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Shopping Crisis (pt. 1) [NQ]

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While in Magnolia, Kaiser had to find a way to make money to sustain herself. She was always trying to make money one way or the other, and so she would start to take some quests while she was here. It was the most common way to earn money since the beginning of time, and would still be the case until now. She did prefer to get money doing the bare minimum, so she would look around to find work that required the least effort. Besides, she wanted to be known in Magnolia City now that she was trying to take over it. It would be better for the guild if she tried to make a name for herself and in the good way, so she began to take some jobs that would paint her in a ‘good’ color. After all, that was what she had been doing for some time now, as well as in Dahlia City. She had been helping the citizens be safe.

After looking around, Kaiser found out that there was some easy work that she could do without having to exert herself and get some rewards. It had to do with dealing with troublesome men. Of course she was the perfect person for that job. The vampire had dressed up appropriately for a job that day because she was feeling like doing some work, so she just took the request sheet and headed over to the shopping district and asked around for the client of the job. She was directed to this job that sold tech accessories. She never really found a use for tech gadgets, but maybe it was a matter of time until she did. The world was changing and technology was improving, she would have to get with the times sometime soon.

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Once she came to the shop that she was directed to, the vampire stepped inside, looking around to see all the accessories that were being sold in the shop, and she felt like she really needed to get with the times. The shop owner was busy sorting some stuff in the back when she came in. With how low the security was in most of the shops in this district, it was easy to see the reason why they got a lot of problems. Kaiser coughed loudly while looking around to catch the attention of the client of her job. The man did not even so much as look up at her because he was too focused on whatever it was that he was doing that he couldn’t think of anything other than what he was doing. Kaiser walked over to the counter and leaned over, roughly knocking on the wooden counter with a free hand. She saw that he was crouched behind the counter.

“Excuse me. I saw that you were looking for someone to help you deal with bandits?” she said at the same time she knocked, and the man immediately shot up from his crouching position like he was shocked to the core after hearing a woman’s voice so closely, but probably because of the knocking. With a small smile, the vampire stood straight as he inhaled deeply, as if he was trying to catch his breath after running ten miles. “Sorry to startle you,” she added. The man grinned wide and shook his head, saying that it was fine and that he was just a little bit frightened. Kaiser nodded as he quickly shoved his things away. She looked at what he was sorting...more tech gadgets and accessories. She turned and looked away sorta sheepishly.

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Of course the male was also shy to speak with her after being mesmerised by her charming looks. Kaiser was used to this at this point. She did not even think that it was anything to feel good about anymore. The one good thing that came out of however was that she could fool men into doing things that she wanted, just by sitting there and looking pretty. This was some kind of power that she possessed just due to the fact that she had good looks. Anyhow, the male quickly regained composure and finished cleaning up his things. The vampire tapped her foot, clearly impatient but not wanting to voice her thoughts. The shop owner then began to talk about his request, even though Kaiser had read a brief about it and already pretty much knew what she had to do.

After a long explanation of why these things happened, which—fun fact—she did not know about in the beginning, Kaiser was fully informed of the entire situation. Apparently a bunch of ‘powerful’ men were being annoying in the shopping district. Kaiser took note of how after conquering Magnolia City, she would change this aspect by using force, as it seemed like it was the only way to get rid of these men, and take over the district. She did not want anyone to be more powerful than her guild around here. Taking work around the city was actually helping her be informed of things that she would otherwise not know about Magnolia City. The man was done with his explanation and then gave her a roughly estimated time of when the shop will close so that she could be back to do the job of scaring the bandits. Kaiser nodded in response and then left to do some shopping.

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Since she had some time to do shopping before the time the shops would close, Kaiser looked around the shopping district for things that she needed during her time here. Since she was staying in a villa she did not get the kind of treatment you would get if you stayed at a hotel, like free toothbrushes and things like that. She needed to get everything on her own. And so she began her shopping spree. The first place she went into was heaven for her. She bought some cosmetic products to use since she did not pack every single product she used on a day to day basis from Dahlia. She left pretty much everything back in her living quarters that she realised she could not go a week without. And so her shopping spree began with her buying things that she needed to maintain her beautiful and healthy skin.

So to begin, she looked for a good cleanser. She needed an oil based makeup remover first because every time she was outside of her own city, she felt like the water quality was not as good, so she needed something to help her get rid of the dirt that came with the water too. It was just her imagination though. The water quality was probably the same, it was just that within her guild, the water was better regulated in every way water could be regulated. Anyway, she looked around for a good oil based makeup remover for her face and found one in this nice little shop called Beauty Buffet. It had so many products for women who wanted to maintain their beauty, like Kaiser. After getting the oil based makeup remover she was nwo on a mission to look for a lightweight, good, matching facial cleanser.

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Of course it only took so long for the beauty guru to find out where to find the right cleanser. She looked for one that was gel type because her skin was combination type. The one she found was from this company called ‘cosrx’ which she thought was a cute name. After much thinking about the price, she finally could not resist how cute the packaging was. The vampire was one mad woman but she still could be swayed by things like cute packaging and shit like that. The salesgirl at the shop was getting real tired of her shit because she had a lot of questions to ask unlike the other customers, but that was just how she was. She wanted to know everything there was to know about everything that she bought because she did not want it to be faulty and then regret ever buying that thing.

Kaiser walked out of the second shop with her new cleanser that was gel type by the way, if it has not already been mentioned, ‘gel type’. She looked into her little shopping bag now. That was two out of like ten products she needed to use during her time in Magnolia. With a satisfied smile, she headed to the next shop. She made sure that she bought the smaller size for everything since she was not going to be here for such a long time. Since she was only buying the smaller prices, everything was cheaper too. But money was not an issue for her. She had a lot of money in her bank. After all she was always looking for work anywhere she was and looking for a way to earn money, even if in illegal ways, though she would hide it when she did it that way.

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And then the next thing that she was looking for was a good lightweight moisturizer for her combination skin type. Of course at first glance, no one would think that she was a murderous vampire, and instead especially in this case, just an ordinary woman who wanted to look pretty like every other woman. Kaiser knew that whatever she did would be reflected on her guild so she was dealing with things less violently unlike how she normally would. Once she arrived at a shop that was not a shop of its own but rather a booth in the walkway, so she just stood there to listen to the salesgirl do her advertising about the products that she was selling. Of course it was not so impressive just looking from the packaging, but what the sales girl was saying met her criteria. It was lightweight and was not in a jar.

Kaiser bought the product after listening to the girl. She was quite convincing, but Kaiser knew that if she did not like it she could just give it away or just toss it in the trash can. However, since everything the girl was saying gave her more and more reason to buy the product, she just bought it, and added it to her little shopping bag that now had three products in it. She decided she would continue her shopping later and return to the villa to take a shower. It was getting hotter and hotter in the afternoon and she would rather stay inside her cozy little villa rather than walking around in the sun. She would be back to do the job later, which was at night anyways. So then she returned to her villa from her mini shopping spree. She wanted to test these products out.

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The heat from the outside turned her into a sweaty disgusting rat. She wanted to take a bath. No wait it was more like she needed one, actually. She dropped her things on her dresser and then peeled off her clothes from her sweaty body. She knew that it would turn out to be a bad idea to walk all the way back, but she just wanted to get to know the people as well as the places in Magnolia. She was starting to get friendly with some people around the city, but she still needed to get more connections. Her old ‘friends’ were still in contact with her, however, and she would provide them with some financial help whenever it was necessary so that she could make use of their talents as well when she needed them. It was a win-win situation, if you ask her. She liked where she was now.

After undressing herself, she jumped straight into the shower and washed off her sweat first. She took her time to condition her hair and smell nice. She did not do it for anyone but herself, because she liked to smell nice in general. The vampire took about twenty minutes in the shower and then got out, dried her hair first and applied some hair coat to it, after applying hair serum first of course. Then she nicely brushed it so that it appeared silky smooth like she normally liked it. The reason for her to be trying to look this good was because she just liked to, okay? There was no other reason for it. If you think it was for a man or a woman, forget it. She did not care what anyone thought about the way she looked or smelled. She did it for herself.

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For the rest of the afternoon she pretty much just sat around reading books and drinking tea. She decided she would only go out again after dark, which she did. The moment the sun set she was out again. She did not forget about the job that she promised to complete. The shops would only close a few hours later, but she left the villa to check out what was going on in the city. She wanted to immerse in the city’s ongoing matters, as she planned to take over it. This was why herself and her bunch were in Magnolia City right now. Profits. Kaiser was all about profits.

Time elapsed so quickly when she was doing the things she wanted to, it seemed like. So she was walking around the place as the clock ticked on. It was mostly tourists that swarmed the place. She even went to check out the Fairy Tail guild building. She never knew that it would be so popular among the tourists, so she thought about using it as a way to generate revenues for the city. She did not know how it was being done at the moment, but considering how even the shopping district had a case of ‘powerful men’ being annoying, she imagined that most of the city’s profits were going to these ‘powerful men’.

Kaiser wore a simple outfit in which she could easily blend in the darkness because she was going to deal with these bandits in the dark, which was a big plus for her anyway since she could see through darkness perfectly like humans saw without an issue in broad daylight. And now since she guessed she was dealing with human bandits she already had an advantage over her enemies. When she arrived at the shop later that night, the shop owner was just finishing cleaning up his shop to go home probably. He said that he would give her the payment for the job the next day.

The vampire had no issue dealing with the bandits who arrived later. She was able to handle them using only physical means because using her magic could result in damage to the shop as well as the district so she was glad about that. Kaiser returned to her villa after roughing out the bandits. She would come back to collect her reward for the job the next day.

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