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Beach gym (mission/solo)

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#1Raymus Kouris 

Beach gym (mission/solo) Empty Sun Apr 05, 2020 3:48 pm

Raymus Kouris
Ray had walked to the beach in the hopes of finding more jobs to do and people to help. He had overheard that there was a contest happening shortly on the hargeon beach. Ray was sure there would be someone there in need of last minute training, or to sign someone up or... but his train of thought was derailed as a cat walked across his shadow. The ears at the top of his head perked up seeing the feline, even a low growl coming from his mouth akin to a dog. The cat looked around and was immediately spooked, running across the pavement back to it’s owner. Heh yeah, you better run! Showed that cat.

Now back to his more humane senses, Ray took a moment to assess the situation wondering what his best option would be. "So I see you're enjoying the beach today, or are you on another job?" Asked a stranger who came up to the Pegasus with a cheerful grin. “Nope just here lookin for work actually.” The stranger chuckled as he slapped Ray on the back. “Well you my friend are in luck! I need someone to help me with my reps! Trying to get those last few gains! YEAH!” The man then began to flex, the veins in his neck and muscles on the protruding from his skin like additional limbs. “Um sure…” Ray said with skepticism wondering what exactly he was getting himself into. Surely it couldn’t be too bad, right? He was a werewolf after all! There was no way a regular human could do much to him… right?

After another minute of the man flexing and repeating the word “Gains” a few more times, he asked him some questions.

“So you a mage?”

“Yeah, Blue Pegasus” He then lowered the collar of his shirt to show the tattoo

“Ahh, full of all those bodaceous babes? You’re a pretty good looker too.”

“Gee Thanks, but what exactly do ya want me to do?” Ray rolled his eyes hoping to get to the point.

“Do you even lift bro?” The stranger said flexing once again

“Um, yes?”

“Good! I want to do lifts but need someone to spot me and you seem pretty buff. So ya up for it?”

“Sure, sounds simple enough.”

“Great! My name is Jay Holiday! You’ll prolly hear it as the winner of the upcoming competition!”

“Raymus, nice to meet you.”

Jay led the blue haired young man to his little beach gym. “Gonna do some serious reps and get my muscles gleaming like little suns! But no one here can lift half of what I do, let alone spot me.” He explained sitting on the bench press and sliding underneath the bar.

“Oh please, how much could you really be-” Stopping himself from saying too much, Ray took an involuntary gulp seeing the many stacks of weights on the single bar and all the 0s the added up to. The stranger smugly looked up to the wolf and winked at him as if to say “Yeah, I lift bro.” The man began and Ray helped, both struggling to finish the end of each set of reps, but at the end of his session the man was bulging out of his tight tanktop and shorts, his muscles indeed gleaming in the sun. He then gave Ray his reward and power walked off to victory!
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