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Cavern Explorer [Q]

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Being in Magnolia City, Kaiser found a lot of work that would earn her the reputation she desired from the people. What that means is that most of these jobs would earn her fame rather than infamy because in most of them she was helping Magnolia City and its citizens. It seemed that they would ask for mages to do the simplest of things, but she did not care about that. As long as she was able to get some recognition as the guildmistress of Daeva Eye, Kaiser was willing to do it. Today, however, Kaiser was not out to look for work. She was just looking around the city when she came to what looked like a cavern opening where a flock of people was trying to get in while a group of Rune Knights was trying to stop them from doing so. It was funny how just a few of those knights were able to keep such a large curious crowd from getting in. Kaiser guessed that a few would have already gotten in though. Pabu was very interested in what was going on there, so she asked Kaiser to go nearer to find out, which she did. Once they got really close to the crowd, one of the people in the crowd came up to her and asked her to help him. She raised her eyebrows and asked him what it was that he needed help with. After introducing himself as Barras, the man began to talk about the metal or whatever that was inside the cavern that everyone was dying to get their hands on. Kaiser could not believe that everyone here was going crazy for a rock, but if it was as special as this guy was describing it, then it was probably worth it.

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After hearing about the rock, Kaiser did not feel anything but curiosity. She wanted to help him, but sneaking past Rune Knights probably was not something that she should do if she was looking to earn a good reputation among the people. So she promised him that she would help him, but she would only come again very late that night when the Rune Knights were gone or something. Barras accepted and went back into the crowd after discussing the payment, that is, how much she would be paid for completing this task. It would really help if the crowd dispersed early and the Rune Knights were gone early so that she could get to work sooner rather than later. Kaiser stood around for about fifteen more minutes just to hear what others were talking about and if they were all interested in the same thing that Barras was talking about. Her job was pretty much just to find out if it was true that the metal existed so it was pretty easy. She was glad about it too, because he was offering to pay her a lot of money just to find out if the rock was real or not. Kaiser did not get so happy immediately though, because she did not know what was inside the cavern. The knights could either be barring people from entering it for two reasons: one, she assumed, was so that they could mine it themselves for the country, and two: for the safety of the citizens of Magnolia City. Kaiser however felt like she would be capable of handling any sort of obstacle inside the cavern and getting past it. Being a vampire she could see perfectly through darkness so she felt like she had a really useful advantage—to see inside.

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Kaiser eventually left the cavern entrance because Pabu was starting to complain that it was too noisy and smelly. She was not wrong, and Kaiser had only remained there to listen and confirm that the metal was indeed the reason everyone was going crazy here. After getting so many complaints from her little pet ferret, Kaiser decided to go back into the city and waste some time until it was nighttime. All they did was pretty much just walk around the city and get updated on the news by listening to the news in a cafe where she had some coffee and Pabu had a fruit drink. The news was not just about Magnolia, but also about the rest of the country. The new guilds that were founded recently were all over the news, including Daeva Eye since it was a totally new kind of guild being the only guild that had a gender restriction. The other guild that got some recognition was the guild called Advent World whose leader went by the name ‘Finn Mertens’. It was funny because she thought she remembered it from a cartoon or something. That was nothing important of course. She was more interested in how the other guilds had expanded. Unlike her own guild, it seemed that the other guilds were not very keen on expansion. Kaiser was glad to hear that though. She was very impressed by the fact that her guildmates not only supported her ideas for expansion, but they were able to follow through. She heard news from the Voidling earlier that she had completed her task of taking over the park. She was even happier because South Gate Park was one of the most famous places in Magnolia City, being one of those tourist spots that were always crowded.

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Kaiser and Pabu spent most of the time in the cafe since they both apparently liked to be up to date on what was going on in the world. It was evident that the vampire was, but she only noticed just then that her pet ferret was not only interested in getting the latest gossip, but also the latest news of the nation. She liked that. Discovering that her companion had similar traits to hers made her feel especially satisfied. She had never had a pet of her own before, so she never knew what it was like to have one. She could feel the special bond between them and it was irreplaceable. According to Pabu, she had never had an owner too, but that was not too strange to Kaiser since she was still pretty young. The vampire drank probably too many cups of coffee and if Pabu knew that it was bad for her, she would probably stop her, but luckily for Kaiser the furball had not learnt about that yet, so she was safe from that. It was weird too, that there was someone else who was always near you at all times and watching over you. Kaiser also unconsciously took care of the ferret, and fifty percent of the reason for that was because she paid for it and she did not want it to, like, die in such a short time of being of use to her. Kaiser downed her last coffee for the day and called a waiter to pay the bill. Pabu was kind of excited to go into that cavern, but it was not time yet. It was only a few hours past sunset and she did not expect the crowd to have dispersed yet. So they went there to check first.

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Surprisingly when they arrived, Kaiser found that the crowd had already dispersed and the knights were already gone, leaving the cavern entrance completely unguarded. She took no time to rush in and follow the paths to go deeper and deeper inside. The cavern was much deeper than she expected and she had to move rocks many times because the path was blocked. It was mostly dark but the closer she got to the center, she realised that a faint light was starting to grow from forward. Once she reached the center, she was greeted by a hole that led to three more paths. She went into the first two and got to dead ends, so she tried the third one. Pabu was spooked most of the time because she could not see, but the closer they got to the light, the less spooked she got. The vampire finally got the part where she found the substance that Barras described. It was blue just like he said, but she found that it was in such a small quantity, if anyone else found out faster than her, Barras’ operation was bound to fail. She assumed he wanted to make the equipment with the metal like he was talking about to her. So the vampire rushed out immediately, trying to make sure that she used the correct path to get out, and then upon reaching the entrance found that new knights had been stationed in front of the entrance, so she had to use her sneaky ways to get past them and away from the tavern. She wasted no time to look for Barras at the location he gave her to inform him of what she just found out. After hearing what she said, the client paid her the full amount and left.

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