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Clean Up Crew (Mission)

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#1Joshua Graham 

Clean Up Crew (Mission) Empty on Sat Apr 04, 2020 10:13 am

Joshua Graham


Quest: Clean Up Crew

Rank: D

Type: Bad

Requirements: None

Remy Martello: Martin's younger brother, acting as a voice of reason during the man's violent outbursts. He wants to do his best to support his brother, and will do whatever he can to please him. While a bit of a yes-man, Remy serves as an advisor to his brother, his plans often accounting for much of Martin's success.

Summary: The Martello family recently got into a battle with a smaller crime family and both sides suffered casualties. The building where they clashed is littered with dead bodies and it's been left to Remy to clean them up. Remy needs someone to assist him with getting rid of the bodies before the local authorities arrive.

Enemies: None

Objective: Remove the bodies from the scene.


  • Create a topic in Oak Streets.
  • You will meet with Remy who will walk with you to the building.
  • The building is under construction and the workers have been taking a break till their payments were going to get sorted out.
  • Upon entering you'll see that there ten bodies that need to be disposed.
  • Remy takes out an axe and a big bag, he needs you to carry the bodies to him as he focuses on chopping them up for easier disposal.
  • Three out of the seven bodies are Martello members and won't be chopped up by Remy out of respect for their next of kin. Remy needs you to bring these bodies outside to the back so they can get picked up for a proper burial.
  • When you're done, Remy will come outside with the large bag of body parts and pay you. You may then leave as Remy waits for someone to pick him and the bodies up.

Joshua arrived in Oak City from his travel, and he made his way to the first meeting place. He was being Hired out to the Martello family as a hired helper for the foreseeable future. Joshua wore his guild uniform, and would until he left the area. He wasnt on his own clock and he would leave the best impression he could of his guild. His suit was a deep blue that almost appeared black. Under it was a long sleeve white shirt and his pants were the same color of his suit. He moved his way toward the meeting with his black waxed shoes. On his suits lapel was his guild sign, it was golden stitch and stood out well.

He found Remy at the corner, near a fast food cart. The City was a bit wet with a light rain that came down just enough to make the ground slippery. They spoke for a moment, and grabbed a bit to eat from the cart. He ate the food quickly and didnt really enjoy it. However, Joshua knew if he didnt eat now, he wouldnt eat after this. After words he and Remy made their way to the construction site. He looked in and saw the blood bath. He blocked it out. It wasnt people. Just bodies, just corpses. Remy got the bag open as Joshua looked down at the 3 Martello members. He closed their eyes out of respect and then carried them to where he had been asked to take them. Each body was moved and placed, where Remy had assured him they would be picked up.

Joshua grabbed the first of the other bodies and brought it over to Remy, he tossed it onto the ground and then walked back to grab the next one. He paused as he knelt down and saw it was a young man. No older then Luis, the young man he had met on his journey to Fiore. The cowboy couldnt help but sigh, a young life wasnt something to waste on crime. He should have been home sleeping, getting ready for tommorows adventures. But now… Now he would most likely be fed to wild animals. He picked up the body and brought it to Remy. The body he had brought earlier was already cut up on in the bag. Remy was already looking tired. He figured he had done this a lot, from the expression on his face, he put up with a lot.

Joshua went back and forth 2 more time, each time the bodies were already done and in the bag. The bag didnt seem to ever get full. After word they left together, Remy holding the bag as if it didnt contain 4 corpses worth of weight. Once they were a good distance away, he set the bag down and took out Joshuas payment. The two didnt speak a word after their initial meeting, and that was probably for the best. The clean up was always a hard stage, it was a reminder of mortality that a criminal couldnt ignore, a reminder that death comes for everyone.

He took the payment and left, making his way to a secret location where he would be able to stay. He would have more work tommorow.

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