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Count The Blessings [Quest]

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It was another sunny day when the same father Jared she met back in Kardia Cathedral personally sought her out with a request. This time, thankfully, rather than dealing with the sick, it was to find a flower somewhere deep into the woods of Magnolia. While she hadn’t been to the cathedral ever since the first request, Raquel easily learned of the growing number of ill families crowding outside the sacred building. The flower –which she later learned is called Blessia- seems to be one of the core ingredients in the making of their medicine. And since Jared had requested this of her, Raquel found it difficult to refuse him. She did not have a reason to.

Thus early in the morning that day Raquel had set out to find this aforementioned flower. She waded through the same forest she woke up from some weeks ago. It would be a lie to say Raquel didn’t feel weird coming to this place again. But since she was here with a goal in mind this time, it was easy to throw the other useless thoughts away and concentrate on finding the flower. Jared had been as helpful as he can with his description of the red and orange flower, even going as far as to draw her a picture of it. Although that wasn’t very helpful, it nevertheless gave her something to work with.

Around an hour in, Raquel finally managed to find a clue on where the flower could be growing. She found small shrubs growing under the protective shade of a large tree. It was easy to miss if you didn’t look hard enough since they grew along the big tangle of the tree’s roots. Besides, the flower also had thorns. So if someone wasn’t careful and moved to grab them from the under the said tangle, it is most likely to get hurt. Although such a feature didn’t bother Raquel at all. She was much stronger than she ever was and small thorns were the least of her concerns. So she easily grabbed as much as she could and investigated the area a little to see if she could make things easier for Jared to collect the flowers later on.

It seemed that these flowers generally grew under the shade of big trees on places that were hard to find or reach without having to shove your hand far into the mess of roots. There was no way to avoid getting pricked by the thorns once or twice. But besides that, she was sure that just anyone could find them if they looked carefully enough. And with that, she returned back to the cathedral to look for father Jared and share the information. He seemed pleased that he could now find the flowers pretty easily now and, in addition, Raquel had managed to pick a good amount of it that would last them a while as well. He thanked her one last time as she just nodded, eager to get out of the place as soon as she can.


Count The Blessings [Quest] Y4RU1BP

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