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Follow God [Red|Mimir]

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#1Cecil Aijima 

Follow God [Red|Mimir] Empty on Fri Apr 10, 2020 3:05 am

Cecil Aijima

"Hm.." Cecil gazed upon the statue before him, pondering the philosophies of Illumin. Many of the ideas seemed to contradict one another no matter how many times he tried to make sense of them, and so his faith would never allow him to convert. Still, the statue at the alter had this strange vibe. If he didn't know any better he'd think his mind was playing tricks on him. This was a magical world afterall, it wasn't impossible for the peice of art to actually be some sort of living being. "I..." he began as his eyes moved away from the statue. Why would Cecil, out of all people, be here? Not even Cecil knew the answer to that. Luckily there was nobody inside the entire church. If he really had the urge to vent he would do so at any moment. Yeah, vent to a god he did not believe in. Perhaps he was the contradiction here. Nothing made much sense these days...

The only entrance of the church was about 15 meters behind him, and after one would enter, they'd have to walk down an aisle with a width of 3 meters separating two families of church chairs to get to the alter. For now, he was completely alone. As his chin rested between his thenar, his index finger and his thumb would gently rub his chin. Cee's blue orbs studied the statue's face. She was an elderly woman holding her hands upward as if reaching to grab something from the heavens. As his eyes scanned her, he began to see the stone morph into real skin. That was enough to creep him out a bit. Quickly he turned away from the statue and faced the entrance of the building, breathing heavily. Still, no-one had entered...not yet, at least.

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