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Gatherer [Quest]

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"Another day, another dollar." muttered Mimir as he made his way towards the forest outside of Oak. For the few days he had been in the city, he had been going on various quests in order to gain some money. Most of them the people wanted him to steal something. He had no problems doing it, Mimir was just mad he had been knocked off the top and was now at the bottom again. He was a viking general. Back in Isenberg his land stretched wide and his home filled with jewels upon jewels. Of course, all of those riches had been confiscated by the king due to his failures on the battlefield, so he was kind of broke in Fiore.

He was doing his best to adapt in the foreign country, but the annoyance caused by the stupid quests he was beginning to not handle. "Maybe I should go and look around for one of those guilds." muttered Mimir while walking in the forest. There were many guilds in Fiore and he had heard if you were in one you received a lot of benefits. Maybe he would meet some people who loved to fight as much as he did?

Giving a little smirk to nobody in particular, he would begin his search for the plant he had been tasked to look for, some gray mushrooms with glowing green dots. A doctor named Stephen had given him the task back at his shop. What he wanted to do with the mushrooms, Mimir could care less. As long as he was getting payed for them in the end, he didn't care if they were probably poisonous mushrooms to torture someone with. What a man did in his spare time didn't interest the young viking not a single bit.

He spent ten minutes wandering the forest as the evening's sun began to sat. Coming out at this time was a good idea because if the mushrooms did indeed glow, he would see them better under the night's sky. Mimir wasn't a dumb brute, he had all sorts of skills and hunting, or rather in this case, gathering was one of them. His eyes seems to scan the ground while he made his way deeper into the forest step by step. The trees seemed to cast shadows along the ground that looked like people were dancing. "A weird city with an equally weird forest." he said to himself.

As the words left his mouth, Mimir would see the orbs of green floating on the skin of mushrooms below. With a look of triumph on his face, he would begin to pick them. Dozens of mushrooms were thrown into a bag and before you knew it the man was on his back to the inner section of Oak's city. It had taken him an hour or so to find the mushrooms. Would have been faster if he knew his way around, but who cared... The money was made.

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