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False Prodigy [Quest]

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''Where to next?" They questioned. Kurisa knew where they were going of course as they had to do some magic show stuff. The details were not specific as she wasn't told the details. The two left the Magic shop and went back towards the City again. The clean breeze smelt like flowers that were starting to bloom. It played with the frizzes of her hair was pieces were about to go out of place. Her shining moon eyes reflected the trees becoming anew from the winter's damage of the bark. The ground was already recovering, but it felt slow as there were still bald spots.

Every step felt like tickles against her ankles from the pieces of grass that did grow. Her partner followed behind her as she could hear about every step due to the crunches and sways of the sticks and grass. Once in a while, a cold breeze sent chills down her spine as she wasn't wearing a coat nor a jacket. Slowly, she felt a touch of cloth against her shoulders as she felt covered. Her eyes looked at her shoulders and then away. ''Y-you didn't need to do that." She spoke softly and nervously. He rested his jacket against her so the wind couldn't touch her bare skin. "I'll be fine, plus I have another under.". He spoke most mysteriously.

They continued their awkward walk as she hugged the jacket around her. It was white with gold and red designs. It was beautiful and felt ever so warm. The building was not so far from them as she saw people chatting around it. ''This place must be it." She instructed while crossing her arms. As she walked she went to the door towards the guard. ''Halt." He started. Her partner held up passes. "It's fine.". The guard eyed the passes suspiciously but then nodded. ''Go ahead.". They went forward towards what tends to be the magic show. Giuliano was the man they were looking for as they then walked up to them in a proud way.

"Welcome!~" He said proudly in a deep voice and open arms. "Now let me explain to you what I need one.". They started to walk together away from the others as he wanted to be alone with them. "I need you to distract everyone while I use my magical touches to help Luca do his tricks. Understood?" They both looked at him weirdly as it was weird that he would be the one doing the tricks. "You must understand. My boy doesn't have many gifts and if he finds out. He'll be depressed. You don't want that do you?". Kuri sighed and shook her head. "Alright, let's get this done then, shall we?" She questioned and left. The man clapped his hands. "Excellent.". They went to work. She and her partner sat down in random spots as the show went on. Sometimes there were ques on when to distract them and they did by talking about interesting topics and sometimes they used their magic themselves to do it. After they were done they finally got their reward and left.



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