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Liberty Song

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Liberty Song


Name: Liberty Song

Age: June 2nd, X764

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian

Ethnicity, Mother: Caelese

Class: Paladin

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Penumbral Guard

Tattoo: Left side, under her waistline

Face: Sovetskaya Rossiya - Azur Lane


Height: 186 cm

Weight: 85 kg

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Red

Overall: One of Liberty’s most noticeable traits is the fact that she is incredibly tall. This is mainly due to the fact that she comes from Iceberg, a place where most people are incredibly tall. Other notable traits are her hair and her eyes, her hair being an odd natural snow white color along with her scarlet red eyes. Many people assume she’s an albino of some sort because of those traits and her somewhat pale skin, but in reality her mother just had really odd genes and so she came out the way she is.

When it comes to her body, Liberty treats it like a temple. She often finds herself doing physical activity and lifting heavy things, so her muscles are incredibly toned and visible, though because she often wears her coat, not many people would notice. When it comes to her body measurements, her breasts measure at 89 centimeters, her waist at 61 centimeters, and her hips at 81 centimeters. What this means when translated into appearance, is that she has a large bust and a thin waist with wide hips. All in all, she has a very curvy body, but once again, due to her clothing choices, many people don’t get to see her.

Since it’s been mentioned many times already, Liberty has an odd choice in fashion. Normally, in colder weather, she is outfitted in a long Icebergian fur coat along with a fur hat and knee-high boots. Though because she’s used to colder weather and the weather in Fiore is on the warmer side, she often takes of the coat and hat to reveal a tank top and black jeans.

Extra: She has a sleeve of tribal Icebergian tattoos on both of her arms, from the shoulder to the middle of her forearm.


Personality: If one had to chalk up Liberty’s personality to a few traits, they would find it somewhat difficult as she’s a pretty complex person. At the forefront is her bravery and headstrong nature, something that she utilizes often to just run head first into battle with the confidence that she needs to win. Sometimes this can be misplaced though, as she will underestimate her opponents strength at that may be her downfall. Liberty finds that she doesn’t care what other people think unless they’re close to her, so often she just acts like herself and doesn’t take into account how others may view her. Another one of her defining traits is her clumsiness, something that she really hates but is just part of who she is. It’s often that she’ll drop something or break something important because she’s long and awkward if she’s not in combat. Her attention span is also surprisingly short, meaning that she will do many things at once but never really finish them and gets bored incredibly easily. The poor memory that she also has is most likely connected to this as well, since it seems many things just go in one ear and out the other, especially orders or demands of some sort.

Another thing to note about Liberty is that she is an incredibly nice person. The type of person to give money to the homeless if they asked, willing to aid a friend in need no matter her personal inconveniences, and puts other people before herself. If she was to be given an alignment, it would be Lawful Good.


  • Organization: Coming from a hectic and messy lifestyle, Liberty likes there to be order. It's a bit controlling, sure, but she finds that things move quickly and as they should when there's a set order.
  • Puns: While she's nowhere close to being deemed a pun master, Liberty can appreciate a good pun when she hears one. She actually prefers puns over actual jokes because it gives her a cheap reason to laugh.


  • Warmer Climates: Because she grew up in Iceberg, Liberty has gotten acquainted with the cold and often sub-zero temperatures. Moving to somewhere like Fiore, where it's warmer, it makes her warm almost all the time and it's incredibly uncomfortable.
  • Nicknames: It's more of a pet peeve than anything, and it mainly applies to nicknames for her or people she has to deal with on a consistent basis. She believes that people were given a name by their parents, and going strictly by a nickname is an insult to that person's parents and is also an inconvenience to those who don't know them by that name.


  • Perfection: It's odd because Liberty isn't really a perfectionist per se, but she strives to be the best. That holds more than one meaning, as she wants to be the best that there is but is fine with being the best that she can be, and understands that there might just be people out there who will naturally outshine her.


  • The Occult: Demons, Daemons, Vampires, Werewolves, those sorts of things. She's not awfully religious or anything, so this is more of a fear of the unknown if it had to be boiled down or even superstition.
  • Meeting Her Father: Liberty is not actually scared of him, but more so the situation that is going to arise if they are ever reunited. She knows she's going to have to confront him, she knows that he is going to bite back, she's just afraid that she'll never be mentally prepared to deal with that day and dreads the day when it happens.


Magic Name: Fire Magic

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Description: Fire Magic, probably one of the most basic yet versatile magics out there. Normally given a more violent and destructive connotation, in benevolent hands such as Liberty’s, the more supportive and defensive nature of flames can be harnessed. From a burning inferno to a soothing flame, this form of Fire Magic strikes the balance between raging inferno and a warm embrace.


History: Born under the name of Freha Lag, she was the oldest of 3 children in the Lag, later Song, family. A lot of her family's life was determined by her father, an Icebergian man, who had a very old way of thinking. Her mother was from Caelum and had no problem with giving up her life for her husband if it made him happy, and so many of the major decisions were left up to him and nobody really complained. They had first lived in Iceberg, and most of Freha’s memories of this place are bad. She’s not a big fan of the cold, even when she’s accustomed to it, and the wildlife here often scared her. Even when her father would take her out hunting, she still remembered the times when she used to be scared of them. Though, one good thing that came out of their time in Iceberg was her father teaching her and her sisters magic. See, the man to them was an enigma. He didn’t talk much about his past, what his family was like, or anything before their life together. Even their mother didn’t know much outside of his personality, so when he told them that he was going to teach them magic, it sort of blew their minds.

Everything was pretty fine up until Freha was 8 years old. It was then that their mother got a horrible illness. In desperation to save her life, her father had moved the family to a more populated place from their cabin in the woods. Unfortunately, they were unable to find a cure and Freha’s mother died. Needing to escape from his homeland as it always reminded him of his wife, Freha’s father moved the family once again to Fiore. WIth the move came new names, which would then give birth to Liberty Song.

It wasn’t long before Liberty’s father left. It was both unannounced and unprecedented, but one day she and her sisters woke up to a note, some money, and the lack of a father. By this point, Liberty was 14 and took it upon herself to raise her sisters for a while. This went on for 6 years, and in those years she picked up a few jobs here and there, and found that being a mage was something she really enjoyed as an occupation. For a long time she was guildless, 8 years to be exact, and in that time she’s separated from her family but is still very close with them. Liberty just needed to take her own path in life, and her sisters’ wanted their own things as well. Recently, she joined the Penumbral Guard guild as they seemed like the best option for her.

Reference: Returning member, but Mugen is the main reason I'm back


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This Character application has been approved.

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