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Marigold to Worth Woodsea (Travel)

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#1Tomoe Tanaka 

Marigold to Worth Woodsea (Travel) Empty on Tue Apr 07, 2020 9:12 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
On a bright and sunny Spring day like any other, Tomoe felt a desire for wandering. There had been whispers of mysterious happenings in the north; but just how far north? Truth be told, Tomoe wasn't entirely sure. Instead, he had heard rumors of things ongoing and wanted to confirm for himself what was true and what was false. In the current day and age of Fiore, false claims were everywhere and nothing could truly be trusted. In order to prove these claims for himself, Tomoe would personally see with his own eyes; after all, how could one trust any wild claim without seeing it and experiencing it firsthand? It would be a daunting task, and one that the Joyan would admit he felt butterflies in his stomach for undertaking, but such bizarre claims of magic power could not go unchecked.

Thus, Tomoe took to the skies with his glorious Pegasus. A shining white steed with a matching and eclipsing wingspan lifted off the ground and went onward towards the northern region of Fiore. The ronin had to admit - he wasn't the most knowledgeable about the country's landmarks and layout. He simply knew what he knew, and most of his experience had been in the eastern and central regions of Fiore in the past. Being somebody new to the country in the grand scheme of things, Tomoe was still very much ignorant to the way the country operated and where its points of significance mostly were. There was a degree of cynicism to it all - Tomoe simply didn't care to know such details when they weren't of immediate importance. He instead chose to take it day by day, learning things as they became relevant rather than overloading his brain with information that might ultimately be useless to him. There wasn't very much complex thought towards such things in the first place for Tomoe, and as a result he wouldn't worry.

As the Joyan saw the country from high above in the skies, he couldn't help but wonder at everything he was missing out on right now. What sort of dastardly deeds could he stop or perhaps even take part in?

WC: 368/700

#2Tomoe Tanaka 

Marigold to Worth Woodsea (Travel) Empty on Tue Apr 07, 2020 9:13 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
As Tomoe soared near the clouds, he gazed below as he passed by cities and various notable locations. He would note the Holy City of Crocus where the royalty kept to themselves in comfort and safety. It was a place of activity for him in the past, and as part of that the Joyan thought of the darker times that he had indulged in as he scurried the streets no more than a year ago. He was possessed by dark desires back then, and it wasn't the kind of thing he was proud of. He thought of HER, and the massive and overbearing web that SHE had caught him in. SHE had saved his life while simultaneously destroyed it, ensuring his life as a brainwashed, bloodthirsty slave.

With no memory until very recently, Tomoe thought of the heartbreak and despair he had brought onto others while under the effects of HER power. Revived as a servant for nefarious purposes, was his current life even his own? The Joyan had to admit to a certain degree of hesitance, occasionally feeling the pull of something dark from within him. As the 'official' guild master of Penumbral Guard, Tomoe was not the kind of person that would commit such atrocities.

I wouldn't..., Tomoe thought to himself as he tightened the grasp on the reins of his Pegasus, the wind increasing in intensity with his emotions.

After a moment, the thoughts had subsided and the impulse had gone away, and noticing that the tightened reins empowered by his supernatural strength might eventually lead to harm for his steed, he reduced the stress on the reins and returned to a more relaxed posture.

The rest of the journey to Northern Fiore was without much thought. As he flew around, he eventually settled for Worth Woodsea. Touching solid ground for the first time in hours, Tomoe stretched as he loosely tugged at the reins of his Pegasus to take him along on the ground.

"A forest as dense as this should make for the location of a great mystery.", Tomoe thought as he made off towards the ocean of trees appropriately named the "Woodsea".

Ensuring that his gear was all in order and while on high alert at all times, the ronin had made off towards great danger and even greater reward.

WC: 700/700

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