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Noble Reconstruction [Quest / Raymus]

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#1Jan Ren 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest / Raymus] Empty Sat Apr 04, 2020 4:56 am

Jan Ren
While he's dealt with construction in the past, it wasn't something the foreigner missed very much in his life. Recent events brought attention to his lack of fitness, and yet. He'd lie to tell it was pleasant.

As Jan Ren took a stroll through the docks, he came across the nobleman, shortly after heading towards a construction site. Reign, right? Per agreement, the guild mage was to dedicate his time to help out for the day, qnd any subsequent decision would be much welcome. First impression off the Lord? ...Not a bad man.

Thankfully Hargeon may (or may not) have been used to such sights, and in preparation for some strain, the Sinese removed his prized topwear; Sinese silk wasn't just expensive, but very unfitting of the event. His pale skin showing as all could guess, he wouldn't be of exceptional use.

Regardless... "Okay." It's undeniable he displayed enough motivation to get in the zone. Grabbing a nearby yellow helmet and adjusting it over his head, tucking his hair in a low ponytail so it wouldn't get in the way. "It's only about 3 hours. A little late, but I'm sure we can get stuff done. --That said, looking forward to working with you!" He cheered, psyching himself into motivation in the face of the other.

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#2Raymus Kouris 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest / Raymus] Empty Sat Apr 04, 2020 7:10 am

Raymus Kouris
Raymus had only ever worked on two buildings in his entire life. And those were his homes that he grew up in and even then the most he did was some general chores like cleanning gutters or sweeping. He never had to actually help in any major may with construction like the mission he was doing today. Quite frankly he thought the mission itself was a little ahead of him. He didn't see the point to big huge houses when some basic shelter would do but then again that was the animal in him speaking. The other reason was that as stated he felt kind of under qualified.

Thankfully after meeting with the noble who issued the job to Blue Pegasus, he had given the werewolf the easiest of jobs, which was to just bring materials from the Hargeon Docks to the respective job sites.

Now this was right up Ray's alley! Like a dog playing fetch he would take an almost comically large wheelbarrow full of supplies to certain sites. The first of which happened to be relatively close by so he made his way there.

Once he came close a familar scent wafted in the air and turning the corner he saw who the smell belonged to. "Um Ren Right?" he asked the fellow pegasus walking up to him with the wheelbarrow in front of him. "Guess we're working on this together." he'd say in a slightly awkward fashion as he set the barrow down, averting his gaze and scratching the back of his head. The young man's anmial wars were on full display which would hopefully help Jan identity his commrade. "You lookin for anything else in particular?

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#3Jan Ren 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest / Raymus] Empty Sat Apr 04, 2020 7:58 am

Jan Ren
Though one to make a principle out of general acceptance (especially when it comes to women), this is hands down the first Werewolf Jan met in his time. Not to make a big deal out of it, naturally; it'd be a solid argument that in Fiore, he himself was the oddity. "Right. Actually, there is something..."

Grabbing a piece of paper (which, whoever knows where he bust that out from) and a marker, Jan began sketching out the to-be-structure with several strokes. "See this part here..." He started, turning to align with his comrade, body open towards Ray as he explained; "...The workers on this part are short on wood beams. What's more, once they begin working on the second floor, workflow is sure to get slower. I'd say we lend them a hand to make things smoother. You know?"

Truth be told... "--Aah, you guys over there..." ...Jan had planned not to dab a hand in any lifting of grunt work. Whatsoever. He approached a couple of big men who were carrying a lump of wood sluggishly. Once he finished nitpicking, they clicked their tongue in irritation and grunted away. 'Who did this foreigner think he was?'

With the job Jan assumed, one had to question who was the real client here. "What are you guys dilly-dallying about? Chop chop! We only have 3 hours!"

As a man suited for officework and planning... He felt accomplished just like this.

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#4Raymus Kouris 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest / Raymus] Empty Sat Apr 04, 2020 8:15 am

Raymus Kouris
As far as first impressions Jan seemed fairly alright with speaking to the wolf man, going right into his reply and subsequent request for the mission. However Raymus was far from normal if the pair of ears at the top of his head indicated anything. While it was a common old wives tale than animals could smell fear, it held some truth. And being part animal, Ray could pick up on these slight sjofts in a person too. Most notably was how Jan stiffened up when he saw him. Before he was all boisterous and suave looking at the plans and giving orders. His eyes also seemed to show surrpise like he was the first werewolf he had seen. It was a fair reaction and one Ray was used to. What he wasn't quite expecting though was the quick come around and how easily his guild mate just started relaxing and talking to him like any other person. The other people on the site, well between one pegasus dishing out orders like he owned the place and the other being a literal monster, well lets say the first impressions they gave off really didn't rub Ray the right way.

"Sure, be back in a jiffy. " he said, giving a glance back to the contruction workers before dashing off, using moth his arms and legs to run along the ground as if to prove a point. Once he got to the wherehouse and got the supplies the noble came along with Ray to the site.

"Thanks you two. That's enough for today I think" he said giving the two their reward.

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#5Jan Ren 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest / Raymus] Empty Sat Apr 04, 2020 3:14 pm

Jan Ren
Seems things were going great! With his guildmate quirkily dashing off, Jan nodded twice in acknowledgement; crossing his arms as a smile rose to his face. Yes, yes. All was well! He looked to his fellow workers-- Rather, the actual workers on the site, making sure they followed his orders properly. Not trying to be stuck-up or anything of the like, but if the nobleman's orders were to try their best to contribute to this process, then management was where Jan Ren belonged. And boy, did it seem to pay off!

Though some of his pointers, the big guys managed to get quicker work. On the occasion, the pegasus pitched in to cut some wooden planks, using his water magic efficiently and quickly to hasten the process; all the while, dishing out more commands to orchestrate today's workload. Obnoxious? Perhaps; but at the same time, effective.

When the werewolf and the client returned, Jan was in the midst of giving more tips to the guys on-site. Apparently, through his readiness to stay with them and use magic to aid, they warmed up to him a little bit. And with the nobleman's gratitude, the two received their pay.

"Whew." Jan would wipe some sweat off his forehead as he removed the helmet, folding his qipao neatly and holding it in his hands. ...What? He can't wear that when he's all sweaty from working all day. "All in the day's work. Thanks for sticking by, Raymus."

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