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Gunter Von Wolf

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#1Günter Von Wolf 

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Günter Von Wolf


Name: Gunter Von Wolf

Age: April 20th, X763. 26.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Boscosi

Ethnicity, Mother: Icebergian

Class: Paladin

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Penumbral Guard

Tattoo: Black, on the right shoulder

Face: The Undertaker - Black Butler


Height: 7'1"

Weight: 235 lbs

Hair: Silver, long and slightly braided, mid-back

Eyes: Emerald green

Overall: Gunter is considered by most to be above average when it comes to sexual appeal. His hair is unique, considering his background as it is silver; almost as white as snow. When looked at, it glistens with an ominous feeling and a divine one at the same time. His clothing is usually made out of expensive, fine materials. He's often seen wearing suits or formal wear.

He's covered with scars over seventy five percent of his body. He got the scars from his father. He stands tall and walks with a sense of pride and elegance, but when looking at another, he looks straight at them. His eyes show an aspect of nobility and malice, as if he's intrigued about people he talks to but judging their every action at the same time.

Extra: N/A


Personality: When one comes across Gunter, he seems to be almost like a scholar. He's interested in all information, always intrigued, always asking questions about people's experiences and beliefs. He's always interested in people, and this allows him to be a social butterfly.

In reality, Gunter is a person of ominous, sinister nature. He is not interested in a person's life story. He isn't interested in their family, their battles or women they've laid with. He's only interested in what their worth is, because if they have any, he may consider them a friend or an ally. But otherwise, he enjoys bringing people hope, only to rip it away and leave them hopeless for the enjoyment of it and leaving them in utter despair.

However, if he considers someone a friend or ally, he can be trusted with protection and with one's life. Whether one be a friend or a maggot, he will always be honest to another. If one is a friend, he will say so. On the reverse, if he dislikes someone he will simply smile - or potentially try to kill them at a later date. But that's on a bad day, if anything, to kill them in their sleep.

If one could see past his sinister smile, one would find a valuable ally.


  • Valuable/Interesting People: Because Gunter judges people based on their worth, he loves coming across interesting people with value. Whether they be the greatest warrior or a good scholar, or something that could be considered as a skill to be valued for. And if they're interesting alongside that, then in addition he isn't bored. Most people that have both qualities usually end up his friends, so long as they can accept his true self.

  • Knowledge: Most people believe that if one has wealth, strength or social standing that they are powerful. However, Gunter knows that the thing that truly makes him powerful is knowledge. No matter how strong or prideful, as long as knowledge is held on them, they can be brought low. This is why whenever Gunter comes across any type of knowledge, no matter how little it may seem to be at the time, it will always be of significance later on.


  • Arrogant Weaklings: Gunter absolutely and utterly despises with passion, someone who is weak and arrogant. The fact that they don't even know their limitations proves how stupid they are. He has come across many like that, and sees the same result every time. When he comes across these individuals, the one thing he enjoys most is breaking them - mentally and physically.

  • Liars: Being that Gunter is somebody that always tells the truth, he absolutely hates when people lie to him. If lied to, it shows exactly how much worth that person has. If someone can't be honest and prideful in what they do and say, how could they be valuable to Gunter? If he tried to get information from them and they lied, they would become unreliable. If he asks someone to do a task and they don't do it and lie about it, they are nothing more than a lazy coward. He expects honesty at all times from people.


  • Dark Knowledge: Gunter's one and only objective is the complete understanding of all darker knowledge. This means the understanding of dark magic, where demons come from and how to summon them, how the dark races work; he wishes to understand it all, and to use that knowledge to further any minor goals that may come his way. Knowledge is power, and if that knowledge could be used to empower military forces or allies, that could be used to accomplish the things that any aspiring king or conqueror could. He would serve as a beacon of knowledge to those wishing to bring about change with that knowledge.


  • Loss of a valuable ally/friend: Gunter fears the loss of a friend or valuable ally for one reason: that is a key piece off the board. That is something that has value in a game of strategy that is simply no longer a usable piece. That is terrifying to him, losing friends and allies that would assist him in his motivation, that would leave him with nothing left to further him in his goals.

  • Death: Gunter fears death, but not as most do. He fears dying not because he doesn't want to, but because it's the end. There's nothing beyond it to his knowledge. If he was to die, that would be it. No more interesting people, no more exterminating of arrogant weaklings. There's simply nothing, and the fact that there is nothing is a boring aspect of death. Gunter hates boring.


Magic Name: Dark Magic

Magic Element: Darkness

Magic Description: Basic darkness-aligned magic used by many mages across the world. While darkness is associated with evil more often than not, that's not necessarily the case. In the hands of Gunter, this magic would be used to heal grievous injuries and support his valuable pawns.

Using this magic, the user may cast healing spells as superior, other-buff and supplementary spells as normal, and defensive and debuff spells as inferior.


History: Gunter's mother was a Shieldmaiden of Iceberg and his father was a tactician of the Boscosi military. He was also a noble, and met Gunter's mother during a small skirmish against Icerbergian militia spearheaded by the mother. After a clash, she was taken prisoner and during a non-violent interrogation, they ended up gaining a respect for one another. Eventually, she became a spy for the Boscosi military alongside his father, giving up key locations of houses and tribes to the militia. The information was either used to obliterate said houses or sold to individuals that were looking for said houses. By that point, they had fallen in love and thus Gunter was born.

When Gunter was born, he was trained in the ways of manipulation, espionage, information gathering and pain tolerance by his father. That was how Gunter had learned his current skillset and gained the scars he possessed in the current day. His mother and father both trained him in military tactics and leadership of armies. He spent most of his youth training and gathering knowledge, and learning.

Eventually, his family was wiped out, the attackers having gotten away without their identities revealed. Gunter didn't care to learn them, however. He was the only survivor of his destroyed family house with no wealth, stature or acknowledgement of his family. Simply the blood running through his veins as the sole proof of how he was. He could've spent his years looking for the cowards that slaughtered his family, but that would've been a waste of time to him. He learned all he could from his family, and rather than whining and crying about his family's death, got over it and proceeded with his life.

Instead, he would use the skills he learned, his one and only goal to understand something he had always been fascinated with: the untold secrets and knowledge of anything dark; whether that be magic, demons, liches, it mattered not. He simply wanted to replicate and use that knowledge and his military training to have a little bit of fun.

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Venus Rosé

This character application has been approved.

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