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Proletarian Shopping (Quest)

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Mimir bathed in the rays of the sun as he stepped onto the streets of Oak. Since he had arrived in the god forsaken town, it was always cloudy with very gloomy weather. It annoyed him a great deal, but now he was finally able to enjoy the light that surrounded the town. The streets were packed with the citizens of Oak as they enjoyed the weather along with the foreigner.


Mimir continued his walking without giving much care about what was happening. That hey he heard was probably not towards him, why would it be? He didn't know anyone in the town and he made the little Imp stay in the hotel room he was renting out.


This time, the voice was much closer, so much that Mimir had to stop to get a better view of the area "Rude blonde guy?" the voice asked. A young voice, called out to Mimir from an alley about ten feet behind him. Turning around, he would look into the eyes of a little brown haired kid. His left eye would raise in a questioning fashion. He was sure he didn't know the kid. What the hell did he want calling someone from an alley? Sighing, Mimir would walk towards the kid and throw his hands on his hand. "You know its not nice to scream at people you don't know. Didn't your mother teach you not to go around do that?" asked a smirking Mimir.

Maybe the kid would lighten his day even more? Nothing interesting had been going on in Oak Town. Staring down at the kid, Mimir could see that he was visibly trembling. "Hey, what's your deal?" Before he could finish his words the kid would scream out "I have a job for you!" Mimir would burst out laughing at the kid and would only nod his head. Here in Fiore people did ask mages to do jobs for them. Some kids had gotten him to do their bidding before a couple days ago. Looking harder at the kid a brief memory would flash in his head.

For a couple of minutes Jerr would explain to Mimir what needed to be done. The viking would only nod, continuing to hold his hand on his head. Whistling, he would walk towards the nearest food market. The kid wanted him to still some food for him and his friends. That was easy enough.

Walking into the market, Mimir would grab a large hand basket and proceed to walk around the store, throwing in all types of food that could last a little while. Having spent about ten minutes in the store gathering non-perishables, he would make his way slowly to the exit. He did his best to avoid the eyes of those who worked in the store. Hell, he didn't even care if they saw him. What would they possibly do? As he got within range of the door, he would run out of it and hear screams in the wind behind him. Making his way back to the alley, he would hand young Jerr the food and completed an easy task.

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