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Light Renewed [Amen'ra's Welcoming]

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#1Noyiah Dashi 

Light Renewed [Amen'ra's Welcoming]  Empty Wed Apr 08, 2020 6:40 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah Awaited the new Guest, she eagerly paced back and forth as she waited for him to show up,  she didn’t have any idea around what time or anything,  but everything she needed to get done was done and she just waiting on the newest potential member of Phoenix Feather.  

Noyiah decided to wait at in the common Area above the doorway, from there she could see anyone coming up the Courtyard to the main door of the guild.  And she had instructed some of the trainees to come and get her if they seen anyone new, hopefully between the two precautions she would know when he was to arrive.

She sat at the table with a casefile in front of her, periodically glancing up and out into the courtyard, and then turning back to the file.  She Tapped her pen lightly on the table as he read through the incident reports of the Sailors that were requesting help, before she gave it a Request Rating.

Today she wore a large black overcoat, with a grey button up turtlenecked dress shirt, with a grey set of Leggings and her black boots that came to just over her ankles. Her hair was let down and Straighten, and she wore some light makeup around her lips and eyes.  For her it was a casual day despite her uniform like Outfit.  She would take a deep breath and lean back in her chair before letting out the breath in a sigh,  she really didn’t enjoy waiting on people, but it wasn’t his fault the receptionist didn’t take his appointment, or fill out the visitor form correctly.  

She would lean forwards and pick up the case file,  seeing out of the corner of her eye  someone heading up the hill and started into their courtyard,  with enough time to spare she would place the file back in her office and make for the front door, timing it out as to not miss him.  

She would open the door before a knock could be given and welcome the newcomer in with a warm smile “ come in, come in, “ she repeated “  I was just starting to get a little peckish,  would you like to Discuss introductions of some tea or coffee Perhaps? “she asked and would shut the door behind him.



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This was a moment that seemed like it should of happened ages ago, but good thing it was all falling into place now. Amen'ra had caught wind of a new guild named Phoenix feather, run by one of his close friends and of course he'd join up with him. After all, their cause was just and they had credible members from what he could see... unlike the Holy Knights he once claimed loyalty to. That was the past however and he couldn't move forward while gazing backward.

Wings composed of light and fire propelled the young mage through the skies of Port Astera, above the crowds below as he rushed to the meeting. He was a bit late, caught up helping a few civilians in distress but he'd find a way to make up for it. Black cloth hugging his body, a leather jacket to protect from the cold, tattered blue jeans for aesthetic and black boots per usual he would swoop to the gates of the guild hall and land gracefully. His hair swaying in the winds he'd created.

Reaching his hand to knock on the door he would find it opened and a young woman greeting him, so far so good! "Sorry i'm late... I won't make excuses i'll just say it was for a good reason." He mentioned while smiling and moving his hands through the back of his hair nervously, why was his heart beating like this were the battle of a lifetime? "I don't mind at all, i'll even take the bill... I insist!"

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#3Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah closed the door to the Guild house and guided Amen’ra to the kitchen within the guild hall, not making mention of his comment of taking the bill,  besides she could make tea and coffee as good as most of the local places and they had what she needed to do so.  “ I am Noyiah Dashi,  I’m a Lieutenant here, but I am also the Archiver,  But  Noyiah is Fine.  I also  teach lessons every Monday and Thursday in the classes open the public you should drop by, though they are not specifically for people suited to fighting, its more a general Self defense course.” she said  as she moved into the kitchen area,  she would show the young man to the kitchen Counter with a few Stools at it,  all of them facing towards the kitchen.

Noyiah would Start to put on two pots of water to boil, one for tea the other for the Coffee.  As she waited for the two kettles to boil she started to grind up coffee beans in a Mortar and pedestal, “Cream, milk or sugar?” she  would ask in between her Crushing the coffee beans.    She would then take a few containers of the tea leaves from the Cupboard and place down a piece of think cloth, which she would then place the leaves into and Tie up to bundle into a teabag.    She would then continue this for the coffee Grinds as well “ So what brings you to Phoenix feather?” she asked curious of his Response,   knowing that everyone had their own reasons for their actions,  and she wondered why this Gentlemen in particular wanted to join them.

One the Tea bag and the coffee Steeper were ready she placed the one in the kettle for coffee and kept the tea on out, so it didn’t burn the tea leaves.  And then  Came to the counter  she had left Amen’ra at, to continue their conversation while she awaited the tell tail sign of the kettles being ready.


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Amie could of facepalmed when he realized what he’d said, he’d take the bill? He was so used to going out with others he didn’t realize she meant they’d make it in the guild hall... how awkward. Instead he merely cleared his throat and walked behind the woman who led him into the grandsons manor of the guild hall. His eyes cradled the fine details of the building in hopes of it being his home and safe space once it was all said and done.

The blonde leading him, now known as Noyiah who was as much brains as she was beauty. He nodded in understanding as she explained her situation within the guild and her role as a higher up in the newly formed unit. Amen’ra could respect her position and how well she seemed to be doing her job, and if Kaz trusted her then so did he.

“It’s a pleasure Noyiah, I’m Amen’ra Belova but my close friends call me amie.” The young sun mage explained through a warm hearted grin, walking to the kitchen to stand at the counter. Watching the woman make quick work of the herbs with strong yet delicate finesse was much different from the men he usually surrounded himself with; except Sage. He was one of a kind.

“Sugar, please and thank you..”

The words knocked him out of a small daydream about his lover, but now was time for business. He’d have to focus and catch up with him later!

”Well I’m actually good friends with the Kazimir, I helped him out of a bind and ever since we’ve had nothing but good times. So when I caught wind that he was becoming a guild master, of a guild with such a great cause, I had to sign up. I’ve had pretty bad judgements in things like this in the past but... it just feels right here.”

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#5Shimura Shigaraki † 

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Shimura Shigaraki †
More paperwork curse that women. Honestly why could she not do the paperwork herself? After all it would save Shimura the time and he could be out there helping his men. This paperwork was just irritating and time consuming, and one big waste of his attention. Seriously, he either needed to have Noyiah or some sort of accountant doing this nonsense. With a huff, Shimura tucked the new folder of paperwork under his arm and pushed open his office door and then walked into the hallway with the intention of finding Noyiah to give the paperwork to. Plus, he vowed that he would never go to her office due to paper work, that was honestly even more of a waste of time. That and he felt like a kid going to the principle's office.

An sight to behold Shimura was dressed in his usual military attire. A crimson red double buttoned esienhower jacket, matching red slacks, and black combat boots. Shimura wore a white trench coat with golden pauldrons, over his shoulders like a cloak. Tucked in his right breast pocket with a red lotus flower, which matched his pinkish red flowered under shirt, which the collar of his undershirt was showing. His black hair was tied in a man bun, and he walked with furious towards the kitchen as his stomach growled in anger in contempt.

He walked into the kitchen to see that Noyiah was there with a stranger, whom Shimura has never seen before. He cocked an eyebrow upward, "Why do I always find you in here with strange men?" he questioned Noyiah, walking passed her he placed the paper work on the counter, and started to make him some coffee.

#6Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
“Sugar” she would repeat as if she was taking his order, after finishing grinding the coffee beans she would  turn to the cupboard and pull a small ceramic jar with a teaspoon hanging out the side, “milk” she would say next, running through her mental check list and then leaning down to pull the glass milk bottle out and place it up on the counter in front of Amen’ra

She would return to preparing each of the tea and coffee pots before asking about his intentions with the guild, and then took a break as she waited for the kettle to boil,  listening attentively as Amen’ra Spoke, after all he would be a new guildmate within time and she didn’t want to seem like she was uninterested.   As she leaned on the counter placing her arms down over the counter to support her as she leaned.  “ Knowing Guild master Seiryu is a good start” she would flash a quick smile  before pushing up off the counter and turning back around to get the kettles right before they started to screech, the sound  started as she grabbed the handle and then moved them over to the counter they were at, taking a second to place a cloth down so they didn’t burn the counter.  Having had a few seconds to process what Amen’ra mentioned she would say “ its fortunate that we don’t believe your past actions determines your worth, but if your past catches up with you we will need to be informed”

Right on Queue as she leaned back on the counter Shimura made his appearance,  his Question as snarky as usual “ ah yes,  Lieutenant Shigaraki, our Deathless knight and Local Smart@$$,  and if you must know” she would turn her attention from Amen’ra to Shimura “ I am doing my job, as you should be" though his actions were enough to turn her look of distaste  to more of a smirk. “You Actually did your paperwork, and on time, what a treat” she said pushing off the counter and turning to face him as he moved beside her to get the coffee. “so what’s wrong with it?  Forget the date again or is this the week before?” she asked sarcastically picking up folder and quickly flipping it open to spot any mistakes that might jump out at her, her Smirk Visibly Faded as she took a more meticulous look. “well damn I stand corrected well done. “she would say placing the folder down on the far side of the counter, mostly because it wasn’t something she wanted to leave lying around nor was it intended for Amen’ra quite yet.

“ my apologizes for the disturbance.” She would say flashing a quick fading smile towards the young mage.  She would then motion to Shimura “ Please join us” she would say sarcastically as she shook her head and stepped away  moving o the cupboard to get some tea biscuits to enjoy the tea/coffee with.

“tea or coffee”she would ask Amen’ra as she placed the plate of biscuits down between them all, and getting ready to pour them both a cup of their selected beverage.


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Amen’ra could only watch as a Noyiah continued her task and then responded to his message kindly, letting him know that this was a fresh start. Well it was as close as he could get, not to mention he wasn’t interested in reconnecting with his past. He was looking forward, to a life with Sage in Phoenix Feather.

Nodding at the woman when she informed him that if something did arise they should be the first ones to know, he turned to look at the man who’d entered. He was handsome, true, and but he seemed to have a smart mouth and that was confirmed by the female mage.

Lieutenant Shigaraki... he couldn’t wait to see him in action!

“It’s no problem, I’m always happy to meet s fresh face.” The sun mage would respond, he didn’t mind the disturbance at all. Smiling warmly to the woman and man in question as the million dollar inquisition was spoken from feminine lips.

”Tea, please! Me and coffee just don’t seem to get along.”

Amen’ra spoke while patting his stomach to hint at what he was suggesting, a playful smirk on his features. The biscuits looked delicious and he couldn’t wait to dig in while they talked.

”Amen’ra Belova, it’s a pleasure to meet you Lieutenant Shigaraki”.

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#8Shimura Shigaraki † 

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Shimura Shigaraki †
Shimura made his way to the coffee maker, and poured him a cup of coffee in a mug that said 'best solider ever' with a little heart on it. The new kid that Noyiah was talking to what a little interesting, he had jet black hair, and an attractive body- or well, Shimura supposed that women deemed his body attractive, he wouldn't know, he wasn't attracted to men. But he couldn't help but wonder how fit the stranger was actually, and how stronger the new recruit would be? Surely, the stranger would be useful to Shimura, or well at least he hoped. Honestly, Shimura was tired of the stagnation that tainted this place, he wanted some action. Paperwork bored him to death and cursed his existence! He was a warrior! Not an over-glorified accountant! 

"Please do not refer to me as Lieutenant Shigaraki, that is the name of my father, a name that means 'mourning of death'. It makes me sound like a dreadful person, heh oh wow the irony in my title and my name." Shimura admittedly did love his title as the deathless knight, it made him sound like a badass, and much to his dismay it matched with his last name. "Do you use that sass with Kazimir-sama? I bet you he really likes it." Shimura would wink at Noyiah in a taunting manner, and take a moment to study the empty to seat, before taking it. "Call me Shigaraki again and you would regret it." he muttered under his breath, and blew on his coffee. 
"Tell me about yourself Amen'ra what can you offer to the guild?"

#9Noyiah Dashi 

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Noyiah Dashi
“ My apologizes Shimura, i didn’t mean to upset you” she spoke out softly, looking back at the counter top,  holding back, there was something not quite right with her,  she lost her drive to do most things, but it seemed gradual. She did not want to fight with him as she usually did, but still seemed to make the attempt to be sarcastic with him off the start. She exhaled lightly and then continued, seemingly the mention of Kazimir was enough to bring her mood down, though she tried to hide it the best she could.

“ fair enough “ Noyiah would pour the tea into the cup that sat nearest Amen’ra, being carful not to spill it onto the plate that it rested on.  Before pushing it in his direction softly and making sure he got the sugar he requested.

She would then pour a half cup of coffee for herself and pour a few splashes of milk in it, giving it a slight swirl in her hand as she picked it up and took a small sip.  As Shimura asked Amen’ra  some questions Noyiah stood to the side,  listening, or at least seemingly listening as she combed through her thoughts that swirled wildly within her mind.    In the week before she felt like everything she had been doing up until this point has started to unravel and she started to question a lot of what made her, her.

Noyiah would look up after a few moments when Amen’ra and Shimura were done speaking, she didn’t want to seem unprofessional, not to a new recruit and not when it could give Shimura another thing to tease her about. “ perhaps its time that you take over this role Shimura,  how would you like to continue Amen’ra’s acceptance? “ she asked looking up from the swirling well of mental depth that was her coffee.  She just needed some time to let things straighten themselves out. “ i think it would be a good idea,  and in return ill. . .” She drew a blank for a second as she looked back at her coffee, “  ill let up on the paperwork,  ill take over the barracks inspection, armoury inventory  and ill throw in the expense reports too” she would offer.  Before picking up a biscuit and dipping it into her half cup of coffee and wait until the bubbles stopped and the biscuit was coffee soaked, before taking a bite.

After her mouthful was finished she would ask “ what do ya say, do we have a deal?” She asked before turning her attention back to Amen’ra


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The man who’d entered and Noyiah seemed to have a fri-enemy relationship and their quipping was honestly entertaining to watch. He didn’t like being called by his title and would rather go by his epithet, one even Amen’ra knew as soon as he’d entered the area. The man was known quite a bit as the Deathless Knight, and it made the sun mage want to figure out why. Perhaps a friendly spar or maybe a mission in their free time would satiate his curiosity.

Reaching over calmly to collect the cup his new female companion had poured, the black haired man would smirk and move it to his mouth to blow gently. Hands moving to the sugar to add quite a bit until it was perfectly bitter sweet for the man. Eyes moving to the man as he’d asked what could be offered to the guild by his joining.

”Well I’m no chump on the battlefield, my solar magic and flaming sword make sure of that. I come a wealthy family so helping with guild funding won’t be a problem with me. I have experience fighting and slaying different beasts, and I’m no slouch when it comes to research, tactics and warfare. Safe to say, I’m not just a pretty face.”

Amen’ra replied to the man with a wink, without a second thought about his words. He knew he was plenty useful on any battlefield and any meeting room, he’d been in plenty battles and had all the experience he’d needed so far to make it where he was. As a mage who was up and coming with their power. Ready to take on any task thrown his way.

Stirring the tea he’d sip the small brew with a satisfied sigh, blowing out light steam from the heat of the beverage. Eyeing Noyiah who said it’d be okay for Shimura to take over the initiation and Amen’ra was all for it if the other man was down for the ride. It all depended on what he decided.

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#11Shimura Shigaraki † 

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Shimura Shigaraki †
“Solar magic” Shimura mumbled underneath his breath in an curious manner, as he was somewhat interested in the newbie’s abilities, he would be definitely wanting to see what Amen’ra could do in battle. Shimura needed more warriors in the guild and to fortify the armed forces of Phoenix feather, he wanted to tighten the guild’s control on the city to increase the wealth and power of Port Asteria. In order to do that, he needed more combat orientated individuals, and more permission from Kaz. Honestly, Shimura missed the rune-knights and the power that they afforded him, and well, its numbers.

Noyiah pointed out that Shimura should take charge and accept the newbie into the guild, and well, Shimura did not want to be bogged down with such petty and boring tasks such as what she wanted him to do. Hence the reason that she got the paperwork late. Therefore, Shimura took a moment to think about some sort excuse that he could use to leave Noyiah and the newbie alone. He would take a closer look at him, and even test him later when he had been formally introduced into the guild. Yes, that was his grand plan.

“I would love to but I just remembered that I had somethings to do, yes, things to do.” Shimura stated with a small smirk and made his way to the door. “Things that require paper work that you need.” He got his cup of coffee and then made his way out the room and back into his office where he would take a few moments to himself.


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