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Faris Iraious

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Faris Iraious


Name: Faris Mortamor Iraious

Age:Feburary 23, X766

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Sevese.

Ethnicity, Mother: Sevese.

Class: The Paladin.

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus.

Tattoo: Right shoulder, dark blue.

Face: Reinhard van Astrea- Re-Zero.


Height: 6 foot 1 inches.(193cm.)

Weight: 180 pounds.

Hair: Red.

Eyes: Light Blue.

Overall: Faris keeps his hair fairly clean short and out of his face, however most of the time it ends up being still a bit messy as well as uneven. Fear wears black shoes, As well as white pants that with nicely tailored purple trim at the seems of the stitches, The white and purple theme follows his coat but adding a collar to it with black fur around the tip of it, The white back of his drapes out for more personal flare, Under this coat Faris has a black shirt with a sliver decorative line in the center, It is short sleeved, Fair also has a pair of black gloves.



A person who always and wants to express the positive in life and reality around them,  The first type to show that the world is not as horrible as some can see it to be.  For in people most dire times when some one shows and believes in you, his mind set is that no one will stop you form achieving your goal as long as your inspired to.

Rather competitive about the success of who is trying to inspire to do better, But will not judge them if they seem to be the type with confidence problems, After all he views that as counter productive to his cause of trying to inspire and hype up said person, Knowing that if can easily be ruined if the situation is done horribly.

Faris put out a great deal of confidence, He believes he will win in the fact of an event that becomes challenging or also knows losing is a lesson to improve himself, As well with in him trying to hype up and inspire others Faris can get carried away with in the moment of what the situation is.

Wanting to see people at their best, It does not only apply to what they do, as well to how well they look as well, being fixated on this Faris can be distracted on how well some one's appearance is, This can lead him to problems but it is something he generally knows he tends to do.
Faris despite his appearance sometimes regal appearance Faris is a rather kind soul to people he tries to inspire he will not lie to anyone, But he will sugar coat something if he has too for the sake of them doing better.

Even going to great lengths to help some one improve and feel better about themselves, leaving himself broke? No big deal to Faris. Possible lover ended up feeling brave enough to go on a date with some one else? No big deal to Faris either.
Faris' patience with people is rather high, It has to be for trying to help other improve themselves in some manner, As well as not scared to suggest anything that is on his mind for the sake of his task.

Faris is rather timid about details of his personal life and can be easily embarrassed, Even if he can be prideful person, He doesn't talk about it much preferring that it is not a subject to what he is doing, He also find it hard to keep his intended task or goal a part from work as well a really naive and clueless to advances that are not related to helping some one to improve when it is more personal or love related.


  • Inspiring others to do their best: This seems to be an entire life bound goal or mission in life is too make others feel inspired in life or feel like they can achieve anything they want wish too or can achieve.

  • Super salty foods: Faris seemed to be the type to just love foods with salt, he seems to not be able to get enough of it, most of the time the amount of salt takes over the amount of food he has sometimes in terms of flavor.

  • Anything with Cinnamon Much like his love of salt, Faris enjoys the flavor of cinnamon, drinks, baked goods all could gain his interest. He is often mentioning that he find the taste of it inspiring.


  • Spicy Foods: Faris seemed to be unable to handle spicy foods well, no matter what he does or how many times he tries he can not change the fact it makes him feel sick.

  • Nihilism: No matter who you are or what you do, Or what you believe in, Faris believe what should give you motivation in life to continue is something that you would have in life, To have something to movative yourself only improves ones self more.

  • color=#ffffff]Bright days/Lights :[/color]Faris doesn't enjoy when anything is super bright weather the day or lights in general, With the light blue shade of his eyes, super bright days or lights hurt his eyes.


  • Helping Others:In a general manner, Faris' goal is help others in varying other, Given each situation being different in their various ways, Faris think of it as as an interesting task with challanges to over come.

  • Causing others to smile: The reaction of a smile that Faris sees upon another person when they seemed to need it, Is a moment that Faris waits to see and wants to see.


  • Krakens: A beast Faris knows well enough that he could never beat and how the attack on the boat he was traveling on was. It is normal for Faris to fear a Kraken and what it can do, Maybe one day he could be brave enough to face that fear.

  • Being Powerless: With his goal to help him get everyone feeling like they can do anything, He does even the same for himself as well, Faris fears and dreads the situation that he feels like he can do nothing, It is something he has never planned for.


Magic Name: Zephyrian Song.

Magic Element: Wind.

Magic Description: Using the power of wind, Faris can enchance a person abilty to fight. Either by speeding up their movement to speed up their: movements to dodge an attack,Speed up a weapons strike for a quicker  attack, get in closer for a attack.  Focusing his power of trying to inspiring other Faris can cast a section of wind around the striking point of a weapon or first to improve it's damage as well as around some one's fist to improve a punch.


Faris had his humble start in lands far from Fiore, His start was in the land of Seven. To for the most part a simple family life. The major thing of note was eventually growing up with the mind of.  A smile makes another day brighter. That saying did help him build up to something different. His parents looked out for everyone around them, Helping them at their lowest points in life, Taking them in getting them back on their feet and ready for life. All in their belief that helping other gets the gods happy, Happy people help others in need, Helping others in need help people protect and keep each other going and a float.

At some point Faris finally asked his parents why they worked this way, why they wanted everyone to be this way, What did it all mean exactly? and Faris learned that the lands of Seven were not exactly friendly to the people. Learning what dangers lied upon the lands he knew up in Faris finally understood what this entire situation would do. With the horrors upon the lands before them, Getting something to believe in helped people live through these problems, Thus Faris would start such a habit himself, But he wanted to make it grander, better it needed to make people feel more then just better it needed them to feel like they can take on anything, It was what Faris set out to do.

For a while for the most part Faris' mother and father continued on their habits while he was slowly realized that he wanted to see more of the world, Not only to help other and make them feel like that could do anything and be anything they wish too. But as well as see the world in all of the wonders it has.

So Faris go an offer to join a groupf saliors on a ship, No wanting to miss a chance to see something new Faris when on to the boat and joined these saliors. If upon reflection you asked Faris if it was worth today, His answer would most likely be yes. Even if upon that faded travel by sea Faris and the crew he was with were ripped to pieces at sea by Kraken. Watching the boat be torn to pieces Faris found who he could and got them onto a smaller boat to get away from the danger, They would have no clue where to go and where they would end up but Faris still held on to the belief that they would live and find land.

The attack from a pack of sirens only made the situation worst but Faris, Wanting to live as much as the other people he was with, Took up weapon and fought up the sirens, getting hurt during it, But getting he and what people were left alive safe, They lasted were forgotten to time and Faris did not count. He landed in Fiore and after getting patched up started to figure out his life, Where to go from here. Fiore was a new place to him and it was full of wonders and people to meet. Eventually Faris would end up in the ranks of Blue Pegasus.

Reference: No one, alt of Judina.

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Venus Rosé

This character application has been approved.

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