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Crash the Cash House (Mission)

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#1Joshua Graham 

Crash the Cash House (Mission) Empty on Sun Apr 05, 2020 9:00 am

Joshua Graham


Quest: Crash The Cash House

Rank: D

Type: Bad

Requirements: None

Martin Martello: A newcomer to the crime-world of Oak, Martin is a ruthless gang leader who opposes Vincenze Tessio. He is aware of the fact he is fighting an uphill battle against the older, more powerful man, but Martin does not care. He resorts to force at the slightest notice, not resting until he comes out on top.

Summary: The Martello family is doing their best to thrive in Oak, despite the constant pressure from Vincenze. Martin Martello has recently found out the location of one of Vincenze Tessio's cash houses where all sorts of wealth is hidden. In order to hurt Vincenze's wallet, he needs a mage to completely ransack the cash house to increase his own wealth and then burn it down.

Enemies: None

Objective: Steal the jewels from the cash house and burn it down.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Oak Streets.
  • You stand outside the Martello family's house, map in hand, ready to take down the cash house.
  • Head to the cash house which is a deserted diner that is no longer being used. It's pretty secluded from the rest of the buildings in the street.
  • Go inside without being noticed and try to find the hidden cash.
  • Eventually you'll find it in a bag underneath some loose tiles in the storage room since the tiles were not placed back properly.
  • Pull out the bag, find something flammable and douse the diner in it, after which you must light it and leave the place. If you're a fire mage you may use magic to start a fire.
  • As you walk away and blend into the crowd, one of the Martello members will walk past you and take the bag from you without drawing any attention.

The Martello family hadnt hesitated to use Joshua for as much as he was worth. He was already working on a second request from the family. He sighed and looked at the map, memorizing the path before burning it up and making his way out. He made his way through the streets of Oak City and took in the sound and smells and sights. He was on the job, which meant he had to take them in anyway, but he couldnt help but see how a life here wouldnt be too bad. It would be livable at the very least. He felt himself smiling as he saw the streets begin to change into food stands and cats, the lively nature of the night market would always be like home to Joshua.

He made his way through the crowded street and made note of the shops he would visit after the job was done. He walked further down and he soon got past the crowds and noise. And made his way further down the city ways. The area got less maintained as he went. Joshua lit a cigarette and smoked it as he walked, he soon got to the abandoned diner, and looked at it with an observant eye, no obvious traps or possible hiding places. The place was basically gutted, and looking like it was already through a fire or two. He opened the door and walked around as he searched the building for the cash. It was relatively easy to find. Soon he had it in a bag around his waist, a special on given to him by the Family.

He stood up and pulled out a flask from his suit. He had been able to get a hold of some liquid fire, a jelly like substance that would explode and coat anything nearby in the jelly and help it burn. He tossed it into the air and wiith a snap of his fingers, he exploded the flask with his magic. He watched as the jelly landed on the bar and burned. He threw more of the vials as he left, soon the building was physically melting from the sheer heat as Joshua made his way back quietly and without notice. The crowd of the market street began to see the fire, and many ran out to help contain the blaze. But Joshua had been smart and only put the fire where he knew it wouldnt cause extra harm.

Joshua made his way through the crowd, and when he saw the man he was too meet, he made the trade off easily, bumping into the man and apologizing as he kept walking. He made his way back to his hide out and would settle in for the night. Though before doing so, he would grab a small black book, and wrote down in code, his actions and thoughts. No one but him would be able to understand it, let alone read it. It would seem like gibberish. He finished writing and put the book away, as he settled in for the night.

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