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Shopping Crisis II [NQ | Raquel]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Shopping Crisis II [NQ | Raquel] Empty Wed Apr 08, 2020 11:16 pm

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer


Venus woke up to her companion licking the tip of her nose and nicked its wet nose against hers when she finally fluttered her eyes open. Right that instead, she felt the jolt of pain that went through her head from the tens of bottles of wine that she’d drunk alone last night and had gotten drunk so much that she’d passed out at one point. ”Ugggh, fuck,” she cursed in dismay, squeezing the bridge of her nose as though it would help her head to stop throbbing. Now she understands at once why they call it a hangover, for it feels as if the blackest of clouds are over her head with no intention of clearing until late afternoon.

The female groaned, scooping up Blair in her arms as she staggered towards the bathroom, in hope that a warm bath would freshen her up and it did – well, at least it reduced her hangover. With almost every Daeva Eye member in Magnolia, Venus decided to rent a small villa sharing with a few of them and her neighbouring housemate happened to be Raquel, a vampire with pleasant breasts to fondle with.

With the massive hangover she had, Venus could have simply retreated back under the duvet and embraced Blair to sleep but she had work to do and figured that she might take Raquel along with her once again. Although Venus has always been an army of one and preferred to do her assignments solo, having a company wasn’t always so bad either. And so, after she’d gotten dressed in her usual attire for work and equipped herself, she decided to pay a visit to the room next door – a rather friendly visit, in fact.

”Good afternoon, sunshine!” she roared loud enough for the entire floor to hear her. Her mere strength would’ve broken the locked door knob as she swung it open, so it would be no use for Raquel to keep her out. ”We have another shopping crisis and you’re tagging along with me.”


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Shopping Crisis II [NQ | Raquel] Empty Thu Apr 09, 2020 7:37 am

Raquel sat with a cup of tea beside the opened wooden window. Pleasant rays of sunshine and breeze streaming in cast a faint glow around her. It was such a peaceful day. One that Raquel intended to enjoy thoroughly especially after the commotion one of her guild-mates made in their room after coming back completely drunk. Late last night, Raquel had only just begun to fall asleep, too. Although a majority of the noises subsided over time, the disturbed vampire was mildly suspicious –after hearing vague clanging of glass bottles- that the red haired friend of hers next door had kept drinking all night even after coming back from a bar. She had no reason to know. But it was for sure that her pleasant morning was about to be rudely interrupted. And that conviction only strengthened when she heard the mage stirring and stumbling loudly across the room next to hers.

She sighed and somewhat mentally prepared herself for the tempest that was fast approaching her. Determined to not let the fiery Venus have her way, Raquel stood up from the small chair. She grabbed a blanket off her bed as soon as she heard a door being flung open and the pained squeak of the wooden floor getting closer and closer to her room. She waited patiently, counting seconds in her heard, listening intently to the sounds outside, and finally the ear piercing greeting that they were bound to get complaints for. Raquel opened the door before Venus could, letting the girl slip into the room with no resistance.

Not wasting anymore time, she quickly threw the white blanket over the other’s head, grabbed her from behind for a quick hug, and left the room. Of course, Venus was much stronger than her. So even if she was caught off guard for a moment, Raquel knew clearly well that the girl would quickly come to her senses and follow her. “I’m already aware,” She sung teasingly right after placing a foot outside the door frame. “You’re the one who is late, sleepyhead. Or should I say drunkenhead? Do you have any idea how much you drank last night?”


Shopping Crisis II [NQ | Raquel] Y4RU1BP
#3Venus Rosé 

Shopping Crisis II [NQ | Raquel] Empty Thu Apr 09, 2020 10:45 pm

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

Before Venus could even open the door, her housemate had already known of her presence and unlocked the door causing her to stumble inside where Raquel wrapped her with a blanket and left her looking like a ghost who’d just wandered into the town. ”You sly woman!” she yelled, fumbling about with the drapes until she finally got it off her and turned to face Raquel. She hadn’t expected that her partner would already know about their new assignment, nor that she was anticipating to see Venus to trick her.

”Oh, did the noises keep you up last night?” The woman chuckled before laughing heartily as she wondered how Raquel would react if Venus were to bring a man to her home. ”Hey, why not? It was to celebrate the completion of our mission. You should’ve just joined me if you knew. It would’ve been much more fun.” She shook her head in disapproval as they walked towards their villa’s door, slightly pouting in a teasing manner. ”I was lonely last night without you.” And, a wicked grin would follow unto her lips. Since Raquel had been on a similar quest before with her, she figured she wouldn’t need to explain the details to her once again.

”I’m really not in the mood to cook for lunch, do you want to do some food hunting?”

They had plenty of hours before their scheduled time with their clients so, they might as well fill their stomachs and gather some energy to prepare for their upcoming mission. Besides, Magnolia streets were always flooded with food stalls so it would keep them busy for a good amount of time for the day.

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Shopping Crisis II [NQ | Raquel] Empty Thu Apr 09, 2020 11:29 pm

“Not a big fan of alcohol,” Raquel smiled waiting for Venus to reach her so they could walk together. “I definitely didn’t miss you. I had a wonderful sleep last night. Full eight hours,” She would say with a shrug of her shoulders, feigning a look of seriousness. “Besides, I don’t have to deal with a splitting headache this time of the day like you do.” Raquel nudged the girl playfully as she said so. The more and more they interacted with each other, the more and more Raquel found herself liking this bright and spirited girl. Since they were quite similar in age as well, they seemed to have become good friends already. Although if she thought more about it, any or all walls were probably broken the moment Venus made a move for her chest.

Anyhow, Raquel felt the same with Venus on the matter of cooking. She didn’t even know how to in the first place. “if you can find me some good quality blood, I’ll follow you anywhere my lady,” Raquel joked although it was probably a bit of dark humor. Her staple diet ever since waking up has been blood. Be that from animals or humans, Raquel learned that there wasn’t really much of a difference. They were all the same although asking someone else of her kind might give her a different opinion.

“Jokes aside, what do you want to eat?” She asked as soon as they stepped out into the streets. Magnolia was just as busy as any other day. Although the day was turning somewhat cloudy and the warm stream of sunlight was no more, it still didn’t affect the energetic vibe within the city. “Perhaps we can get a bowl of ramen. I have been reading…” Raquel paused to grab a small booklet from the inside of her pants pocket. “There is this shop that’s really famous…right across the corner if we go down…” She turned to her right, “this road”.


Shopping Crisis II [NQ | Raquel] Y4RU1BP
#5Venus Rosé 

Shopping Crisis II [NQ | Raquel] Empty Fri Apr 10, 2020 12:02 am

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

The woman snickered when Raquel mocked of her addiction to alcohol. Just like how humans needed water in their system, it was the same for Venus as well, except that it was booze – the elixir of her life. As a social butterfly, Venus never found it difficult to communicate with people and on Raquel’s case, they bonded rather faster than she’d anticipated. Venus had always been a person who liked expressing herself without boundaries, and it seemed that Raquel usually went along with whatever she did, even if it meant touching her breasts. It was almost as though she had an older sister or perhaps younger, who would simply just tolerate with the other sibling did.

”I don’t know much about vampires. So, you don’t need food but only blood? Even if you can eat food, do you actually enjoy eating it? What’s the difference between humans’ food and blood for you?”

The redhead continued to ponder to herself as she shared some of her curiosity with her partner and bombarded Raquel with a series of ridiculous questions. Vampires were night creatures after all, she wondered if they ever needed sleep. Recalling how Raquel mentioned about having a good night’s sleep, it seemed that the vampires do actually sleep after all. Those were the thoughts that crossed her mind as they weaved through the swirls and eddies of people that crowded the streets.

”Oooh, I don’t mind some ramen.” She cooed, following Raquel’s lead to the restaurant. Perhaps some dessert or street food might do afterwards, she thought. When her partner turned right, she would do the same, not remembering any of the roads or the turns they made before that. Venus had always been terrible with directions and navigating herself through places, and it doesn’t seem that she would master those skills any time soon. And so, they were finally at the small shop, which looked more like a place for a quick dine-in with those high stools placed by the counter while you watched the chefs do the work behind it.

It was in an open area, with only a few drapes over their heads to shield themselves from the sunlight while their backs were exposed to the street. ”Ojamashimasu,” she’d say politely as she took a vacant seat by the high stools and beside her partner. Having a Joyan beau, Venus had gone out of her way to familiarize herself with some Joyan language and despite still being a beginner, she did pick up some words that were easy to remember and widely used.

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Shopping Crisis II [NQ | Raquel] Empty Fri Apr 10, 2020 7:00 pm

“For Vampires,” Raquel began, looking a hundred percent sure of this answer, “there is nothing that tastes better than blood. One can have a taste for other food but between that and blood, a vampire would naturally choose the latter”. This was something Raquel herself struggled with for a while. After waking up the first time she was horrified to learn that she had such an obsession towards something like blood. Especially since she had broken fragments of memories that told her she used to be just like any other normal girl, the idea of having to live by blood was, for the first few days, completely rejected by her until she had literally felt herself being driven crazy by the thought and desire for it. It took a while but she knew very well that if Raquel had stayed stubborn for any longer, she would have either perished or become a monster seeking for blood no matter what its source was. On that note, she was thankful that it was Kaiser whom she met right after waking up. It definitely made getting used to all these unfamiliar changes within her body much easier.

Raquel sat down on the stool next to Venus after putting her little booklet away. As a steaming bowl of ramen was placed in front of her Raquel heard Venus mutter something in a language she didn’t quite understand. The meaning was somewhat understandable from the context it was used in but the word had sounded so strange to Raquel that she felt curious. “What language is that? Such a weird pronounciation. Oja-ma-shi-ma-su?” She asked while picking up her chopsticks and poking the noodles with it. The mouthwatering aroma of ramen arising from the two bowls soon sought for attention but Raquel was still eager to hear Venus’ answer. There were just so many things for Raquel to learn about after waking up. She was out of touch with the most recent events although she had been trying to gather a lot of information from as many sources as she can as well. Libraries have become one of the favorite places in all of Magnolia for Raquel to visit. If she was not doing one or two missions, she was either in a coffee shop or in a library.


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#7Venus Rosé 

Shopping Crisis II [NQ | Raquel] Empty Sun Apr 12, 2020 1:48 am

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

As the saying goes, ‘You learn something new everyday’, Venus did gain some knowledge about vampires from Raquel today. The perks of having vampires as your comrade, she thought. She was curious as to how Raquel became a vampire, but then, Venus was curious about a lot of things regarding her quest partner. Her inquisitive nature questioned a lot of things in general albeit, she decided that she would bring that topic into discussion at a later time.

”Joyan, apparently. Sounds pretty cool, isn’t it?” said the female, as she separated the pieces of chopsticks. She’d recently picked up a new hobby for herself; learning new languages, in the hope of keeping herself occupied so that she doesn’t get bored to death and it seemed that her decision has paid off really well. Not only did she enjoyed having lessons learning a different language, but she would also even go out of her way to communicate with Joyan travelers and would often listen to their tales of adventures from their country. Now, the only question was how long would it take for her to forget everything she learnt.

The rose maiden dipped her spoon to enjoy the very first taste of the broth and instantly, she was blown away by how rich it tasted and found herself slurping at the noodles and the soup as though she had been starving for weeks. No wonder the shop was famous despite its minute size and the not-so-fancy environment. Once she had her fill, she sank back in her seat and rubbed her stomach as she released a long, content sigh. ”I’m so full, I can’t even move.” But, she’d still have room for dessert – always.

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Shopping Crisis II [NQ | Raquel] Empty Sun Apr 12, 2020 7:11 am

Joyan. ‘I would have to look into that,’ Raquel thought as she mirrored Venus’ action and took a bite of her noodles. It was definitely better than a lot of things Raquel tried recently but she would always have the enticing smell and taste of blood at the tip of her tongue. So unlike Venus, Raquel ate her bowl without making much of a sound, neither saying it’s good nor bad. She only smiled at the owner when he took a peek at her with curiosity. Perhaps he had only seen a handful of people like Raquel who had no reaction towards his food. She didn’t blame him. His skills really were that good, he just happened to get a vampire as his customer.

Once they were done, Raquel elegantly placed her chopsticks down balancing on top of the ceramic bowl. She thanked the chef for the food and paid before looking back at Venus who seemed to have had a satisfying lunch. Her happy expression even made Raquel smile. “Shall we get going now? Perhaps we can grab something sweet on the way,” She looked up, noticing that the time was drawing near for them to go meet their clients once more. She wondered how many people they would have to kill this time. Unlike last time, Raquel was sure that he wouldn’t bite into any of their disgusting necks. She had had her fill for the month and she didn’t plan on getting a single drop more.

Sometimes Raquel wondered where her aversion to the act of drinking blood had come from. Although it was natural to assume it was due to her having been human before, Raquel couldn’t help but wonder if it was really just that. But pushing those thoughts to a side, Raquel simply looped her arms around Venus’ and dragged her off. “Let’s get something sweet! Let’s go!”


Shopping Crisis II [NQ | Raquel] Y4RU1BP
#9Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

The red beauty groaned inwardly when Raquel suggested that they should get going to the appointed location. Venus wondered if she would even be able to perform combat with all that food inside her stomach. Perhaps their walk to the destination might end up being a little exercise, she thought, but that her expectations would soon fail when her eyebrows perked up in excitement upon the mention of ‘sweet’. She did like to enjoy her desserts after meals, after all. However, hardly did she get to react as Raquel dragged her away without bothering to wait for her response after they paid their meals.

Along the way, they’d drop by an ice-cream vendor and her choice would be vanilla and matcha in a cone. She would easily go for the chocolate flavour, but wanting to try something new, she decided to go for a change. By the time they arrived at the destination, dusk had already fallen. The last vestiges of the setting sun disappeared over the horizon, the copper hues giving way to a dusty purple scattered with the occasional glitter of a faraway star.

This time, instead of meeting one or two clients, the two mages would instead come to face a group of men instead, waiting for them fidgeting about as if they were nervous for what was about to come.

”I’m assuming you’re the Daeva Eye wizards. You’re just on time.”

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Shopping Crisis II [NQ | Raquel] Empty Wed Apr 15, 2020 5:04 pm

Ice cream was yet another thing Raquel liked but could never enjoy as much as others did. However, the plain vanilla cone of happiness was a sign that Raquel still had something human in her. She knew for a fact that several vampires scorned the act of living amongst humans while mimicking their everyday life. Some were so arrogant and proud of their noble vampire bloodline that they could even attempt to kill her for the way she tolerates human beings. But then the chance of coming across such a vampire is one in a million since most of them prefer to lurk in shadows and deal with their own oh so noble life.

When they got to their destination this time, Raquel was inwardly surprised to see a group of men standing around looking concerned and anxious. There was a mix of all sorts of frustrated emotions playing on their faces which quickly turned to hope when they showed up. ‘Are we late?’ she wondered by subconsciously looking up at the sky. No, they were here earlier than they intended but why did it seem like the two of them had arrived much later than they did the previous day? But perhaps because they now knew that Venus and herself were capable of solving their problems, none of them tried to snark at them like the last time.

“What happened?” She eventually asked breaking the awkward silence. “Why are there so much of you crowding around here?” They were originally supposed to meet only two of them like yesterday. But now there were so many that even Raquel was at a loss on exactly what was going on.

“The bandits have begun their attack already! Please hurry! They are over there down this road. His antique shop is being raided as we speak!” Finally, one of them couldn’t hold it and blurted out. He quickly gestured them towards a narrow street that led them to a small shabby looking store full of strange items. All sorts of sounds of breaking glass and wood was coming from inside. “Look, they are gonna destroy his shop!”


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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

Although the duo had shown up earlier than the scheduled time, the concerned looked on the men’s faces almost made it seemed as though they showed up a day late. Before she could begin saying anything, Raquel beat her to it only for the men to reply that the bandits had arrived and had already begun their rampage. As a result, these men with the inability to fight whatsoever had no other choice but to sit and watch until the two ladies came to their rescue. An exasperated sigh escaped her lips; it could’ve been that their plan backfired from their previous mission, though it wasn’t as if it was something they couldn’t handle.

”Alright, don’t worry. We’ll take care of it.”

Venus was a person who hardly cared about things that weren’t related to her – let alone consoling others – but she’d do her best to relieve these men from their worries, even if it was just a little bit before she hurried off into the direction they directed her towards. It seemed that these bandits tonight are going complete berserk, she wondered if they’d pissed off the nobleman due to the mages successfully fending them off from the shops and from the looks of it, the bandits didn’t look like they were stopping their rampage anytime soon; they might even ransack all the shops along the streets in this way.

Their numbers were larger this time around as well, that would prove difficult for them to defeat the bandits. But, she wouldn’t worry so far as much, she had a few tricks up her sleeve after all and she was arrogantly confident in her abilities not only as a Daeva Eye mage but a hunter-assassin of her own.

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Shopping Crisis II [NQ | Raquel] Empty Thu Apr 16, 2020 1:44 am

Raquel was grateful that Venus was around. She would have had no idea how to console these men at all. Instead of putting their mind at ease, with her heated temper, she would have truly given them something to be afraid of instead; like her wrath. It was funny though. She was the water mage and it was always said that water mages in general had mild temper and sweet personalities. A lot of them were featured regularly in the sorceror’s magazine for their kind deeds. But, Raquel had neither of those. It was easy to annoy her and once aroused, there was nothing sweet or gentle about this particular water mage. All her patience and kindness were rightfully reserved to a handful of people, one of whom Venus was starting to become.

Anyhow, the crime scene this time was disastrous. It was fortunate for the shop owners that Venus and Raquel showed up when they did. Any later and the whole shopping street would have been utterly wrecked and ruined. For the time being, it was just one shop at the verge of being demolished but even that. Raquel considered, to be a failure on their part as mages hired to prevent this very situation from happening. She blamed herself for not thinking that this would happen. The nobles neither in history nor ever in the present society were known to be forgiving. And since both Venus and herself had put a stop to their previous plans with a perfect finish, it seemed that the other side had gotten agitated and decided to resort to even more violence. Typical behavior of those in power; they hated to lose.

A wooden table broke the thin polished glass window and landed right next to her feet as she thought so. One of the lackeys had noticed the two of them standing outside. He grinned widely, turning to one of his mates to make some sarcastic comment or another about how the other group failed their mission against two pretty girls. Then he grabbed what seemed like a baseball bat and started making his way over followed by others in a typical gangster formation. “Let’s get this over with, lovely ladies. Maybe we can get a few drinks afterwards.”


Shopping Crisis II [NQ | Raquel] Y4RU1BP
#13Venus Rosé 

Shopping Crisis II [NQ | Raquel] Empty Thu Apr 16, 2020 2:39 am

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

Venus extracted her sword from its scabbard, the flames burning to life so passionately; flames that described the entire being of herself – wild and fiery like her own personality. She held her sword horizontally even to her chest and a glimpse of the bright flames reflected in her crimson hues. The Siren disliked fighting in enclosed areas not only because she hardly has enough space to move but also because she could end up destroying things that she didn’t intend to with her massive blade, such as the entire building of the shop. Despite the midst of the battle, one of the bandits had the audacity to comment about how the previous batch of bandits lost against merely two girls.

”Funny how you brought a baseball bat to a sword fight,” mocked the female in return.

Thankfully, the bandits came outside to deal with them, which only meant that she would have more room for herself to go on a rampage without worrying about whether or not the shops would be burnt to crisp or frozen to ice. Whilst she distracted her enemies with a short conversation, Venus already had one of her weaker spells ready with the help of the ability of the scarf that allows her to cast spells in her stead. Spikes of ice shot forward upon her command and with a quick motion of her scarf, they would halt right in front of the man’s face, barely a few centimeters away.

”Say that again. Like you’d ever get to share a few drinks with us, you lowly heathen.”

The man gulped, but he was too prideful to admit that he feared for his life. Being the gang leader of the bandits, he certainly didn’t want to seem vulnerable or weak to his lackeys.

”H-Ha-Hah. Am I supposed to be scared because you threatened me?”

The fiery redhead chose to remain silent and instead of retorting back to an idiot like him, she plunged her right foot forward and broke into a lunge so fast that it would have been a mere blur to the naked eye. In less than a second, she would already be to the side of the bandits and by the time they noticed, she’d already have swung her sword mid-way slashing a few them from waist down.

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Shopping Crisis II [NQ | Raquel] Empty Thu Apr 16, 2020 6:22 am

Raquel chuckled hearing Venus’ reply to the overconfident bandits. They were truly underestimating the two of them just because they were women. ‘Sad’ Raquel thought. Once they were done with them, they wouldn’t even get the chance to repent. Like the ones that came yesterday, these men will surrender their lives right here as punishment to their ignorance. “Someone once said,” Raquel began as she started taking steps to a side away from Venus. She wanted to leave the woman to go ham on her opponents while she took a few to deal with on her own. “There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent.” As she finished, Raquel started up one of her spells. She had refrained from using it the last time because they were inside the shop. Now that they had such an open space in front of them, she was starting to get excited for this fight as well.

She raised her hand with a sinister smile, pointing at one of the bandits that stood in a group with others. After the familiar blue circle that cast its ominous glow on them, a great cyclone began to rage around, bringing all of the ones that stood within range into the powerful storm. It swirled and spun, the furious waves of water crushing their bones and leaving them incapable of moving. It only died down the moment all those men passed out. But Raquel didn’t stop at that. She made sure that those men will never breath again. Now the remaining ones who were running away in panic seemed to be entering Vanus’ offensive range after getting spooked by the grand display of a cyclone that she created. But…aren’t they making the biggest mistake of their life? They just had to be running in that direction.

Raquel found this really funny. “Is this what they call from out of the frying pan into the fire?” She snickered amusedly at the foolish men that thought it would be better to deal with Venus than herself. But that just meant that her job was now relatively easier. Ignoring the ones that literally ran to their death, Raquel made quick work of the remaining few bandits by using sheer strength. By the rate they were going, she concluded that this fight would end much sooner than they both imagined.

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#15Venus Rosé 

Shopping Crisis II [NQ | Raquel] Empty Thu Apr 16, 2020 7:05 am

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

A single swing of her sword would’ve taken down almost half of their numbers, due to her sheer strength and the force that she’d exerted behind her weapon. Either they were sliced up in half, or the flames would have set their asses on fire, causing a few of them to run away with their pants lit up on flames. She have to add that having her cloak was extremely useful in these situations, especially when she was unable to one-hand her weapon due to her lack of strength but with the ability of her robes, Venus could still go ham with her sword and also still cast her spells at the same time.

She lunged once again, closing the distance between herself and the remaining bandits, almost putting herself in the middle amongst all of them as her scarf touched the surface of the ground. The activation would cause the a magic glyph to be summoned, and a small ice patch would emerge on the ground, slowly spreading over the area around her in hardly just a second. Her enemies would barely have any time to react to the spell casted and even if they did, her sword was just right behind them to finish it up.

There were one or two who managed to escape the range of her spell and without even looking back once, they fled the scene while the rest would either be frozen to the core, defeated by her sword or drowned by Raquel’s water spells. Despite the overwhelming numbers, the two mages handled it much faster than she’d hoped. She’d leave the defeated ones into the hands of her clients to wrap it up. Whether they decide to toss them into prison or cook them alive would be none of her business. Approaching the men who watched the scene unfold in a group, she extended her open palm.

”Our money.”

Their job has done, after all, there was no need to beat around the bush and as a straightforward person, Venus always found it useful to be blunt about things. With a large back of jewels in her hands, she’d split the share with her partner and departed home to celebrate another successful day.

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