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Temporary Aquarist [Quest]

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#1Jan Ren 

Temporary Aquarist [Quest] Empty Sun Apr 05, 2020 4:06 pm

Jan Ren
For the third time, Jan was summoned to help out the familiar marine biologist Raina with her work. After proving himself a worthy assistant (possibly even worthy of replacing her ever-seek current one), once with testing the waters and again with feeding the fish. Per her standards, seems the Sinese was a good contender for 'big boy' jobs; that is, filling for the biologist herself, in her daily routine, if just for one day. Shouldn't be too hard of a task now, should it?

After getting the proper instructions, Jan was left alone in the lab. Raina dashed out in a hurry, apparently already late for her expedition. With only the layout given and written on a piece of paper (responsible, this lady), the Blue Pegasus wizard was to act out everything and document it as well. For this reason, he was allowed to raid the closet for a notebook and a pen, just below the fish food. Seems it was the same bag they'd opened together from the warehouse just a while back; though, he had to commend the lady for her meticulousness, bothering to put everything in the same spot for easier accessability. As someone like Jan was unfamiliar with this workplace, it simply made things go smoother.

First he had to observe the fish and document their behaviors. Fortunately, Raina had made sure to get that part covered as well, leaving yesterday's notes by today's instructions, just to give Jan Ren a proper report to follow, as well as to compare to. There were on double-count, 34 fish to keep track of, in 34 different tanks. Not too bad, though the Sinese had to wonder if these fish were allowed to copulate, or even to socialize. Do fish socialize in the first place...?

According to yesterday's reports, the different kinds of fish had different behaviors. Nocturnal fish were kept in darker tanks, chilled to keep as close as possible to their natural habitat. The warm-water fish were rather energetic today as opposed to yesterday, for whatever reason the wizard was unaware of. And the few predators present seemed to take a slow day, either appearing immobile or swimming back and forth in their tank with not a worry. He wrote down each fish's behavior accordinly upon the paper sheet given, wondering how detailed should he get despite the examples given. There were, naturally, some that caught his attention in particular. Though at the same time, these were all of Fiorian origin (he'd find out as he'd read on them). So for a display, this wasn't half-bad.

Feeding time. Per the manual, each fish had a different amount to feed upon for the day. He was equipped with a scooper and a single bag of fish food, supposedly universal as it would nourish both predator and herbivores alike. Interesting. Feeding time was rather easy, simply lifting the tank's lid and sprinkling fish food into the waters, depending on each tank's description. "Okay..." With this task complete, the request was seemingly done.

Though just in case... Jan Ren had decided to stay in the lab. Taking a seat by some desk, as he watched the various fish go about their business. Some ate slowly, some finished extremely fast. He ended up taking a peak through Raina's personal notes about these creatures, if just to get acquainted with them on some level. You know, beyond feeding them and monitoring their behavior. It ended up being a rather interesting read. So interesting that he fell asleep soon after starting.

"... ...Hey... Hey!"

Snapped awake, Jan would raise his head, still drowsy from the nap as the gentle touch retracted. Turning to see the face of the woman in-charge. "...Slept well, sleepyhead?"


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