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What Lies Beneath? [Quest]

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What Lies Beneath? [Quest] Empty on Mon Apr 06, 2020 1:43 am


It had been days since his walk from Port Astera. Truth be told, Mimir had become quite annoyed with the port town. He had been there for months. Contemplating on what he would do with his life now that he was banished from his home. Over the few months that he has been in Fiore, the viking has been doing quest after quest. Sure, he didn't have too, but he needed something to do in this time of his life. He couldn't just sit around everyday like a crippled man. He was still a viking warrior at heart and soul. So, fighting monsters every now and then did his body good. Hell, if he got lucky he would die a warrior's death and travel to Valhalla to be with his father.

At the moment, Mimir roamed the land surrounding the Oakland Church. While in the port city, a man from Oak Town had approached him. Asking him to help free their city from the cursed souls that roamed beneath the church. Automatically Mimir had accepted the man's job. It was weird for souls to be wandering the land, and he would do anything he could to help escort them to Valhalla. He just prayed that the souls weren't actually the undead Draugr.

Shuddering at the thought, he would proceed to walk inside of the church and find the passageway that led to the catacombs beneath it. While he was walking down the stairs. He could feel an energy that felt like sadness. It caused him to lower his eyes, muttering a curse in response. "Ratatoskr, you came to be from the depths of Hel. What do you think is going on around here?" asked the golded haired man. The small demon that sat atop his head would be visibly be annoyed by the man's words. No reply would come from the demon. This would cause Mimir to let out a small burst of anger.

His anger had seemed to alert the lost souls around him. As one by one three souls would come to approach him. Mimir's hand would begin to reach for his weapon, but there was no need for it. He would help pass these souls to the afterlife the easy way. "What can I do to help you" asked Mimir. The souls spoke no words, but they did turn their back to Mimir and proceeded to go down a hallway. Taking it as an answer, he would follow them within the depths of the catacombs.

When there journey ended, Mimir would come upon three coffins, all vandalized. He was visibly angered because not anyone in their right mind would vandalize a grave. Three to be exact. From looking at the coffins, Mimir knew exactly what was to be done in order to help the souls move to the afterlife. For what seemed like hours, he dug three holes for the three souls and placed their bodies within them. Since their coffins were vandalized, he simply covered their bodies with the multiple stones from the coffins and place the dirt atop of the stones. He would make a makeshift headstone for each soul with the Nordic rune for peace inscribed in it. As soon as the last runes were placed, the souls would be inhaled by the ground with smiles on their faces.

A job well done...

WC: 565

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