a smile and confirmed that she was in fact the one that the lady was talking about. The lady was visibly relieved, heaving a sigh and explaining her situation briefly and telling her that it would be better if Kaiser followed her to her shop, offering the vampire coffee and some snacks. The thought of free coffee made her follow the random lady to her little shop.

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On the way, Pabu complained about how their shopping session that was supposed to be about her had now turned into another one of Kaiser’s lame jobs. The vampire assured her that they would do shopping after talking to the woman. After doing two jobs of the same nature, she expected this one to go the same, and during the time between talking with the client and actually doing the job, there was a huge gap meaning that they could do the shopping during that time. Once they were in the lady’s shop, which turned out to be a floral shop by the way, Kaiser was led to a little table behind the counter. The lady gestured for her to take a seat at one of the chairs and the vampire did, observing the interior of the shop. Being a floral shop, of course the interior design was much more pleasing to look at compared to the accessories shop and ‘Carl’s Shop’. Thinking about that stupid shop name made her laugh every time. Since the lady was not an easily excitable young child, she paid like zero attention to the fire ferret who was so glad about it that she did not pretend to be mute. After Kaiser got seated, the woman went into the back of her shop to make the coffee that she promised the vampire. She seemed to trust that Kaiser would not wreck her whole shop and steal all of her precious belongings while she was in the back, and she was right to do so. Kaiser was not the person she was anymore. The reason was simple. Her goals had changed. In fact, she had a clearer and more long-term goal. Pabu was talking about how nice the shop’s interior was as the lady returned.

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To be completely honest, Kaiser had never been to a floral shop, so of course she was quite intrigued by all the items in the shop. Of course it did not just sell flowers. There were also a bunch of ‘gifts’ that were being sold in that shop such as gift cards, gift boxes, bouquets of fake flowers, gift stuffed toys like teddy bears, assortment of random cute things as a gift and so on and so forth. The vampire was pretty fascinated by it all, but she did not make any audible comments about it. She listened to what the owner of the shop had to say. Since she was a woman, she talked more about the ‘powerful men’ that were bothering all the shop owners in the entire shopping district. Since Kaiser did not have much influence in Magnolia City yet, she did not really talk about how she planned on dealing with this in the future though she was already thinking about it. She listened without saying a word and just taking note of everything as she drank the coffee that was prepared for her. Pabu was having her own little tour around the shop while the adults talked. Kaiser was glad that she had come to Magnolia at this time. It was perfect timing since her guild was doing the work to take over the city as well. The Daeva finished half of her coffee when the owner of the shop told her the time that her shop closed and that she was going to do it finally. By ‘it’, she meant to cross the ‘powerful men’ which would result in bandits coming to trash her shop, and she wanted Kaiser to give them a lesson, and send a message to the ones behind the attack.

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Once again the briefing of the job was over and they negotiated the payment that Kaiser would get for completing the task. She also asked for one of the gifts that was an assortment of cute things. She did not want it for herself, but she wanted to bring it back to her guild and have it as a decoration in her guild office. She thought it would be a nice touch to her otherwise boring and mediocre looking office. After seeing how aesthetically pleasing the way the floral shop was decorated was, she could not help but want to decorate her office as well to make it aesthetically pleasing to be in as well. The vampire shook hands with the owner of the shop even though that was the weirdest thing she thought of doing because she was so distracted by the shop’s interior. Pabu took note of it and made fun of her after they left the shop. Now it was time to buy some things for the fire ferret who was satisfied that Kaiser was finally back to paying her full attention to her and not work. Of course they would have to return later at night to complete the job but until then, they had so much time to spend shopping. Kaiser saw some other people’s pets wearing clothes and she thought she would get some clothes for Pabu as well, and of course the little furball was all for it. She wanted to get stylish and wear some fancy outfits to have the best fashion among the ferrets or something. Pabu was definitely a diva among the ferrets. Most other ferrets that Kaiser had seen were pretty calm and quiet, but Pabu was the exact opposite. Kaiser wondered where she got that wild behavior from.

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Unfortunately, the pet shop that they found did not have any clothes for pets so they walked around the shopping district for a bit before they came to this area where they sold children’s clothes AND pet clothes too. The excitement that Pabu showed when she saw that was remarkable. Kaiser wished she could have taken a snapshot of that moment somehow so that she could make fun of Pabu for years to come, and if she had any children in the future, she could show them what a silly little ferret their mother used to be. Kaiser was forced to go into that shop even though the shrill noise of kids’ voices was unbearable. After a while though, she got used to it or more like the noise was drowned out since her concentration was a hundred percent on finding clothes for Pabu. It was hard, because most of them were for animals like cats and dogs. You know, normal house pets. Of course if they could not find clothes specifically made for ferrets, they could just get the ones that were made for cats or something and get them fixed up to fit Pabu or something. After much looking, they found just a few clothes that were made specifically for ferrets, so they bought a few more that were made for cats and Kaiser would go to a tailor shop or something and get it fixed up. Pabu was going to get her measurements taken for the first time and that was somehow exciting for her. Kaiser remembered the first time she got something tailored for her and it was a Joyan traditional dress. She remembered when her grandma from her mother’s side made her a bunch of those but she did not bring back any of them.

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So they were done shopping for clothes for Pabu to wear and so it was time to get a drink at a cafe. Kaiser already spotted and marked some cute little cafes in the district while they were looking for a pet animal clothing shop and now it was time to pay them a visit. Kaiser held the bag of clothes that they just bought as Pabu talked about how she was going to style herself using each piece that was bought. They even bought a mini pair of sunglasses for the ferret for the sunny days to come. It was springtime now and summer was just around the corner. Kaiser wanted her pet to be ready for the hot season not just to be prepared for the heat, but fashion wise as well. Now that she thought about it, Kaiser was pretty excited about bikini season coming up. She could not wait to flaunt her bodacious figure. After all, her regular workouts would be for nothing. She was training not just to be strong, but she was also getting in shape, not that she was not already in shape. She could still get better for sure. Once they picked a cafe to sit their butts down and get a drink, Pabu was looking in the shopping bag to admire all the clothes that they just bought for her while the vampire ordered a soy milk drink for her pet and lime juice for herself to feel fresh. Sometimes she liked to surprise her body by actually taking in some healthy drinks or eating healthy food from time to time. It did not satisfy her as a vampire, but it was good for the skin and things like that. Lime juice gave her lots of Vitamin C for her skin.

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Kaiser and Pabu sat there for quite some time, basically it was rest time for them until they went back to the shop to carry out the job. Kaiser sipped on her drink as she listened to her pet furball talk about the most random things ever to talk about. “Do you know how terrible people look when they match really bright colors for their outfits?” Kaiser nodded. “Umm, that lady doesn’t,” said the ferret as she began laughing hysterically. Kaiser chuckled in amusement, following the ‘lady’ that Pabu was talking about with her eyes. She appeared admittedly horrendous in her crazy color combinations. Kaiser twirled the straw in her drink and took a long sip. She was observing the people in the district, listening in on the latest news and just getting used to what Magnolians were like. She realised that even though Magnolia City was not the capital of Fiore, some people here sure acted like it was just because it housed a once famous and strong guild known as Fairy Tail. But that was once upon a time and so much time had passed since that was the case. When Kaiser got here in Fiore after leaving Bosco, Fairy Tail had already gone to shit, or was in the process of going to shit. “Look at that hat though.” Kaiser was not really paying attention to what Pabu was saying forty percent of the time because she was paying attention to other things, but she just nodded along and forced a laugh in response just to keep the ferret happy. She was entertained, however, with the furball being around. Otherwise she was all alone if her guildmates were not around. She wondered if she was such a loveless person sometimes. She just could not find a man.

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After they had their drink, Kaiser decided that they had so much time until they had to do the job for the floral shop lady. “Let’s get out of here. We have so much time still,” she told Pabu and finished her drink. Pabu also finished her drink, not leaving a single drop of it because her mama told her to drink every single drop of it. It was for her own good. Kaiser wanted her pet to be strong and healthy just like she was. The vampire called a waiter to pay the bill and then left some tips on her table, an unnecessarily big tip just because she liked to flex like that. Pabu was back on her shoulder as they left the little cafe and headed out for some fresh air. It was starting to get dark outside, so she assumed that it would be a good time to walk around the city for a bit. The first breath she got after leaving the air-conditioned atmosphere of the shopping district was lovely. It carried that scent of evening time, if you know what that was like. Kaiser began walking in no specific direction. She just wanted to walk, so that was what she did. Pabu was once again going on about the things she observed. She just could not shut up. Kaiser was fine with it, however. She was used to it.

“Let’s check this place out!” said the ferret and Kaiser did not mind fulfilling her pet’s wish. And so they entered through a tangle of alleys, coming to a little settlement of sorts. From the looks of it, these were people who could not afford to live in a proper home. Little shanties littered the area and the sight opened up Pabu’s eyes a lot. Of course, she was always around Kaiser to experience the lush, luxurious life, but she had never seen the way of living of the less fortunate people. Kaiser was glad she could bring her pet here to understand this. Pabu told her owner to leave immediately, but the vampire decided to leave some money to these people in the name of Daeva Eye, a guild from Dahlia, so they could survive another day. Afterwards, they returned to the shopping district, and Pabu was still a little bit shocked. But at the right time, the vampire carried out the mission and was done with it. She would return the next day to collect her reward from the floral shop owner lady.

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