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Shopping Crisis III[Reputation Quest]

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Kurisa leaned against her balcony while watching the sunrise. She finally found some past friends and even found out some other things. She needed to keep on helping people in hopes of becoming stronger. There was only one person who has been helping her out with that, Omen. There was something about him that made Kuri feel close to him without even knowing him long. She started to play with strands of her purple hair, twirling it without even realizing it during the process. Her eyes drifted towards the sun as the moons in her eyes reflected it, making them beautiful. "You could just send him a letter." Momo pounced on her shoulder and snaked itself around her like a scarf. "Don't lie about it." it spoke as soon as Kurisa was about to speak. "He'll find his way here anyways. It's as if he always knows when I'm about to do a mission.".

Softly, she yawned and turned away to go inside to her room where her children were. They slept in her room last night after the whole thing with the guild master of the guild she was now in. She hasn't met the other females of the guild yet, but should she even care who was in there? As long as her end mission was completed before her rebirth once again, it doesn't matter who she needs to meet and greet. Momo nuzzled against her cheek as she rested. "Mama, can I pway with momo now? I wanna give her a bath." Bri asked making Ri pop up all excited. ''Yay, bubble bath!" she cheered. Momo got off Kurisa and went to them. ''My nails too?~" Momo purred like a cat and went towards the queen bath. They went to give momo a bath before she was going to set off.



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''Yes! Clean my nails servants.~" She could hear momo talk in her pampered tone. She rolled her eyes as she went to the kitchen to get food ready. She felt like making them paninis and some vegetables with melted cheese. She went to the fridge and got out; ham, chicken, Colby cheese, flatbread, and some broccoli. Her eyes looked at the other section and grabbed some onions and garlic. She felt like adding garlic to a lot of things she eats because it's good for the health. The only thing that was close to being unhealthy is the bread and amount of cheese. Her eyes rolled and chuckled as she put everything on the island counter.

As soon as she did that she heard the door being knocked on. 'Is that... him?' she wondered curiously. She moved towards the door and opened it while she was in her lilac-colored robs with fake fuzzy linings. His golden eyes met her shining amethyst colored eyes. "I... I didn't expect you to be here soon." She spoke softly and then opened it all the way for him to walk him. "It's almost noon. We need to be there in a few hours at most." He walked in and eyes cornered to see the food, or it looked as if he was looking at it. She wasn't quite sure besides it was something in the kitchen area. "Let me help you." He coldly spoke as she went towards the butcher knife. Picking it up, she saw him cut the onions, slicing the ham and mincing the garlic. The chicken was already in pieces, but since he was doing that she went to the stove and got the flat griller." I'll grill the flatbread then while you do that.". She shyly spoke as she waited for it to warm up.



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Slowly, she buttered the bread with the smallest amount of butter so it will be satisfied and grilled perfectly. She was making enough for each of them to receive two. Panini's were amazing and quite an exquisite cuisine. Not many people could correctly make this as they failed with the bread or the build of the food. One by one she placed the bread down onto the griller as they sizzled from the butter. Her eyes cornered to see what Omen was doing and he already had most of it done. "Just put the bowl of what's being mixed on the counter next to me. I'll --'' she was going to finish, but she saw him already get the frying pan.

He started to grill them and make the vegetables easier to eat for the children by boiling them. The food all smelled so good that her stomach rumbled. She remembers how much she used to eat when she was just Arisa. She became rather depressed as the thought of what happened beforehand destroyed her. Her appetite was hard to compare to anyone, or hard to even compete against. The drinking was also a problem as she could drink anytime and anywhere, it wasn't a problem.

"Not to pry, but why don't you like men around exactly?" He wondered as he was soothingly cooking as if he was a natural. Slowly, kurisa bit her lower lip and glared at her bread to make sure none was burning. "... They're all the same. They vanish without a word or they ditch you to end up going for someone else anyways. I don't need people who just want to leave when they feel like it around my children or me." She coldly spoke as it was a touchy subject. The bread was finally done, making her put each one finally on every plate that it belonged to.



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She eyed the ones that belonged to her children, then Omen and finally herself. First, the bread, spread the chicken, some lettuce, cheese and some ham on top. Finally, it was the bread that is topped off with jalapeno cream cheese. Quickly, Kurisa turned off the stove that made the grilles cool off. It was a nice day to eat outside on the balcony by the livingroom. It had a four-chair table made out of black metal, stronger than any she has witness and a glass finish on top with a swirling design. It was a rather beautiful display indeed.

"It's ready.~ We'll be eating outside today." She reported to her children who skipped outside to pick their seats. "I want Mama and Omen to sit across from each other," Bri said. "That way we both get to sit in between both of you!~" Ri said excitedly. They were already at that point where they were finishing their sentences. "Alright.~" Kurisa spoke motherly and happy. She set down the broccoli in one plate with melted cheese with the other plate having the panini. "Let us all now sit and enjoy our delicious food that Omen was so kind as to help with." She spoke and looked at him.

Kurisa rested her long beautiful hair on her left shoulder with a swiping flip. She watched her children eat first and then watched Omen eat as well right after. "Enjoying it?" She wondered. He put down the food and wiped his mouth like some royalty. "Quite. Seems simple, but doesn't look the like." He said in his cold smooth voice while his golden eyes laid upon hers. She looked away with a light blush and picked up her own panini. "Tha-that's good." She spoke and started to eat hers with her children.



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Eating their Panini it tasted great. Her eyes looked at the sky which was a mix of light blue, white swirls and a tiny tint of yellow from the sun's shine. "Mama, can Omen babysit us today?" Ri wondered. "He'll be doing some missions with mommy today." She explained with a sorry look on her face. "Maybe next time, yea?". The next thing she heard was a shake and some water droplets that got on her naked arm. "Hey!" She turned to see Momo. "That's their fault for leaving me in the bath alone. I'm hungry too!" she whined and snaked up her body onto her shoulder.

"That does look quite good. Did you make me any?" She wondered as her little nose was sniffing. Kurisa sighed as she just handed her one, "Go eat elsewhere though." she instructed her ferret. Her head leaned back a little as she was enjoying her one. It tasted good and she knew that some people added some gg to theirs but she didn't really want to. It'd taste rather more different than she wanted it to. Her eyes cornered to peak at Omen who then seemed to catch her gaze. Once again she looked away and then sat back up to take a drink of her water. It was crystal clear, sparkling as if someone spent quality time in specializing clean water. It was unlike the water in Orchidia, Dahlia or even Woodsea as they didn't have much clean water if any. Her eyes watched the birds fly towards the north again. She stood up and saw that Momo was eating their panini neatly on the mini table that was made for her earlier today. Ever since she got the little thing, she felt like spoiling her a little bit. She was a lovely little thing and she entertained the children.



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She stood up suddenly as she felt like it was already time to get ready. Something felt odd though as she felt a sudden string get struck. Her eyes looked straight at Omen who was gazing at her like she was some Mona Lisa. Her face turned into a rather pink color and swiftly went to her room to get changed. "I-I will be right back. I need to get ready." She told them as she went to her room. Her eyes looked at her smooth elder elm dresser with a vanity. Her eyes gazed at the mirror next as she wondered about herself.

"Why... would someone not want me? Why does no one want me?" Arisa herself questioned. "Why did he leave me?" Kuri spoke as her eyes changed color for a split second to brown. Kuri spoke from her own past as Arisa did for her own. Her heart was hurting as they were both hurting. Both had people leave them, both had people betray them for what they had and abandoned them. What else was there to do other than to get stronger and now take care of two children. They had their own prophecy that she must make sure comes true.

A prophecy...

Slowly, she opened her drawer and looked inside. There were so many clothes to pick out of, but at the same time, there were not many choices she could pick out of. A lot of them were for when she hangs around her own place. She can not wear a short pink dress around. Her assets were larger than they were and so were her breasts than a few years ago. It was probably because of having children and over the years she has been taking care of her body. Even at the worst of times.



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She took out a pink blouse that had frills on them and spaghetti straps. Her pants were black with a leather belt on them. Her shirt was nicely tucked in while her shoes were black boots with mini heels. Next, she had to go towards the bathroom since her hair felt like it was a mess. Her eyes wandered to look at which brush she was going to use today, but she might also put her hair up in a hairdo. The brush was made from bamboo that came all the way from Sin. It had a beautiful dark texture for designs on the light color brush. The hairs came from a stallion horse from Seven which was a breed well taken care of.

Her hair felt amazing as she brushed it, it was as if someone was playing with it soothingly. Her eyes closed as her head felt calmer than it was. Her body became unbalanced as she felt too comfortable. ''Uh!" She gasped and fell back, but as she was she felt someone's arms. Her eyes turned to see it was Omen's. ''H-hey!" She squirmed and stood back up on her own as she looked at her with a poutful glare. "I heard you so I came as soon as I could.". He said. This felt confusing cause who did he think he was? Who... who was he. She shook her head as she then shooed him away. "I need to finish and then we can go." She reported to him as he then left while taking a deep breather. She watched him leave with his long silver hair and the door shutting behind him. "Finally.. what was that?" She questioned as she then picked up her clothes and finished putting them on her voluptuous body. finally, she put up her hair in a woop-doo with a few hairs sticking out.



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She walked out in which case she saw no one. Her eyes wandered and her feet moved faster than her mind was as she wanted to make sure her children were alright. After the night that crazy bitch appeared and decided to try to take over her children to end up being saved by some unknown woman, she didn't trust her children alone. Suddenly, she saw her children with Momo and Omen who were on the couch just chilling. She smiled happily as she then had a strike of pain throughout her head. "Ugh..." She bent down and held her head with her right hand.

"You alright?" he asked as he then offered his hand. She took it without even thinking and winced in pain. ''Y-yea, we should get going." She spoke and opened them. They left the door and went to the store they were going to protect once again. "Thank you for being here." A child spoke. "My mother couldn't be here so I was here to give instruction. Which are..." She saw him read a paper, "Please, protect my store over there. " he pointed at the store. "I'll see you in the morning if you succeed." The boy waved bye and left them alone. "That must be it over there." She spoke and walked towards it. She wondered if perhaps they should meet them inside at the door so she could scare them. Kurisa decided to stay by the door while Omen was outside waiting as well. A few minutes after midnight she heard the door click as if they were using tools. Opening them, it was a few kids who had hoodies one. "Look, I don't want any trouble." She started. They decided to try to stab her in the stomach which Omen came running in charging, but then he stood still astonished. "Wha-what the hell?! What are you?" They yelled as they backed off, seeing their weapon go through her body like she was a ghost. After they ran off and she destroyed their weapon she got her reward and left, but not before telling Omen that it was time to go with her Momo the Ferret.



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