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Sign me up (mission/solo)

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#1Raymus Kouris 

Sign me up (mission/solo) Empty Sun Apr 05, 2020 3:52 pm

Raymus Kouris

Well that was a slightly more difficult Job than he had first thought. Who knew that spotting a body builder would be so difficult Raymus thought as he was about to leave the beach. He had only came to the beach to do some light jobs for those in the tournament but it turned into quite the workout. His biceps were actually hurting somewhat! And for a werewolf like him he prided himself on his natural prowess so this was really something hard for him to swallow. Ah well, alls well that ends well, or so he was lead to believe.

“RAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY” Cried a familar man from behind. Turning back the werewolf managed to see that it was Jay who was the one screaming his name trying to get his attention. While he ran he also waved his ginormous arms, which would have been more useful to break his incoming fall. Tripping on a child’s sand castle the man flew into the air and crashed into the ground, creating a large mound of sand as he slid to a halt.

“Um, everything alright Jay?” Considering what had just transpired in front of his eyes it was safe to say that was an incredibly dumb question from the Blue Pegasus Berzerker but nevertheless it was one that had to be asked. “If it’s about giving me too much tough shi-”

“No no it’s not that!” The bodybuilder cut in, shaking the sand out of his own sandy hair and wiping his face with his muscular hand. (Really what part of this guy wasn’t so ripped and veiny.) “It’s the sign ups, I forgot to sign up!” With a bemused look Ray gave the contest a smirk as if to say, “Hah, meathead.”

“Well, just go sign up? Don’t get your speedo in a knot.” The blue haired mage casually remarked turning to leave again.

“No no! You don’t understand! It’s at the other end of the beach! And I only have the next 5 minutes to sign up! And ya saw that I’m good at showing my strength. S T R E N G T H! Not Speed! So you go sign me up! Quick!”

Nodding and not really regarding how he was spoken down to, Ray broke off into a sprint to the sign up table just in view at the other end of the beach. As he ran a cloud of sand followed in his wake for you see while Jay was heavily focused on his gainz and muscle growth, Ray was much more balanced. He was equal part fast as he was strong and far more well rounded in terms of his physical stature and abilities. Even his reactions were rather good as he narrowly managed to avoid a plethora of sunbathing people. Until the last one that is where he tripped and began to fall. Still, his reactions wouldn’t let him face plant like his client. Oh no, instead of a spalt, Ray used his momentum and rolled on the ground and in coming out of his little summersault he started to run again! But on all fours! This somehow managed to increase his speed and he got to the desk with two minutes to spare and signed Jay up for the competition. Nother 6 minutes passed before Jay came to confirm the action and promptly rewarded Ray for getting the job done so quickly!

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