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To Find A Merchant [East -> South]

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#1Odin † 

To Find A Merchant [East -> South] Empty Thu Apr 09, 2020 3:44 am

Odin †

Odin had found it, he knew the answer to the riddle. It had taken him the entire day after finding out the clues, but he had sussed it. He was able to join the exclusive group, but first he had to get there. It was possible that he wasn't the only one who had found out the truth, which meant that time was of the essence, and it was for that reason that Lucas had packed up his clothes and began walking towards the South of Fiore. The location had been very easy to work out, as there was only one famous seafood restaurant in Fiore, and it was in fact next to a beach. Sardinia Restaurant in Hargeon, somewhere Odin had visited only once before, many many years ago, when it had been under different management.

He walked as Lucas: wearing his cloak, ring and weapon. The cloak could stop him making any sound, and ring hid his true form, and the weapon allowed him to move quick. It perfectly reflected the facade he was now showing to all of Fiore. His only hope was that this exclusive club would give him some other way to complete his disguise. The more unique Lucas could appear, the less obvious Odin's disguise would be.

-Exit in South-

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