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Shopping Crisis II[Reputation Quest]

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Kurisa yawned and snuggled against her body pillow that was the size of an actual human. To was fluffy as if brand new and smelt like passion flowers as if it just got cleaned. The blankets were freshly cleaned every day as she couldn't sleep without them being done. The window was closed, but it revealed the sunshine while the curtains covered none of it. There was not much to think about while she laid to rest. Her eyes slowly moved towards the clock that stood on the nightstand, golden and the typical white. All she could hear were the melody sounds of birds and the ticks of the clock.

Her children were not even making any sounds as of yet. She was going to go live at the Ville soon with her 'family'. Judith and Alisa were the only ones she could call family, both Kuri, and Arisa. Although she was not blood-related to Judith she was towards Alisa in a rather different way than most would think. Her eyes closed once more to see nothing but darkness. It was better that way as she saw nothing and no one. If only she could close her hearing as well so she didn't have to hear the lies.

It gave her a headache and sometimes she got sick of it. 'If only I could just leave for a moment. Instead, here I am coming back forever and ever...' she mumbled under her breath as she rested an arm over her eyes. "It's almost time for me to go." She believed after a yawn. "Mama!" yelled Bri who then opened the door. Standing there innocently was Bri and Ri. Her eye opened to see them there, smiling. It was the two smiling that made her want to get up as she never really had anything precious nor no one that stayed.



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''What is it my children?~" She motherly spoke softly. They looked at each other and then at her. ''We're hungry!" They both cheered with arms out. "My monsters are hungry, huh?~" She teased them and bolted up, twisted her body slowly to have her legs hang from the bed. She wore a lilac-colored nightgown that went well with her hair and eyes. Ever since this magic took control of her she just felt like everything purple seemed to make her feel good. Someday the moon will be purple like the crescent shapes in her eyes. The night is so beautiful, mysterious and dangerous, but she loved it nonetheless.

Kurisa stood up straight, put on her slippers and walked out with her children. The suite had a kitchenette and everything one needed to live in everyday life. She walked towards the fridge to grab some things to cook for breakfast. A simple rub against her right eye and with her left she grabbed the carton of eggs, sat it down. Next was some bacon, waffle mix and french toast. For the drink, she was going to make her own juice. One by one she put in the fruits; pineapple, berries, avocado and some strawberries.

The grabbed the pan, turned on the stove and sprayed the pan so the food didn't stick. Slices of bacon were placed on the pan by single strips. It sizzled and popped as the fat started to create bacon grease that she'll use to cook with for dinner later. While they were slowly cooking, she popped another pan and grabbed the eggs. ''What kind of eggs do you want today?" She wondered out loud to her children. ''Scrambled with ham!" They spoke excitedly. She went to the fridge and grabbed pieces of ham that were all cut up from the dinner before.



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She scrambled the eggs, whisked them up and mixed the ham into it. After she was done with that, she mixed the batter for the waffles in a bowl and put them in the iron heater. Every few seconds she flipped it and took them out. Poured more mix within it and took it out after a few minutes for each one. She made about a dozen. During that process though she also flipped the bacon so the other side could cook evenly. "Outside is beautiful, maybe you two and the sitter should go to the part today." She believed and told her children.

Suddenly, the door was being knocked on. ''Alright you two, stop the noise.~" she giggled as she believed it was them creating knocking noises against the island table. "It's - It's not us mother," Ri spoke nervously. Kurisa's eyes glared towards the door as to wondering who it could be. "Stay here." She spoke instructively. She didn't care what she was in, or so she thought as she went to the door to see who it was. Her eyes looked in the little hole that was being blocked by window class that was the size of a penny.

Her eye widened to see who it was, 'What is he doing here? How did he find this room.' They both thought and looked around. She felt rather flustered as to what she should do. ''Uh, be right there!" She yelled with the volume that made it sound like she wasn't quite there, but almost there. She didn't want to open it, but she had to. Her hands shakingly opened the door slowly to let him in. As she did open the door though he stood there, tall - taller than her as he gazed down upon her. It was as if he froze up.



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They locked eyes as she didn't even realize he was gazing at her. ''Right." He started and cleared up his throat as you could hear the gulping. Why was this man nervous? Was it because of her nightgown? She turned away and closed her eyes stubbornly. ''Well, come in. We're having breakfast first and then I wait for their babysitter. After that, I can then do the mission." She brought him to the kitchen where the kids were. Both of them looked up towards the tall man with shining eyes. ''Aww.~ Who's that mama? He's pretty tall!" She spoke happily as she then nudged Bri who just gazed at him with her cold blue eyes.

"He's the man I go on missions with. It's faster that way." She explained and saw him go towards her to end up pouring the juice she made earlier in one glass and two children cups. "Get a cup for yourself. You're joining us it seems." She replied to no question or answer as she could see her children making room already. They seem to have an interest in the guy. Kurisa grabbed plates to put down the bacon, eggs, and waffles. Next, she grabbed silverware that she settled down on napkins on the table.

"Alright, let's eat," Kurisa spoke to her children directly as her partner had his own choice to make. Surprisingly, he started to eat her food. It was strange and different to see a man in her home, eating her cooking and it wasn't even a bad difference. A large sharp of pain went straight through her heart as she grasped onto her chest. ''Mama!" Bri and Ri were about to get off their chair. "No, it's alright." She put on a smile as she nodded for them to continue eating their food. They needed to hurry.



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She quietly ate with once in awhile glances back at him. She felt like it was almost time to at least get to know his name. "So..." she started and then saw her children. 'Maybe this isn't a good time to ask him.' Ari told Kuri. 'Yea, you're right...' She spoke coldly to herself as she ate her food. The children ate their food as well while her partner was enjoying his. It felt different and made her heart feel nervous. She couldn't eat anymore as she stood up, grabbed what was leftover and put them away in tubawares. Next was the fridge and then her assets sat back down to enjoy her fruit drink.

She tried to distance her sight towards the girls and away from her partner. They were eating peacefully, but after they were done she went to grab them some clothes, their bags and a packaged lunch with their snack. "Your babysitter should be here soon. Go ahead and sit on the couch while I get ready." She instructed them motherly. They did as they were told and with that the two were alone. "Sorry about their curiosity. They've been kind of away men in general. I don't usually allow them to have any contact with them." She spoke sweetly.


That was an expression she read as she crossed her arms, looked away and sighed. ''Their father disappeared and we just disappeared from each other. Been a few years so I'm afraid of anyone getting close to my girls to end up betraying them and me." She shook her head. "Don't mind that though, we should get going now." He watched her leave as she went out the door. Right as she did, Kurisa saw the babysitter go in and her partner walks with her towards the elevator.



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She walked further, he walked closer as she distanced herself. The elevator was right there was she pressed the button to go downstairs. The stair was an option, but she no longer wanted to use them. Kurisa waited patiently in the elevator for her partner, but didn't look at him. It was silent as they stood in there together. ''Omen." he coldly said as he gazed at the door. 'Omen?' she repeated to herself in her head. "My name." He already assumed she was confused and answered her question without even having to ask him. It was like he already knew her in away.

"Yours?" He questioned uninterested or as if he already knew her name. "I..." She didn't know how to answer. Not many people really have asked for her name. Which does she answer with? "My... my name is Kurisa." She nervously answered, twiddling her pointing fingers in a circular motion. ''Kuri and 'sa', huh?". Her eyes widened and hide them with her long purple bangs. 'How.. how did he know?" Her heart pounded as if this guy knew her. ''I knew a Kuri once, but not Kurisa." He coldly explained mysteriously. Her head started to split as she covered herself with her own arms.

"That is how to pronounce it yes." She tried to play it cool, but thankfully the elevator door opened to let them out. She went out first and left the hotel. There was nothing more to say, but maybe she should play it cooler, calm down perhaps as she was giving it away that something is wrong. They went towards the store that they were supposed to go to and meet the owner of this shop. This time it was a clothing store with many beautiful wedding dresses that were about a half of million jewels and up.



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Omen seemed to be talking more than he usually did when they first met. It's been about a month if not more than that since she has known him. Her eyes spotted the shop and the person they are supposed to talk to. She was a rather thin woman with a petite structure. Her hair was long, blonde and wavy as she turned to look at them. She smiled happily and clapped her hands. ''Awe.~ You two are wonderfully cute together." She ran up and scanned both of them. ''Mmm, both are lucky to have each other. Such lookers.~". She was rather obnoxious.

She stepped away as she then looked at Kurisa's facial expression. ''O-oh! I apologize. I didn't know. Thought just that ..." She looked as if she really messed up. ''Anyways, assuming you're here to take away the evildoers that want to rob my beautiful store.~ Just get rid of them and perhaps visit the store after all that. I could find a dress just perfect for you." She winked at Kurisa and walked off. The night wasn't even here yet, so the two decided to pick a spot to hide and watch till it was finally time to do the actions they're supposed to do.

Her heart started to pound as she noticed things she hasn't noticed before, including his smell and the heat she could feel from his aura as they were inches away. Her eyes closed for a moment, just a moment enough to take a deep breather. Oddly she realized as soon as she opened up her eyes it was already night time. 'Did.. I doze off?' She wasn't quite sure as she then rested her eyes again, falling asleep. Omen was sitting there calmly as he watched her and then the area they needed to scout. It was peaceful, while it lasted.



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She felt like an empty soul with nothing to feel as she was numb. The only thought she had at this point was just getting this mission done. The night slowly became darker as the wind's breeze sent down chills against her skin. The moon has yet to be full as they were close to the shape of her eyes than anything. She wondered if the people were going to appear as she wanted them to get here sooner than later. The silence was killing her as her leg started to move up and down from the tip of her toe and knee outward.

Her arms crossed against the box in front of her, her chin resting on the top of her hand. ''This feels slow...'' Kurisa mumbled and saw that there was only one person walking towards the store. The person was a woman who was in a hoodie unless the man specifically had a womanly body with curves such as hers. The hoodied girl went towards the back and disappeared. Her eyes wandered all directions and saw no one else around. Slowly, she stood up and walked towards the back to see what that girl was doing. Normally, this would be stupid, but she wasn't just a normal person.

Her eyes cornered to see that Omen was right beside her and then looked the other direction to see the woman. The woman was unlocking it, but as she walked out to talk to her there were men coming out of the trees. ''Hehe, looks like the trap worked." They snickered and started to kick the tip of his bat. The boys around him just chuckled right after. ''Mmm, what a beauty." He said and walked towards Kurisa. "Get away from me!" She screamed and glared at them all. All but three guys stopped. Slowly, she backed away from the guy and bumped into Omen. "Hmm. I see." He spoke. As he was going for him she yelled, ''Just go away! Before I do something I'll regret...!" They stopped and slowly backed off. ''H-hey boss, I think we should get outta here.". With that, they left and the woman went off as well. She collected the reward the next time she saw the owner and left.



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