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False Prodigy [Quest]

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#1Venus Rosé 

False Prodigy [Quest] Empty Wed Apr 08, 2020 7:39 am

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

Her assignment for today was a rather strange one, unlike the ones she’d taken before. Usually, they included bloodshed, or at least some form of dealing with people that’d require her to beat them up, which actually helps her relieve stress more than she anticipated. Instead, her task today was nothing more than a simple request; to accompany her client to his son’s birthday party, though she doubted it was merely just that, there was bound to be more details regarding the quest during their face-to-face confrontation.

It was very perceptible to her that her client was obviously wealthy when she found herself standing in front of an enormous building that was almost close to a nobleman’s mansion. ”Whoa,” she whistled in astonishment, her eyebrows arched. At least from this, Venus knew that she would earn a hefty amount of reward especially since her client was well-off. ”I’m here to meet Giuliano for his request as a wizard from Daeva Eye,” said the female to the guards who stopped her by the entrance gates. Once her identity was confirmed, the large metallic gates would open to allow her inside and she would be escorted towards the room to meet Giuliano.

The dashing man sat on his couch waiting for her appearance and when the frost mage entered, he’d give her one of those attractive smiles with glistening teeth. She’d seat herself across him and tossed her legs over the other, her arms draped over the cushions. ”What is it that you wanted to discuss about?” Venus bothered wasting no time getting to the point, she wasn’t here to chit-chat or relax after all – she was here for money.

”My son’s birthday is coming up and his entire life I’ve been telling him that he’s a prodigious mage.” He began, rubbing his temples as if he’s bothered about something. The woman tilted her head, bewildered. He wouldn’t have thought such a striking man who looked way younger than his years would already have a child. ”Perhaps I’ve been spoiling him too much.” He sighed and added, ”His birthday party is in 2 days and he wants to impress his new friends or fans or whatever he calls them with his magic. He doesn’t have the abilities of a mage, but I do. So, I’m hoping you can help me with that.”

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#2Venus Rosé 

False Prodigy [Quest] Empty Thu Apr 09, 2020 9:39 am

Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

Venus, most certainly, considering only the reward that she was going to get didn’t refuse to reject the offer and simply nodded at his plan. Upon her approval, he’d stand, fixing his attire before opening the door for her. ”Come, I’ll be escorting you to the party so I might have a gift for you in return for doing me a favour.” He’d say as he walked out, leading her to another room and when Giuliano pushed the large doors ajar, her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets and her jaw almost dropped all the way to the floor.

The room was filled with rows and rows of beautiful dresses all in a variety of colours and it was no doubt that this was what every girl would’ve dreamt of – their own walk-in closet, at least for Venus. It clearly showed how rich Giuliano was, to go to this extent for a mere party and especially for a woman he just met. ”This is probably the best gift I’ve had so far.” She screeched like a little girl afterwards, running into the room as she began selecting her favourite dress.

Once the day was over, Venus would finally have her selection done and she was ready to wear it to the party. On the day of the event, she dressed in a black, tight strapless mini dress whilst she waited for the guests to arrive. There were some of the curious ones who wouldn’t stop talking about how they would be seeing Luca revealing his magical abilities, unaware of his impotence to cast spells.

An hour into the party where all the guests have gathered, Luca stepped out to the front to showcase his skill, but of course, Giuliano would be the one doing the deed instead. To have it all go smoothly, Venus would be there to distract the guests, hyping them up so that they would only have their eyes on Luca only. Thankfully, it all played out as they’d planned and Giuliano would reward her once the party was done; getting a new beautiful dress as well as a bag of a hefty amount of jewels – it seemed that today was more than just a good day.

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