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East to North [Travel Foot]

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It was finally time for her to leave Magnolia for a bit. She was in a guild and got the first part in her list done. Her eyes checked the list as she packed up her children's bags. They were going to stay with Judith for a bit. Judith loved nothing more than children as they probably reminded her of her own children when she first had them, now look at them. Some disappeared and one is just gone within the Netherlands, meaning to the unknown. Bri's bag as some skull with a flower in their mouth while Ri's bag had fairies on it with some other types of flowers.

Kurisa brushed her hair, their hair and then heard a knock on the door. "Who could that be?" She wondered out loud. "Could be Mr. Omen." she heard ri said. "Shh~" She giggled as she then got up with a smile. She went towards the door and opened it. She was surprised as she saw Omen right then and there. "I didn't expect to --" she started, "See me?" he questioned in his cold tone. His eyes looked unamused, but they always did. The gold in his eyes had a shine to them though as she then looked away with her own moon-like eyes. "Bri, Ri we need to get going. Hurry and get your bags. I need to drop you two off now." She told them.

"We going to Aunt Judith's?!" They sync spoke all excited as they went towards the door. "Hai Mr. Omen, we're going to aunties.". Ri nodded determined as they then went passed him and by the elevator. "Do you mind?" He hinted towards the way out as if he wanted to join them in their walk. "I don't see why not." She told him as she then closed the door after packing it all and carrying the bags. She was glad that she had a roller on her bags and case as she couldn't carry all of this.

They went in the elevator to then go down to the first floor. It was a quiet day with no real reason on why. She yawned softly as they walked outside. Next her eyes looked around, ''I don't see your aunty yet." She told them both in a cute way as she chuckled afterwards. The girl's were super excited as they prounced around in their dress shoes. "Don't get them too dirty. You want to look at least nice for her at first glance." Kurisa giggled and then saw that Anders was arriving. They said their hellos, goodbyes and he took the kids after some kisses and hugs. "I'll be back, don't worry.''. Finally, Kurisa and Omen were going to go and leave.

She had to go visit a place she didn't think she was going to go for a long while, but she had somethings to do there. Maybe it was because she wanted to see if things were still the same from the last time she was there. Arisa felt a heartache every time she thought of the place. Where she met him, where they became lovers and then where they became nothing at all it seemed. He disappeared, but she had a new history to make with this life. She passed so many cities as she hit certain ones such as; Era, Crocus, Dahlia again and once she hit her location she stood there silently. Omen looked at her in a questioning way as maybe she was acting a little more different than usual. Sighing, she walked ahead to then go towards where she was told to go.



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