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Eyes Wide Open [Quest]

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Kurisa couldn't quite remember which one was next, but she was walking towards the trees anyways. Her partner was following, being right there. Her lilac eyes came in contact with him every so often during the walk away from the Bakery as they delivered their cupcakes. She knew she will have to come back later for some before she went back to the hotel to see her daughters. The guild she joined had their own area they were staying at, but she felt like she could join up with them later if she remembered to. The trees started to slowly grow, but some grew faster as they had their buds for flowers.

"Do you remember where to go?" He suddenly spoke to her, catching her off by surprise as she was about to space off again on nature. She made a sudden stop and turned towards him, arm crossed against her chest with her head looking away. "No, I don't..." She felt ashamed to not remember when she even had a list with her. Suddenly, Kurisa felt a pat on her head as she then saw him look forward. "We're going to the Drug Shop.". He walked towards the direction they needed to go and she followed him right after. The drug shop gave her some odd vibes.

Did she even know why? She didn't, but she wanted to keep on going to find that out. The closer she got towards the shop, the more hurt she became inside. Once she got there she saw the old man, making her eyes turn cold and sorrowful. 'I remember a little more now. This is where we got alcohol and ran off to Orchidia to have a friendly campfire.' Arisa thought. 'I'm sure you'll remember more about what happened the further we go in time. Soon enough.'. The owner who looked familiar was at his front door watering his flowers that were hooked up to the windows. ''Do do do do.~ Watering my flowers all day long." He sang as they walked up to him. He turned around and suddenly dropped his watering can. ''C-could that be you?!" He spoke while rubbing his eyes.

He told them the instructions as he needed his shop watched. ''I trust you of course. Just want to ma-" he started. "Just go, it'll be fine.". Kuri instructed strictly as he then walked off. She and her partner looked around the shop out of curiosity. Out of nowhere, she heard a ding from the door, making her turn around. Teens slowly walked towards the forbidden door, but she glared at them. ''Hey, get out of here.". They looked at her with fear and ran off. ''What is a strong person like that doing here?" she heard them whisper. There wasn't much trouble after that so she and her partner looked more around. ''See anything interesting?" She wandered towards him. "Mmm." was the only response she got from him. Soon enough the owner came back and smiled. He was satisfied and waved bye. ''Should come back tomorrow for more jobs!". With that, they both left.



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