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Mimir Mimson

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Name: Mimir Mimson

Age: March 12, X766

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian

Ethnicity, Mother: Icebergian

Class: Spellsword

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Left Shoulder (Red)

Face: Gilgamesh | Fate Series


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 187 Pounds

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Red

Overall: Mimir is tall, but he is not exactly bulky, or anywhere near close to as bulky as a person his size should be. With a athletic and almost slender appearance, there are a copious amount of things he has going for him in the looks department. While he isn't really lacking in muscle. He usually wanders Fiore with a golden necklace, no shirt, and the bottoms to his suit of armor (also golden). His skin is tanned, with his hair being a golden shade that most say resembles the gold he wears. While he used to be ridiculed for his looks once upon a time, he has since learned how to deal with it.

Mimir has had over a dozen injuries, including every single rib being broken, his hands being torn to shreds, a single hole on each of his legs, and most of his back covered in a third degree burn. The scars have yet to go away, and no, they do not look pretty. In fact, most of his torso still has the red chain markings along his skin. Most only see them as red tattoos though...

His eyes holds all the emotion that his face doesn't get to show. Dark red orbs that glow bloody in the right lights, stares out at the world in longing. Mimir would have preferred a dull blue, or even a boring brown instead of this frightening looking balls of eyes. His look can be called that of longing and sorrow almost every time he is seen, no matter the situation. But other times, when he is focused, it is that of an unyielding determination. A look that shows that he will not back down, no matter the consequences. When recollecting, it holds nothing but a bottomless pit of hate and rage though. He is very good at conveying his emotions within his eyes. Not that he ever lets anyone see it.

Extra: All along Mimir's torso and legs are red markings etched into his skin that resembles ropes. In both of his ears are golden earrings.


Personality: Mimir is an ambitious and a head strong individual, who is confident in his own ability. More due to his upbringing as a Viking, who are trained to go against ridiculous odds on their own in order to insure that the rest of the group does not fall. War and combat has always been his lively hood ever since birth. This can be mistaken as arrogance, which is something that Mimir does not have. Being head strong can reflect his nature to never backing down. Whether it be a fight, a decision, or a conversation, Mimir does not know how to give up and follows through with his actions, regardless if it is wrong or right. However, it does not mean that Mim does not reflect upon his actions if the results do not fit his expectations.

The Viking continues to carry on with his proud attitude as a warrior. This is broken down into several distinct areas of honor, being respectful, and possessing a bit of an ego. Mimir does have a code of honor and believes that a man should uphold a certain degree of fairness. It does not matter if it is an enemy for there is no glory in killing a weakened opponent, it would only taint his reputation. The same is said for respect. Show respect to those who offer it in return. It is the reason why Mimir looks to those who around him who are allies as equals, instead of looking down on them. Vikings train and view each other as a brother or sister, as equals. Which is why the Viking is upset should anyone look down on him. For it reveals a lack of respect and means that he is beneath them. A simple point really and goes hand in hand with his own ego. After all the years he has been through war and battles, this Viking has earned his place among the strong.

Another way to describe Mimir is being courageous to the point where it can called reckless. Fear is something that lives within all life, but for a Viking, the fear of dying from old age. However, Vikings are taught to use their fear to fuel themselves to push forward through almost most situations. To be fearful is to forfeit your own life and to give up. This does not mean that the Viking does not know fear. But, it is how it is dealt with that separates the weak from the strong. Back to being courageous, Mimir may not be a thinker or a tactician but when it comes to overcoming situations where there is little hope, it is this individual that will persevere.

During first appearances with strangers outside of battle, Mimir is in the in between of being calm and bloodthirsty, especially if the foe is strong. Taking caution to whole other level the man allows his battle instincts to take over while he analyzes the individual to decide whether or not if the individual can be viewed as a threat or as a peace keeper. Regardless of the decision he will maintain his suspicious guard against the new entity. This goes without saying that he will encircle the individual in a attempt to find an opening within their stance. Even when he speaks in his deep smooth voice, he will peel away the stranger's layers to investigate their inner workings and thoughts while being somewhat humorous.

Overall in his personality, it is his hate and anger toward everything around him that is leaked into all aspects of his nature.

His hate for the world that he lives in and those that inhabit it far surpasses the limits of any other that he has come to know. It is his hate and rage that helps this creature to fuel his desire to push forward in a life that holds little meaning. This forces Mimir to wander in search for a reason to live instead of living for revenge and destruction. Following a meager idea of living is what disappoints him but it maintains the little faith that he has in search of a larger purpose. In the enraged fill phase Mimir becomes cold, merciless, and a disobedient beast that will do whatever it takes that will bring the results that he seeks.

During the rage phase Mimir is more aggressive, focused, and eliminates the connection between emotion and personal desire from each other. Therefore, it gives the Viking a more beast like trait and a sadistic personality. The human portion of his mind is almost all but removed and relies more on animal desires to push himself forward. This is where Mimir shows his pain and past experiences. He is more open to insults and to sharing his darker desires with what little human thought remains.

Besides the carnage and rage that Mimir carries within him that is not there is to him. Beneath the man's exterior rests the loving family soldier that cared for his people and his comrades. Mimir has always been an individual who places everything else before himself. Family, honor, and duty was what he had lived by before tending to personal needs. The life of a Icebergian was never their own unless they made it so. Upholding the duty to his King and to his people with the highest respect for them, alongside his fellow brothers in arms.


  • Pushing The Limit: Whether it is training or in a battle Mimir  loves to push his limits every time. It is the only time to see how far he has actually came from where he first started. That can also be a problem since this happens a lot in battle as well. This also means in sparring as well. Mimir finds it difficult to hold back in battle scenarios.

  • Rum/Liquor/Wine: Just like the good old days when Mimir could drink hearty with his companions and have a good time. Not anymore. Really, Mimir can drink like he normally would but just without those people who did the deed with him. They may be gone but it does not mean that he can not drink to remember the good times that he had with them. With every gulp of alcohol that he downs the hopes of revisiting those times become closer.


  • Being Looked Down Upon: This is something that irritates Mimir to no end. Being looked down on means that he is weak, pitied, or ignored. Mimir will be enraged and fight without holding back to be recognized by any means.

  • Sacrificing Others: The need to sacrifice others means that you were weak to rely on the help of others. Mimir has always fought with his own strength to hold his own ground in a fight.


  • Strength By Any Means: With power comes with the ability to make a difference and maintain control over one's own destiny. Mimir learned this fact from each of his failures. It was because he was weak that he failed, and when he failed each time it cost someones life. So with this he believes that the ends justify the means in terms of gaining power. Humans are limited by their physical abilities as Wizards are limited to their own mana. Crossing over to different forms of power will help increase the overall strength that he possesses.

  • Warrior's Death: This is something that was taught to Mimir when he was just a child. Dying in a bath of glory is the ultimate form of death. Not only those who witnessed will remember the event but to die against someone who is your equal is a dream come true. Warriors who go through life to die of old age is a worthless and pitiful way to die, which is a nightmare to Mim.


  • Failure: Failing means utter death for Mimir. He has only failed two times in his life and each time costed him something or someone important. From this he forms the habits of not holding back and uses all of his strength in fights and on missions.

  • Becoming A Mindless Zombie: He has seen it happen over and over again when people lose their own individuality and become slaves to other people. He hates this and fears that one day he might become like those zombies. This is the reason why he has trouble with authority and obeying rules because he wishes to maintain his own mind set and remain independent.


Magic Name: Gift of Valhalla

Magic Element: Light

Magic Description: The Gift of Valhalla is a magic of the Light element that has been lost to Icebergians for a thousand generations. The magic was a gift from the Norse gods to the Vikings of Iceberg to fight the forces of evil that dared tried to takeover their land. Those who use the magic are able to summon the ancient powers of the Valhallian afterlife to do their bidding.

While using this magic, the caster is able to manipulate and utilize light in various ways. Occasionally, a certain technique, usually involving the hands, is used to cast a Light spell. When used for offense, the Magic can take the form of a sphere-like object that can be ejected at the opponent or as a beam that can be blasted. Light can also be emitted from the caster's body; depending on the brightness or heat that the light emits, it can be capable enough to blind an enemy or cause the surroundings to explode. Along with its offensive range of abilities. The user is also able to increase their own strength by infusing the magic with their body, and gains the ability to turn invisible within time.


History: Since he could walk, Mimir "Son of Mimirhor", was trained to be a Viking so that one day he could take his father's place as one of the generals in the Vikings' army. He learned how to hold a sword at the age of two, and killed his first living creature only three years later. One of the rites of passage of a Viking man was killing a stag as early as possible. Mimir achieved this feat at the age of five when his father sent him in the forest by himself. He was no ordinary child, even at his young age he had a sense of awareness and battle prowess that no other child showed.

Some said that he was a demigod sent from Asgard itself to help the Vikings in their long war, but those were just myths. Tales that were only passed around the heart in his town. Plenty knew that he was the son of Mimirhor and Helga. With the combined genes of a glorious war hero, and a true maiden from one of the richest and wisest of families, Mimir was only destined to be a man of great stature.

As he grew up in his town of Vinrick, Mimir attracted many different kinds of people. Whether it be women trying to welcome him into their arms, soldiers looking to kill him, or even elders trying to instruct him in the old ways. He was always the main topic of the day. Like most Vikings, Mimir enjoyed the attention and did whatever he could to help anyone. Even if "helping" was putting down a Viking who challenged him here and there. However, it wasn't until his thirteenth birth year that he would fully slay a man. During the year that viking boys become men, a soldier from the army only a year older would come to challenge Mimir in hopes of gaining great fame.

Since he was now of age, the battle that took place was one to the death... Unlike most battles, it was hard fought and Mimir barely came out alive. Though, to most it was a true right of passage to manhood seeing as he completed slayed a man. From then on, Mimir rose through the ranks of the Viking army. For years, him and his people raided many lands. Taking anything they desired in order to expand Iceberg's borders. At the age of seventeen, his father Mimirhor died in combat in one of the largest wars that was waged in Iceberg.

From that point, Mimir had became a general in the Vikings' army and commanded his own vanguard of ships and ground-troops in Iceberg. Some say Mimir won the war with just his legion, others say his surprise raid in the northern front of Iceberg allowed them to win. At this point, only Mimir's vanguard truly knows. After the end of the War of Wars, Mimir lived peacefully in Iceberg's capitol. Only leaving here and there to fight small battles against those who dared tried to infiltrate the motherland. It wasn't until months after his twenty-first name day would he experience his second and greatest lost.

An unknown country had invaded Iceberg while Mimir's vanguard was in its southern parts. It was a surprise attack at its finest. In moments Mimir's troops were scattered and killed. Mimir himself was the last one standing and had been taken prisoner by the unknown country's army. Within days, they marched to the heart of Iceberg in order of conquering the country. Once they got to the main town, they announced Mimir as their prisoner in hopes that they got something in return. However, the Vikings are a race of arrogant and courageous people. They cared not Mimir had been captured. Saying that he was no longer one of them for allowing his whole legion to be wiped out and he himself taken prisoner.

The High Kingdom denounced him as a general in the army and lied siege upon the the unknown country that had come to its doorsteps. The rival army was taken out in a hard fought battle. After the battle was won, the King decided to banish Mimir from Iceberg instead of just killing him for his loss. He decided that Mimir did indeed do a lot for the army and he could not simply kill a man for all the good deeds he did do.

Now banished, Mimir wanders the world in hopes of finding war like those in Iceberg in order to redeem himself.


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