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Shopping Crisis #1 [Quest: Nuala]

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Shopping Crisis #1 [Quest: Nuala] U8W6XVS

Nuala had arrived in Magnolia a few days prior and life had been eventful for the woman. Magnolia City was so very different from Dahlia and as she walked the streets, she was overwhelmed by how many people lived here and how they all chose to spend their time. Magnolia was filled with bakeries, shops, boutiques, parks and all those things that made this place a tourism hot spot. The weather was also much better here and it was close to the ocean. Magnolia was different from Dahlia in many ways, but Nuala hadn’t realized just how different until she had come here and taken a look around.

Life seemed to be significantly easier for the people here and they appeared to be unbothered and happy. It was a huge difference to Dahlia because the influence that Aldenwald and all the beasts that lived within those forests had on the citizens was insane compared to here. Nuala didn’t know what to think of it. How a country could be so vastly different in two places, when those two places were not too far away from each other was beyond her. She could only assume that Daeva Eye was probably the best that had happened to Dahlia in a long time because the guild could at the very least protect its citizens.

Same couldn’t be said about Magnolia and Fairy Tail to be frank. Nuala had heard a few things about the guild that was so old and ancient and had been present here for so many years. It seemed as though it was no longer as powerful as it once used to be, number of members were decaying and their presence wasn’t nearly as dominant as it used to be. With the rise of new guilds in the past year, it was probably difficult for this guild in particular to keep up but Nuala couldn’t get herself to pity them. It was probably their own fault and their own problems that they had to take care of. Naturally, the only reason why Nuala was here was to seize these lands in the name of Daeva Eye.

Whether or not Fairy Tail could accept their fate was up to them, but Nuala didn’t want to argue either. It was probably for the best and the Voidling knew that Kaiser wouldn’t stop until the east was brought under one banner: which was the one she wielded.


Shopping Crisis #1 [Quest: Nuala] 2yRHFCu

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Shopping Crisis #1 [Quest: Nuala] U8W6XVS

But today, that wasn’t any of Nuala’s concern. She had done her job her and conquered part of Magnolia, which was what Kaiser had wanted from her. Her encounter with a very particular Fairy Tail mage had gone alright. It was certainly better in the beginning than towards the end, but Nuala couldn’t complain. Surely he couldn’t complain either - after all he was still alive. The Voidling couldn’t help but notice how soft the previous year had made her and it was really bothering her. Constantly she kept asking herself how her actions and deeds would reflect her guild and how it would make others think of her. She used to be alone and by herself and opinions of others didn’t matter but now things had changed and she had new friends, all of which mattered to her - and thus their opinion mattered as well. The Voidling thought about all of these things while walking down the streets of Magnolia. It was a beautiful and sunny day and even though it was already afternoon, lots of people were still out and about.

Nuala had spent the day taking some time off since she wanted to travel tomorrow. She had a job in Astera to take care off, which was across the country from where she was currently located at. Because of that she was taking some time to herself to look around the shops and see what items were being sold and if there was anything she wanted and needed. Money had been coming in well lately for her as she was able to get a lot of jobs and work done - most of which was in Dahlia. Dahlia was a great spot for work because so many people had problems there that you would never run out of clients who would hire you.

In comparison to that, Magnolia was a place where you spent money rather than earn it. Perhaps that was why Fairy Tail was doing so badly, but it was not for Nuala to judge. She wanted to get through some boutiques and buy some nice things for herself. Kaiser really encouraged that sort of behavior. She always told her to spoil herself more often, because in a place like this, it was very obvious to tell that she was different than the rest. And of course Nuala didn’t mind being different, but she also didn’t want it to be so obvious.


Shopping Crisis #1 [Quest: Nuala] 2yRHFCu

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Shopping Crisis #1 [Quest: Nuala] U8W6XVS

Nuala usually wasn’t the girly type, but a lot of things had changed for her. She had made some purchases throughout the day that were very unlike herself, but the Voidling didn’t mind trying out new things. A lot of that included random types of food as well. Food that she had never seen anywhere else and it included a lot of snacks and sweets. Nuala returned to the hotel room she had rented for a little break. The hotel was located in one of the main streets in the center of Magnolia. It was definitely more on the pricey end but since she wasn’t planning on staying for very long, Nuala didn’t mind it at all. The room was spacious and generous and she was able to put down all of her belongings and rest in a large, king sized bed that was incredibly comfortable. She should probably get something like this for her room at the guild, now that she thought of it.

Nuala spent about an hour in her room just going through the different types of snacks before she decided to go out again. She wanted to see more and the weather was great and she didn’t feel fatigued at all. Perhaps that was what Kaiser had meant about girls being natural at shopping. Nuala placed all her belongings neatly together and pulled out one last chocolate bar to take along with her before she left the hotel room again. She had also bought some bath bombs that she planned on using tonight to relax and calm herself down before the big travel. Nuala walked down the hotel stairwell and headed back out on the streets. She had spotted a shop earlier that looked super interesting, but her hands were already full so she decided to drop her things off at the hotel first.

The shop was more of an antique store that sold random items rather than anything specific. It was quite spacious but simultaneously cramped with lots of things and the owner was an elderly, kind looking couple. Nuala took her time looking around, scanning the different items that were up for sale and it was only after a while that the lady of the house finally spoke up. “Young Lady,” she began and it was already comical considering that Nuala was probably older than her. “Are you, by any chance, armed? If you don’t mind me asking.”


Shopping Crisis #1 [Quest: Nuala] 2yRHFCu

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Shopping Crisis #1 [Quest: Nuala] U8W6XVS

Nuala was completely caught off guard by that question of hers. The old lady seemed unsuspicious enough and the thief hadn’t even paid attention to her at all. She hadn’t even noticed that she was following Nuala around the shop and the Voidling clearly wasn’t here to steal anything - if she got it for herself, she might as well pay the price. After all she could afford it now. But the old lady also wasn’t wrong about her assumption. Nuala was indeed, under her dress, armed to the teeth. She had never thought about whether or not it was that obvious but clearly it was. Nuala slowly turned to the old lady and noticed that her husband was now standing next to her as well. She gave them both a frown but couldn’t sense anything hostile coming from them so Nuala merely shrugged and nodded in response. “Yes, I am actually. I’m sorry if that bothers you, it’s for my own protection. I’m a traveler from Dahlia.” She explained herself swiftly and noticed immediately that the expression on their faces softened. The lady and her husband exchanged a few words and then addressed Nuala again.

“We are so sorry to bother you with this, but are you by any chance some type of wizard? Or a mercenary perhaps? I couldn’t help but notice the two daggers at your size and your lean built kind of gave away that you weren’t just a casual girl so I figured I would ask.” Nuala had a feeling where this type of conversation would lead so she took her eyes of the goods and nodded at the woman again. “I am indeed a mercenary for hire - on occasion. It depends on how much you are willing to pay and what you need done in first place.”

The old lady and her husband exchanged some whispers and even though Nuala could hear every word, she pretended not to. “My husband and I have been running this shop for many years and lately we have been targeted by a very particular gang running wild in Magnolia. They come here, demanding a tax from us. And if we don’t pay they threaten to demolish our job. An incident has happened before and now they are blackmailing us again.” Nuala was now listening and the woman went into detail about what exactly had gotten them into the situation that didn’t seem to stop anymore.


Shopping Crisis #1 [Quest: Nuala] 2yRHFCu

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Shopping Crisis #1 [Quest: Nuala] U8W6XVS

The couple offered to pay Nuala over 300,000 Jewels if she was willing to stay the night and fight the bad guys off. They threatened to destroy their goods and even steal them should they not pay the fake tax and apparently the couple didn't receive any help on this matter yet. Nuala, who had nothing better to do anyways, agreed and accepted the contract. She returned home to the hotel shortly after to change into a more appropriate attire and once the sun had gone down and all the shops were closing in Magnolia, the Voidling, armed to the teeth with her daggers and everything else, seated herself in the middle of the shop. She sat in darkness as she needed no light to see anything and waited for the people to arrive.

The apartment of the couple who owned this place was just above the store, on the top floor so she understood that they must be scared every time the store got broken into. There was a separate door of course and Nuala had it locked securely although she didn’t expect anyone to make it past her. At around midnight the men finally came. There were three of them an each one was bulky, muscular and way larger than her. She could smell cigarettes and alcohol and on them and it immediately told her that why they were brutes, they wouldn’t present much of a problem to her. The Assassin even tried to go with the diplomatic way first and attempted to talk to them, but of course they wouldn’t listen. They demanded money and laughed at the fact that they had hired some little girl to protect them. But little did they know.

“If you aren’t going to leave this place alone, I’ll be forced to kill at least one of you,” the woman explained calmly, with the daggers already sitting in her hand. Of course neither of the men was impressed by that. “And how are you going to do that exactly? Stab us with your little toothpick?” And that was already enough for the Voidling, who dashed forward, pushed the talking man outside the shop and stabbed him into the guts. She gutted him effectively right there and then on the streets and was willing to leave him to die, but the two men who had accompanied him were there to lift him up and carry him. They left, promising to never return and Nuala was paid the money she was owed.


Shopping Crisis #1 [Quest: Nuala] 2yRHFCu

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