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Kita Masami

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Name: Kita, Masami (北正美)

Age: March 10th, X773 | 16

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Spellsinger

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: -

Tattoo: Left cheek

Face: Hannya - Onmyoji


Height: 5'2"

Weight: 54kg.

Hair: Yellow

Eyes: Yellow

Overall: Masami, overall, appears very feminine. He has a slim, slender body along with fair-colored skin, making him appear porcelain. Due to the care he received for the past few years, he bares no scars at all. He is flawless, with an appearance similar that of a porcelain doll. Masami has big, round eyes, slightly angled in an upper direction. Small lips, usually painted in red ink or make-up. He would be defined as "beautiful" rather than "handsome" due to these attributes. His general, blank expressions contribute to his doll-like appearance, although he has a lot more expressions in his arsenal. He never goes out without a few black paint to enhance the appearance of his eyes (making them appear sharper) and red pigments for the lips, paint markings over the cheeks. Such as the living doll.

Masami also prefers wearing traditional Joyan clothing. He may wear other types of clothing, but he finds it extremely uncomfortable and unfitting. He may change back to his own clothes shortly after wearing the other types; clothes that doesn't allow the movements he is comfortable upon are most likely neglected as well.

Extra: Permanent red paint marks under the eye and marks, although not permanent, around the back due to previous paint application.


Personality: Masami is imperceptibly cunning. His training in acting allowed him to gain information while remaining his guileless appearance and getting away using his nimble character. Adapting to other people's personalities is an easy task to him, being able follow along as if he was reading a script. Generally, Masami is fond of treating people with care. He never looks around for enemies, neither would he look for a fight in the first place. Because of his family, he naturally learned how to take care of people as if he was serving them even without absolute passion: preparing food early in the morning, conducting tea ceremonies, or even performing just to ease the audience's minds. A person's satisfaction is delicate to Masami.

He can easily learn just by watching and mimicking, though he may get impatient and attempt to learn kinetically rather than visually. Sacrifice is also, to him, very easy. Though he does not view himself as lowly, he wouldn't hesitate to take a strike to save someone else, or to sacrifice his time for take care of someone. He is also quite a cynic. Although he does not notice this, he himself might get annoyed over his own negativity. His personality mostly developed in his childhood up 'til he became a performer, wherein strict rules taught him rather than learning on his own. Though he can easily abide by someone else's command, he tends to play by it, but not completely follow. Masami would do things on his own if he doesn't feel a strong conviction to avoid doing so, this would already show that Masami would follow the logic of his heart rather than the logic of his brain. He would sometimes let his own visions take over him, even if it doesn't have a stable logic behind it. He cannot handle overly practical things and may fail to understand opposite personalities. However, he is calmer than before; he would no longer explode whenever someone speaks words contrary to his ideals, and would instead not mind it. This is safer, at least.


  • Performing: Music, arts and dancing are the only things Masami is willing to do forever, especially if it means performing in front of people. The amount of audiences doesn't matter as long as he feels the audience's satisfaction over his performance.
  • Serving: Though being the one served instead, Masami likes treating people well via service. Whenever he comes home from a performance, he would treat his sickly mother and stay by their side. He would also do his best conducting tea ceremonies or simply doing chores.


  • Rules: Surprisingly, Masami is a free-spirit. Knowing what would happen if he disobeys, Masami would do whatever he wants in an obscure way and would easily cover up using his charm and word play. However, Masami is not a rebel. Being told what to do makes him not want to do it unless he himself requires him to.
  • Hypocrites: Being famous not only allows you to be known by many and be treated better, but it will also give you the ability to see the hypocrites among the honest... if you're wise, that is. Because Masami's family struggled getting resources before, many of those discrimination subdued after becoming known, allowing him to see which stayed when he was in need until now.


  • Family: It is somewhat unknown whether this reason is selfish or selfless, but his family is the only reason why he keeps coming back. You could call him family-oriented, but another reason might be because he had a stable family, and that he had a sense of responsibility for having a sickly mother and younger siblings, deceased father. He believed that among his mother's children, he is the only sinful one, and must be the reason why his mother would not heal. Though unable to, Masami has his own ways of repentance for his sins.


  • Death upon loved ones: In contrast to his single motivation, simply imagining a loved one's death would immediately make Masami tear up. Though he believes in the afterlife, it's just sad being stuck in the waiting time after the loss, don't you think?
  • Immobility due to rules: What if what I'm doing isn't actually allowed? What if I get punished even though I didn't know it was wrong? I could just... get away with it... right? Right? Simply put, Masami can't handle practical things like chess or mathematics. Though he breaks rules whenever he believes he needs to, he may break them more often... accidentally. He is aware of his impracticality and is better at doing things his own way, not others'. This isn't such a big deal, but it would've been better to refrain from it.


Magic Name: Omote (面)

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Description: Omote is a fire-based magic that revolves around Masami's delicate dance steps, allowing him to manipulate fire in ways that would be of use to the user. All spells take form of a Noh theater mask in one way or another, such as the aesthetic of this magic. Other-Buff spells are mostly preferred, Supplementary and Offensive spells come next. Defending and Healing, although greatly inferior, are still possible to cast.


History: Kita Masami is the 3rd child of the Kita family, having four (4) other siblings. His father died before he was born, leaving them with a sickly, widowed mother. Due to expensive medicines and treatments, their mother would usually wait a week before in-taking another pill; doctors aren't also very trustworthy. The eldest sister would help out in the farm, then the eldest brother would help around hunting. Both of them took an occupation Masami wasn't interested in. At the age of three (3), they trained him to become an actor and taught him how to since and dance; he made a debut in the age of twelve (12), right after learning the basics of controlling minimal magic for shows. Because of his training sessions, he was excused of farming, fishing, hunting and other occupations he did not take interest in. Instead, most of his knowledge consisted of extra-curricular subjects which focused on music, arts and performing arts.

Life as an actor was easy for him. Because he looked almost exactly like his mother, especially when she was young, he would also appear very feminine. Basing this feminine attribute as masculine allowed many people to find him attractive -- especially being trained for performing on stage. This caused popularity to explode each time he performs. Before and after being on stage, helpers or assistance would mend him to his best appearance, dolling him up everytime. Because food, and most of his expenses were covered by the theater, he needn't bother thinking about where money comes from.

He was not just an actor; he sang and danced on a daily basis, even learning how to use swords to make his acting more realistic. He also did not have problems with enemies. His friendly nature, along with the wisdom he earned at home, allowed him to befriend even those who disliked him. He also lived without having to taint his purity, believing that acting as a pure spirit would help in the healing of his mother. There were no hypocrisy in his actions. Everything he achieved had the help of fame, which allowed him to perform on private meetings and being able to dance for higher ranked people. He was also taught how to conduct tea ceremonies; though he was not great at it and would forget lots of rules beforehand, his appearance would often pay for the penalties.

As the beloved performer, it was easy to get what he wants. He contributed a lot for the theater, which granted him lots of respect. Foreigners would sometimes visit their city to watch him perform, some would watch despite not understanding any of the important messages portrayed. Though Masami was getting the benefits in order for his mother's healing, it upset him how people looked at him. He claimed the stage as his own, did the rest not matter? If everything was fair, would he continue being in the center of the stage? Tonight, the leaders of the court would have a meeting. It was expected of Masami to dance in the middle, where he was surrounded by candles, to entertain the guests before the main course. When he performed with others, he appeared as if the rest were only back-ups. Nobody was upset about this because Masami was respected, and was believed to be deserving of the attention. He would laugh and shrug it off at first, but each time he was praised, the more he felt undeserving.

His whole existence had misplaced excuses; he is a performer, not a prince. Few of the elderly was aware of this and ordered him to pick up the leftover items from the back room of the court. About three yukatas and a heavy gas lamp was all there was for him to handle, and he felt relieved. The walls, though more stable than the walls the peasants' houses were made off, were blatantly thin. The foreigners would not stop laughing and the leaders were speaking oddly. They were drunk, weren't they? Listening to their laughter was avoidable, but this was the only time Masami would push his ear against the divider to listen to their words. These leaders were the same people who lead many soldiers to their deaths, including Masami's father, whom he never met. He only heard these from the stories of the elders, the lost souls who died in vain. Masami would instead thank; perhaps they weren't completely in vain, perhaps their efforts were simply buried within the lack of success in the standards of men! However, at the moment, what Masami thought was the exact opposite. It's not hard to embrace the reality once in a while, these leaders were hopeless.

The same people who treated their own people unfairly, having their distasteful words seep through the wooden creaks. Now Masami knew everything, he realized how cliché their corruption was and finally stopped listening, believing that he had listened to the things he only needed to listen. He could save the people by saving those leaders from life, so he was laughing on the way home. How many years has it been? To talk about how hopeless the Kita family is. Masami's reputation was entirely unexpected, but it was expected that he'd be the prey among the predators. The higher the person is, the more painful they'll fall. In a few years, Masami would no longer be needed and he'd be disposed after bringing the theater fame, then the court would take away everything. He would not allow this. Kita Masami knew that he did not only have a biological family, but he earned a family on stage, too.

Though he plays naive, he was aware of everything and was not afraid to speak up. They spoke ill of his late father, whom he never met at all, as well. The power of drunkenness, it was as if the gods revealed this occurrence to Masami himself, as no matter how much income he brings back home, their mother would still remain sickly. Realizing this, he stopped abiding by the flow of fate and cooperated in burning the court, where the nobles whom tainted him calmly sat by. He did this without much word, thinking that those people whose lives were lost did not matter at all. To him, they did not contribute to the development of the world, and it did not matter if they passed away. Kita Masami was one of the people who ran away, with the promise to come back home once every full moon, and will continue to run away until he can tell the full story to the world, and the reasons behind his actions. It no longer matters what kinds of tales his people make out of his shadow.

Reference: None.

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Hello there o/

Two things, I would ask either you change the escort bit of the character, or choose a older age.
One other thing if you don't mind, if the read text on your character sheet would be put either to a different or at least a lighter colour so it's easier to read.

Thank you c:

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Finished! I hope this is satisfactory!

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This Character application has been approved.

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