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Black Clover RP

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Black Clover RP Empty Mon Apr 06, 2020 9:05 pm


Black Clover RP KP5LcEJ
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Black Clover RP is a site created for those who have a love for the Black Clover Anime/Manga. At the site you will be able to create your own character, join a magic knight squad, become a rogue of the kingdom, Join the church of clover, or just be a normal magical citizen. Every month we always have events to keep players busy on top of missions and dungeon you are able to partake in! We also have a site plot that is continuously advancing, so you will be able to help the Kingdom however you see fit. Currently our plot has us exploring the Witch Forest, and learning about some mysterious creatures that are lurking around. Soon, we are going to release the Magic Knight Exams to find promising talent to help us explore the first! We are a small community, but hope to build up a good player base to where we can open up other kingdoms for you to explore. So join us today! ^_^

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