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Shopping Crisis [Reputation Quest| Venus]

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Raquel didn’t expect to accept a mission alongside another member of the Daeva’s Eye. Aside from Kaiser whom she had an interesting first encounter with, Raquel had not met any other from this rather famous guild. She couldn’t tell if she was nervous or excited. All sorts of thoughts were boiling over inside her mind like an overstuffed pot of stew. The good thing, she silently decided, was that none of those emotions were showing up on her face. It remained as passive as ever, looking almost bored with everything around her.

She only had a small idea about what they were about to do. It was said that they had to protect the many number of shops around Magnolia from invasion and robbery. To be honest, Raquel did not quite care for the large number of shop owners and their demand for security. All she wanted to do was get some money. Ever since waking up with practically nothing in the forest, Raquel had immediately rediscovered the importance of money upon being introduced to the living world again. It didn’t help much that her broken pieces of memory gave no suggestion of Raquel previously being rich either. In the end, she had decided to start earning them. After the couple of quests that she took helping father Jared in Kardia Cathedral, this was her first large scale mission.

Thinking so, she leaned back against the chilly pole of a streetlight and waited for her partner to get there. Kaiser had previously mentioned something about the members of the guild being able to identify each other without much effort. She wasn’t sure what the ridiculous woman meant but was quite looking forward to finding out.  


Shopping Crisis [Reputation Quest| Venus] Y4RU1BP
#2Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

Venus Rosé has heard word that the majority of the Daeva Eye members are located in Magnolia, even the guild mistress herself, so naturally, she’d decided to join the bandwagon as well. It seemed that they’ve been expanding further and much faster than she’d anticipated, which was a good thing honestly. Her arrival to Magnolia was merely just a few days ago, but so far, she’d been enjoying every bit of it. Magnolia was always thriving and filled to the brim with people unlike Dahlia and she couldn’t be any happier that she was here, away from exterminating night creatures.

In just a few days, Venus had already found ways to keep herself occupied and one of them being: going on requests. The red maiden was supposed to meet her quest partner at their appointed time and she would weave through the swirls and eddies of people in a haste to befit the situation. Never having met this particular member of the guild, it would have been rather difficult to find her among the crowd albeit, the guild abilities proved very useful in this case.

Chestnut hues scanned over the vicinity and among the tens and hundreds of people, there would be one stranger standing by the streetlight, a glow around her guild insignia that would help Venus guide easily into her direction. ”Raquel, is it?” Cloaked in her thick, dark robes, Venus would take off her hood to reveal herself, with her flaming sword sheathed over her back.

”Welcome to Daeva Eye, by the way,” she’d give a wicked smile to the woman. Up close, Venus could see the unique features on her visage that made her almost wonder if she was an otherworldly race unlike herself.

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Shopping Crisis:


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With nothing to do while waiting for her partner, Raquel had casually taken up the task of observing everyone that walked past her. Some looked to be in a hurry, some were out on a leisurely stroll most likely heading towards the park not too far away, while some just wandered aimlessly. Whatever their reason to be out was, one thing was quite clear. Magnolia was a very lively city with its own unique energy. Almost everyone looked spirited and merry. Even the women who seemed like they had a thousand problems at home leading their children around talked animatedly with others as if nothing truly bothered them.

Raquel wasn’t sure why she felt so distant to them. Perhaps it was because she had lost her armor of humanity and now unconsciously shied away from interacting with them. She did not have a clear answer.

But it was these thoughts that weaved its threads around her when Raquel heard a melodious yet firm voice from the side. A thin, veiled figure had slipped into the place beside her. With the blazing red hair stealing away almost all of her attention, Raquel almost didn’t notice the guild insignia glowing softly on the girl. So that had been what Kaiser meant when she said there wouldn’t be any problem identifying each other.

Facing a warm welcome, Raquel naturally turned the corner of her lips up and uttered her thanks. “Hi. You must be…Venus, right? Nice to meet you,” She pulled away from the lamppost and stood at full length in front of the fiery haired beauty. “Did you rush here? Should we grab something to drink before making our way to meet with the client? They asked us to meet them at sundown anyway.”


Shopping Crisis [Reputation Quest| Venus] Y4RU1BP
#4Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

When Raquel stood away from the lamppost, it was only then her attention would be drawn to her chest and she would notice the large bosom her quest partner attained. Having an interest in both genders, Venus always enjoyed the sight of beautiful women and of course, men in particular. After all, they were pleasing to the naked eye. A wicked smirk formed onto her lips, before her attention shifted back to Raquel.

”Well, I wouldn’t say I rushed but getting something to drink sounds nice.”

With that, they would depart to a nearby café to settle for some afternoon snacks and drinks. It’d been a very long while since she’d last visited a coffee shop, but she would never forget the lovely scent of pastries and coffee beans: one that made her fall in love with cafes from the beginning. Since their task only begins at dusk, the duo had the entire afternoon, which was more than enough time to relax and gather information regarding their quest. Entering the busy shop, she’d find themselves a vacant seat by the window.

”So, what’s our request about?” she’d ask. Venus did have some information regarding their assignment, although hardly enough for her to actually understand what they were supposed to do. Soon after, a waiter eventually dropped by their table to take their orders. ”A matcha crepe cake and a cup of cappuccino, please,” she spoke and the waiter would jot them down in response before shifting towards Raquel to take her order.

Venus usually drank a lot of booze and would fill herself up with gourmet dishes, so a little bit of dessert and coffee helped from time to time. ”How did you end up joining Daeva Eye?” She figured a little bit of idle chat would help pass the time faster and what wouldn’t be better than getting to know each other?

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Raquel noticed the mischievous eyes that travelled to her chest but ignored it. Something like this failed to surprise or elicit a reaction out of her given her first interaction upon waking up was with Kaiser herself who had unabashedly stared at her naked body back in the forest. It did, however, make her wonder if the whole of Daeva’s Eyes were just like their mistress; absolutely shameless. But it didn’t bother the vampire. She even found it funny and nice that the girls in the guild had so much freedom and encouragement to express themselves without holding back.

When Venus agreed to get the drinks, Raquel smiled even wider and walked with the girl over to a coffee shop. It was a small but pretty place painted in white and some pastel pinks and blues, clearly built to draw attention of the fairer sex. They had such an attractive menu as well, drinks and pastries that looked both cute and beautiful. The place was clearly favored upon by the women of the area as well seeing as both the young and elderly had found a place to gather in groups and chat inside the café.

Raquel pulled up the sleeves of her thin white shirt as she sat, silently observing everything around them. “As far as I know,” She began answering Venus upon hearing her question. “We need to guard some shops around the area from thieves. They have been at a loss for quite some time apparently,” She paused momentarily as the waiter dropped by, ordering a cup of latte and a caramel cake for herself. Raquel did not have much of an affinity towards common food anymore. Ever since she discovered the taste of blood as a vampire, everything else just paled in comparison. But she still liked to keep up appearances, as if she wanted to look normal to the rest of the world.

“The thugs must not be ordinary people either. They wouldn’t call for our help if it was so,” Raquel finally finished telling Venus what she knew of the quest. “I just happened to stumble across the guild’s mistress...or…perhaps she stumbled across me,” She talked in between short pauses, sounding as if she herself was not very sure of the story. But there was one thing that was clear. “I didn’t have anywhere else to go.”


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#6Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

”I see, interesting,” she began, nodding in response at Raquel’s answer to her question as her eyes glided over to the window located right beside her and the Siren would take a moment to observe the people passing by, enjoying the satisfaction that the constant flicker of men and women and machines gives to the restless eye. According to Raquel’s information, it seemed that some of these vendors that filled the streets sold illegal items and needed the Fioran wizards’ protection – no wonder they were tasked at sundown, so that they could easily catch whoever was trying to coerce money from these shops.

While the mages under the pretence of white knights would choose the most civil way, which was most likely to collect the money due and hand it over to the bandits, Venus already thought of the easiest way out; handling all the bandits so that none of them would return to the shop again. Of course, she’d taken into consideration that this method was one that would pay her the most, rather than helping the bandits instead, after all, they were bandits – lawless and poor, just like how she used to be. Venus was still reckless as she was before, though being penniless; it was an aspect that’d been easily handled with but, her habits of theft haven’t been rid of, unfortunately.

Whether the shop owners were indebted or not, that would be none of her business: she was only here to take care of what was asked of her.

The woman smiled, sipping on her cappuccino while she listened to her quest partner’s brief story of how she ended up in the guild. ”Me too,” she’d say. When Kaiser found her, she had nowhere to go either. Hell, she didn’t even know where was while she was on the brink of death. Their idle chat had filled the time rather quickly and when she finally caught a glimpse of the clock hanging over by the wall to the opposite side, she’d realise it was finally time for them to leave. ”We should probably leave now, its drawing close to our scheduled time.”

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“Indeed,” Raquel agreed as she finished up her latte and looked out the window to see a glimpse of the sky. It was starting to turn, from a distance, into splashes of pinks and a color of rust. She slowly got up, paid for their drinks and made her way out of the door. The fact that they had work to do now made Raquel feel somewhat displeased. If she had a choice, she would have wanted to go around Magnolia with Venus –Raquel had really come to like her- and get to know this city and her better. But, she finally settled her heart, that would have to wait.

It didn’t take the them too long to navigate towards their specified location where Raquel immediately noticed a couple of people waiting. She gave them a curt nod and a simple hello. The slight twitch on their eyebrows may have meant that they were annoyed they had to wait for the two girls. But they didn’t say anything, perhaps because they were the solution to their problem with the thieves. Raquel didn’t care enough to ask or engage in idle chatter either. She just listened to what they wanted.

“The thieves are ridiculous,” one of the men said with a long drawn out sigh. “They have been at it for several nights already. We finally figured out a pattern with them and knows which shop they are most likely to hit today. We’ll give you the keys, hide in there and drive them off. It would be great if they never returned again...”

Raquel kept nodding to them, picking up the key points and automatically filtering out the words of complaints and curse towards the bandits. In her opinion, everyone just did what they did to survive. Unless they are psychopaths, it was usually the case. So she didn’t listen to anything more and just took the keys from them. “We will do what we can.”


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#8Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

The duo might have arrived the scene slightly later than they had hoped for and that was mostly due to her awful sense of direction; she’d led them to the wrong path and from there, Venus struggled to find the correct direction for a good amount of time. The woman heaved a sigh of exasperation, her body had already broken into a fine dew of perspiration from rushing back and forth but fortunately, they finally found the coordinates of their appointed location and from the expressions of their clients, they were clearly not pleased with their late appearance, not that they pointed it out but rather kept their mouths shut since they’re aware of themselves that they needed the mages desperately to save their lives after all.

When they got straight to business, the men complained about how they had been stripped off their money by the higher authorities when they visit, followed by a stream of incessant cursing and now since they’d failed to pay what was due, it seemed that these wicked nobles paid the bandits to do the dirty work for them. Such was the life of these men, she shook her head. It reminded her of how she used to live before joining Daeva Eye, stealing anything she could find valuable from the pockets of the citizens. What else could she do, she needed to make a living and put food in her mouth to survive. There was a moment of sympathy she felt for them, but it quickly faded as fast as it came when she decided to get to work.

”You just handle the shop business like you usually do, we’ll hide inside the shop and wait for the bandits,” she spoke, turning to face to her partner and initiated a nod. The hunter drew her hood over her head to conceal her face and her fiery crimson hair and scuffled inside what little place they already had. The shop was obviously small and worn-down, built purposely to attract less attention since they were selling illegal items. ”So fucking cramped in here.”  

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So it was finally decided that the two mages would hide in some corner of the shop and wait for the bandits. Once they were inside, Raquel immediately felt a sense of displeasure wash over her as she took in the shop’s appearance. She didn’t need her complete memory to figure out this kind of shop was one of the shadiest in Magnolia known for selling illegal items. Although not a complete expert in magic yet, Raquel could still spot many items that stuck out like a sore thumb from the other ordinary ones.

She said nothing, however, as they drove further into the place in search of somewhere to hide in. She nodded in agreement to Venus’ complaint about the cramped space and finally found a spot behind a large wooden desk. The front of it was covered with an ornate panel which gave Raquel some hiding space. When she squeezed her body into it, she almost cried out in anger. The kind of things they had to do because they were mages…

“I hope those thieves will show up soon. I don’t know how much longer I can take this,” She complained to Venus, letting her eyes adjust to the darkness. Raquel didn’t really have a problem with it. She could see through it as if it was as clear as the day. Now that was another perk that came with being a vampire. She could easily spot Venus wherever she chose to hide in. She also held an advantage for when the bandits show up. Raquel would easily be able to know when they arrive.


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#10Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

The woman heaved out a long sigh. Venus was already frustrated enough for having to hide behind some rotting wooden table where she was also squished by other furniture and boxes. It was apparent that her partner was also having none of it and God knows when they would be out of there. ”If they don’t show up soon, we might as well just go to them and handle it ourselves,” she’d say as she kicked one of the boxes over and placed her cheek over her propped up fist. If this goes on, she might just die from boredom.

It was just until Venus heard some ruckus outside and she’d immediately throw Raquel a glance, ”I think they’re here.” The hunter noticed an unblocked window and decided to creep forward, her steps silent and nimble as she wiped the dust that’d collected over the glass. Peeking through the glass window that she had just cleaned, she’d try to see what was going on at the front. ”I see them, they have quite a lot of numbers actually.”

It seemed that the evil nobles had gone out of their way just to get their money back. Why would they even need this much bandits for a mere shady, rundown shop like this? ”Tch.” She found it so unnecessary that it irritated her. ”Let’s wait for a bit.” Venus returned to her hiding position and waited until the bandits entered the shop. She was sure they would. The men didn’t have any money after all, from what she was told, so they would take anything that was valuable from their store.

From all the way back, Venus could hear everything that was going on out in the front; yelling, begging, the sounds of bandits knocking over things that were put on display and of course, lots of cussing.

You fucking peasant, where is the money?! Give it to me unless you want your head on a spike.”

”I-I swear, I don’t have it on me right now. Just give u-us more time, we’ll have it ready by t-tomorrow, I promise.”

No negotiations, I was told to collect it today – now. Where is it?”

”I don’t have it! Y-You can take anything inside to make up for the missing amount instead.”

This would be their moment, she thought. The bandits were foolish enough to listen to their words, although she was sure that their clients were most likely just blubbering nonsense and had probably even pissed their pants from fright.

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Raquel followed Venus with her eyes as the fiery haired woman moved around the small, dark room. The bandits have appeared right outside the shop and it was finally their time to move. They clearly didn’t think there was a trap laid out for them. Perhaps the bandits, backed by the greedy nobles, had thought that the shop owners will never get the idea of fighting them back. Power often made people blind, be that to their own limitations or to their weaknesses. Either way, Raquel slowly made her way out of the place she hid in and leisurely strolled over to the door.

She stood to a side hidden from the bandits’ immediate vision, blending in with the darkness of the shadows that rose up the walls. A few minutes later, the men entered and as expected, took no notice of the soundless Raquel standing next to the door. She easily slipped in behind them and slowly closed the door. Although the lock made a small clicking sound, none of the bandits noticed as each of them thought it was someone in their own group.

At this point Raquel wasn’t exactly sure where Venus was within the room but the purple haired spellsinger had taken the darkness and the overall silence as an opportunity to stand back and see what the group was up to. The bandits walked in and around with a definite familiarity having been in this very same shop many times before. Raquel could tell just by the way they walked that they needed no light to know where whatever the items they were searching for was. It only made things easier for her.

She quickly and soundlessly closed in on one of the men -the one at the very back- and placed a hand over his mouth. Raquel gave him no time to thrash around and alert others as she sank her awoken fangs into the base of his neck. She didn’t usually go for such disgusting blood but a meal was a meal nonetheless and if she had her full now, it meant she could go without it for a month at least. This left about five to six more men in their group and Raquel was just waiting for Venus’ next move.


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#12Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

It was slick of Raquel to slip behind the bandits and locked the door; that would secure that there would be no one to disturb them or witness the scene of their slaughter. Venus hid herself behind her table, to keep herself out of sight while the bandits rummaged through the shop. Venus noticed her partner sneaking up behind one of them and sank her vampire fangs into his neck, doing what vampires usually do. Using that as an opportunity for her entrance, Venus immediately stood up and with her left hand extended in the direction of the group of bandits, cyan magic glyphs would emerge, glowing as it lit up the tiny hubble of space they had and upon casting, ice shards hovered above the ground and surrounded all her foes in a tiny circle. With a clasp of her hand, the shards came together with a reckoning force that would crush all her enemies all onto a single pile.

The hunter was confident in her abilities, but she wouldn’t underestimate their foes, for one could never know when the tide comes around, so every battle she’d experienced she would give it her all to secure her victory. Naturally, Venus made sure her partner was away from the range of the spell that she’d just casted, otherwise it would endanger her comrade as well and put her life to risk.

Due to the impact of her spell, it had blown off the entire roof off the shop and broken some glass windows, if not, all. Upon seeing the result, the assassin merely shrugged – that’s what they would get for trying to cramp them in a tiny shop. She drew her blade from its sheath, its burning flames whisking at every nearby object. She’d dealt with the majority of them already, all that left was just a few more and she would finish them off quickly by lunging forward into their direction, her body leaned forward so then she could exert all her force when she swings her sword.

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Spells Casted: Winter's Bite [A]


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Raquel watched Venus wreck the team of bandits with a satisfied smirk on her lips. She had long since finished her meal, the proof of it dripping from her lips and down her throat. As the lifeless body of her victim fell in odd angles next to her feet, Raquel wiped her lips off of the red liquid and started moving again, eyeing the rest of them as her prey. She would keep out of Venus’ spell range and watch as the whole room comes down from the sheer power of her spell. The bandits, now after realizing that they were being attacked, had started darting all across the room in different directions. However, they only saw Venus as their enemy. Raquel remained unknown as she closed in on another one of the bandits. With the advantage of being soundless, Raquel quickly grabbed him by his throat and sank her claws into it. She didn’t want to bite any more of them since she consciously kept her intake of blood to a minimum.

Instead, this time she just flung the guy over to a wall and punched him square on the nose, knocking him out. Although Raquel had spells that she could use, none of them were something she could successfully make use in a cramped up space like this without hitting her companion. Although after thinking for a while, she decided to raise her hand and bestow Venus with a buff to her. She made a circle with her finger and after a blue magic circle lit up, the area around Venus’ neck began to glow as a ringlet of water appeared around it. It would boost her ability over spells for a while. Raquel hoped the red haired mage had some spells she could use and won’t be as disastrous to the shop as Raquel’s would be.

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Shopping Crisis [Reputation Quest| Venus] Y4RU1BP
#14Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Venus Rosé

Blade Dancer

One down, two more to go. It seemed that Raquel’s vampire abilities proved very useful in situations like these. A satisfied smirk made its way onto the line of her lips as she moved forward, closing the distance between herself and her target before she swung her sword with all her might she sliced his body in half as flames engulfed around the corpse. Seeing this, the remaining bandit looked almost as if his eyes were about to pop out of his sockets and without any hesitation, he dropped down onto his knees.

”Please spare my life! I have a wife and children!” He blubbered, almost on the verge of tears.

”Such a coward. Weren’t you so full of yourself just a moment ago – threatening to destroy everything?”

Venus wasn’t such a sympathetic woman, she wouldn’t care whether the person she was going to kill had children or even an entire line of relatives; if she was ordered to do an assignment, she would strictly follow what she was commanded to do, although it wasn’t as if her clients instructed her to kill them, only to defend their shop. Nonetheless, she wasn’t a woman who would involve her feelings with business.

Opting to not even hesitate a moment, she swung her weapon once again with no expressions whatsoever on her features. The emotion had left the beautiful eyes, and was replaced by a blank, empty pit of gaze as she did the deed and sliced his head off the neck. Blood splattered across the shop when silence reigned supreme in the vicinity after the battle, the shop’s door was open and the two men would peek their heads in to see how everything was going.

”Is everything settled?” He’d ask.

The fiery beauty would return to her usual state once again and grinned at the men. ”Look at our work. Beautiful, isn’t it?” She waved her thick cloak open, showcasing all the dead bodies that laid sprawled on the ground. ”I might have gone a little overboard, but you can handle the fees for fixing the roof right?” She walked past the man, leaving a pat on his shoulders before she turned to face Raquel.

”Great work. You did well today.” She smirked, as she pressed her hands onto Raquel’s firm breasts. ”I’ll take this as my reward.” Perhaps it was a rather too straightforward move that she’d performed towards Raquel that she might heavily disapprove of, but what could she lose? – they were going to be living together in the same guildhall from now on, so more of that actions would follow sooner or later.

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Raquel’s eyes more or less mirrored Venus as she started cutting the men down. As their blood splattered and spilled, it made a messy piece of art on the floor and the walls with Raquel consciously avoiding any of the said blood from getting on her. As a vampire, she did love drinking blood. Her instincts drew her to it. However, as a person, Raquel hated any of it dirtying her clothes or other belongings which is one of the reasons she avoided such situations to the best of her abilities.

Anyhow, it seemed that their work had been done. All men were disposed of in a way that they will never return even if they wanted to. Even as the shop owners swallowed back their gasps and cries of horror, clearly afraid of the two mages now, Raquel simply stepped over the corpses and made her way over to where Venus stood. She was about to give them her farewell when the red haired woman suddenly reached out and grabbed her chest, darting away afterwards without even waiting for Raquel to react. As flabbergasted as she felt, Raquel decided that she should never get surprised by this anymore. The guild members were just like their guild mistress! “Sigh, yes I’ll see you again as well…” She shook her head, giving her final words to their clients before heading off as well. She truly didn’t have to do much today thanks to Venus taking care of a majority of the on her own and she had a meal too. So it was definitely a good day.

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Shopping Crisis [Reputation Quest| Venus] Y4RU1BP

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