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Feed the Fish [Quest]

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#1Jan Ren 

Feed the Fish [Quest] Empty on Sat Apr 04, 2020 3:01 am

Jan Ren
After a (relatively) long rest from the beach gym shenanigans, Jan Ren got a second opportunity with a certain marine biologist. One he'd dealt with in the past. While finding her rather eccentric, mostly in her passion, he'd take the job if he had the chance. Consider this his second try to make an impactful impression.

"--Off-limits?" Their conversation focused around the task at hand this time. Led to the gray warehouse to pick up the right bag, Jan was standing atop a third level on a ladder; not in particular worried about the height. Raina was still on ground level, holding the ladder for the Blue Pegasus mage; ultimately as he volunteered to do the grunt work. "Wouldn't that put you in danger then? Someone like you with an important career I mean." Jan voiced out his concerns as he reached to grab the yellow bag. A medium-sized plastic bag, supposedly with enough content to last for the upcoming month.

Per the biologist's explanation, the pond wasn't an illegal spot, just a no-fishing zone. She went on about a scandal back in the day, when the spot used to be abundant with fishermen hoping for a unique catch; though the new rule was implemented rather as of late, not more than 8 years ago, by the new governing force in Hargeon; raising the idea that perhaps, his own guild had to do with this decision.

If so, there's only more reason to feel proud being part of it.

Up next, he was required to row the boat into the pond as Raina would spread the fish food around. Thruthfully, Jan Ren was not of the most fitness-oriented people around. In fact, up until about a week ago, he'd never dealt a hand in it as besides the occasional play, the need never rose. Regardless, he also viewed it as only right that he'd take the grunt work if he's getting paid. Nope, absolutely no old-fashioned opinions here.

As he rowed through the waters, he only wondered where her partner was these days. Still sick, maybe?

As the boat slowly moved through the canal, Raina opened the fresh yellow bag and with a scooper, sprinkled fish food over the surface. With every row the Sinese made, the client sprinkled some more. He'd have liked to see what made the pond so special, inferring it had to do with the species that lived in the waters. In retrospect, he may have been right; fortunately not meeting with any surprising resistance as he rowed (meaning to pond inhabitant got in their way). He turned his head to observe for a moment as he rowed the way back, catching barely a glimpse of a pair of lips tucked out of surface level, to snag some snacks before disappearing into the waters again. Too bad, be didn't get a proper view this time.

Once all was done, a session of about 30 minutes complete; the rwo returned to the shore, where Raina had thanked the wizard's services yet again. With the bag recently unsealed, there was no need to return it back to the warehouse, meaning Jan was allowed to do as he pleased from there on. He chose, to stay. If he would be blessed with a picture-esque view of this scenery, then all is well in the world.

WC: 562/500

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