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Eyes Wider Open [Quest]

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Resting on her bed she reached for the other side, grasping for nothingness as that's what there was, nothing. It felt empty more than ever as she felt pain in her heart knowing she was alone in a way that a rare being could fill in for. She believed one could, but it was false. It was already noon and she knew she had to get up to do a closing for the Drug Magic shop again with her partner. Were they friends even towards each other? Kurisa didn't know for sure. With all her being, she didn't know and a part of her didn't want to know.

For now and perhaps eternity, no one will ever possibly be more than a friend and this man wasn't even a friend yet. Her eyes closed halfway, ''Not that I care or anything, right?" She whispered to herself and rolled over to gaze out the window that was beside her bed. Eyes widened as she saw who was out of the hotel waiting for her. 'Can't be serious right now...' Ari thought. She leaned up and looked really close. 'Looks like we have him waiting this time for us.' Kuri thought and chuckled. Kurisa got out of bed and gathered her stuff. She kissed both of her children on top of their heads and buzzed the button for the sitter. Next, she left and went outside to see him standing there.

''Took you long enough." he proclaimed. She looked at him unamusedly and started to walk off. ''Well, let's go then." She replied to him. There wasn't much need for talking as he didn't want to talk to her as much as he was before. He barely even spoke one word when they first met. Why now? As they walked quietly next to each other her violet eyes cornered to gaze at his. The golden orbs were soul-sucking as his silver long hair were like threads of the stars and moon. His skin was flawless and light-peach colored. As soon as they got to the forest and the shop the keeper was happy to see her. Did she know him that well?

Her hand reached for her forehead as it split of agony arose. He realized and turned towards her, ''What is it?". Her eyes opened in surprise as she didn't expect her partner to care, she doesn't even know his name yet. Her head tilted to hide her face and just looked up quickly after. ''I'm fine. Let's start.". He seemed to have let it go, as a lot of people would. They began their mission as it was time to negotiate. She watched the store owner hide in his own spot, but before that, he showed them the button. The store was dusty, but it seemed a good enough place as any. Once the man came in they started to talk, but it wasn't going well. ''Look here, we need that money and we better get it. Now." She glared at him with fear. He gave it up and ran off. Sighing softly, she turned around and buzzed the button. ''Hohoho~ You got it. Here." He said smiling as he gave them their reward.



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