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Reawakening [Kaiser]

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It seemed as if she was finally released from the clutches of death. As if something that had held her a prisoner for a long time now removed their heavy shackles and pushed her off into the world of the living once more. With a complete memory and recognition of her past, she would have immediately judged this case to be just that; a reawakening. However, at that moment, as consciousness was only just beginning to gently lay upon her once more, the girl had no thoughts of relief but only confusion mixed with the feeling of an absolute indifference. When she tried to recollect anything she could, the memories drew a blank page oddly speckled with spots of all different colors. Floating in the depths of an exclusive world of her own, she saw scattered and torn pieces of memories in an absurd montage of what could have been things that happened in the past.

She was vaguely aware somewhere in the back of her mind that any other person in her state should have been panicking by now. They would have tried frantically to open their eyes and sit up. Yet, the blank space that wrapped around her only made the girl want to go back to sleep. Instead of concern and worry, she felt displeased that she was awake, as if someone had forcibly pulled her out of a pleasant slumber in the middle of the night. To have her thoughts and awareness rush back into her at that moment felt wrong. She even imagined to hear a familiar heavy voice complain that it wasn’t time yet.

But nevertheless, she undeniably felt the ticking of life around her. Replacing the silence of death was the sound of wind caressing the leaves and birds cooing to their mates. She felt she was now laid upon something hard with an uneven and rough surface which she automatically identified as the bark of a tree and a messy tangle of its roots. However, even as she laid there, no kind of desire to wake up came to her. Her body felt light and her senses seemed to cast a big net all around the forest in such a way that she was now aware of every little movement and sound within a fairly large area of the forest. The lofty prowl of monsters in a hunt, the cautious yet naïve watch of the prey, the ravenous birds circling atop of them. She saw and felt all of it as if she was right there with them yet physically, she had not moved an inch from when she initially regained the power over her thoughts. Instinctually, and perhaps habitually, she only wanted to fall back asleep not even once guessing that the flow of time had evaded her for almost an year.


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Reawakening [Kaiser] SmwXEG9

Magnolia was a bustling city with bubbly citizens who were literally all over the place. Being the city that was pretty popular due to housing the Fairy Tail guild which was once a great guild, it was naturally a hotspot for tourists who wanted to see the guild as well as those famous places like the Kardia Cathedral, and the South Gate Park. Kaiser couldn’t go three feet out of the villa without getting annoyed by tourists, disturbing her peace of mind. However, she could see how the guild could benefit from having control of this whole city. There were just so many tourist spots and she liked how, unlike her own guild, Fairy Tail hadn’t really tried to expand their influence, so it would be easier for her to do so.

On this very uneventful day as of the moment, the nightwalker was having a stroll in the East Forest to ease her mind, getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city environment. She wanted to have some alone time, to be honest, not that she didn’t enjoy the company of her guildmates. It always helped her to assess things when she was alone, and when it was quiet. The latter was impossible when she was in the city and so she headed out to enjoy some tranquility in the East Forest, which was actually one of the more popular forests in Magnolia. Surprisingly no one was here, which was weird. Kaiser didn’t mind though. In fact, this was the kind of environment she needed right now.

After wandering about the peaceful forest for like fifteen minutes, the vampire had reached pretty deep inside of it. She didn’t have a reason to come this far, but her feet had taken her as she was simply roaming. However, she began to sense a magical presence as she neared the center of the forest. She felt like it was calling to her, but that was probably just her imagination. But of course, she couldn’t help her curiosity. The noises from outside of the forest were drowned out somehow, and it was almost completely silent. Kaiser soundless approached the magical presence, since she didn’t want to scare it away or something. In that moment she felt like a treasure hunter, as she neared a tree from where the energy originated from. Coming around the tree, she noticed that there was a whole person at the base of it, tangled up in the roots.

She seemed dead, but Kaiser noticed that she was breathing from the way her chest heaved up and down, ever so slightly, so it seemed like she had been asleep...for a very long time considering how the roots were kind of starting to wrap around her. Kaiser approached the figure, a violet haired beauty with fair skin that appeared soft and almost like it was faintly glowing. She immediately felt the urge to feel her flesh that looked soft like marshmallows. Of course it didn’t help that the woman was completely naked. The nightwalker then leaned forward and reached towards her face with one hand, wondering what would be the appropriate way to wake her up, but being the person that she was, she landed a mild smack on her face, then moved back a bit, waiting for a response from the sleeping figure.


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She didn’t expect to be disturbed so rudely. In actuality, the just awoken girl had long felt the presence of someone invading into the woods close to where she laid. There was no doubt she would be discovered. A big mess of roots, vines, and leaves were making it difficult for the girl to move. In fact, she herself did not want to do so. The aftereffects of being asleep for a long time was starting to show itself. Although she felt refreshed and somewhat energetic, her movements were sluggish -also owing partially to her own unwillingness to wake up. She wished greatly for whoever coming this way to just ignore her and go away, even subconsciously pressing closer to the tree in a poor attempt to hide herself.

Yet, not only did this person find her and stare at her like a traveler discovering a new island, they even had the audacity to smack her right across the face in order to wake her up. Such a rude person! If she hadn't wanted to wake up before, the "sleeping" girl sure as hell didn’t want to wake up now.

To show her reluctance, the girl frowned deeply and shifted as much as she could in order to turn around and curl up again. She imagined the intruder to get bored and just leave. Who would waste their time watching someone sleep unless they're a creep? But there was just this one other problem troubling her now.


Her mind was fully awake and functioning like an upgraded machine now. No matter how many times she moved around or tried to adjust her posture, the earlier feeling just did not return. It annoyed her so much that she sat up without much of a warning and broke free from the tangle that once held her in place. With a look that said she wanted the whole world to rot and die, the now truly awake girl looked up to meet the person that caused all of this; a woman with brunette hair and sharp eyes who seemed somewhat puzzled by her discovery of the sleeping girl in the middle of a forest. A very normal reaction.

“Who the hell are you?” She asked, her voice coming out somewhat strained from not being used in such a long time. If she was aware of her current state of nakedness, she didn’t show it. In fact, the girl looked as if she didn’t have a single care for the world as she actively moved her hands around in order to get the remaining vines and leaves off of her while simultaneously rubbing at her eyes. Then she looked around the forest feeling some strange emotion bubbling inside her and refocused her attention back to the other person.

“Where am I?”


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Reawakening [Kaiser] SmwXEG9

Kaiser had never patiently waited for someone to wake up. She didn’t know why she was standing there gawking at the naked lady, but it was like she was enchanted somehow. The figure stirred after her soft slap, and then shifted around, as if she didn’t want to wake up. Kaiser’s lips formed a wicked grin. It wasn’t every day that she stumbled upon a sleeping naked woman in the forest, so she was really fascinated by what she saw. Of course there was also the fact that she was stark naked in the middle of a forest that was accessible to the public, and even after getting smacked across the face by a random stranger, she was still able to curl back into a much cozier sleeping position.

However it didn’t take long for her to enter the state that Kaiser could relate to, a phase that she went through right after she got up every morning as well. As a vampire, it was hard for her to match her sleeping pattern to a human sleeping pattern, during the beginning stages of her vampirism. The reason she had to do that was because she couldn’t be sleeping while her competition was up and working. After some time was taken to force said habit, her sleep clock was kind of just reset to when she was actually a human.

The moment the woman woke up, the first thing she asked was, of course, who the hell Kaiser was. However something else had caught the pale sorceress’ attention, and that was her new friend’s red irises. A vampire. How...interesting? She couldn’t contain her excitement, as it was immediately displayed on her features by a manic grin.

“You’re in the East Forest my dear, and I am Kaiser. Care to introduce yourself, as well?” she said, giving the girl her most charming smile. While she spoke these words in a kind and friendly tone, she was having an inner battle of whether she should kill this vampire, or get to know it better before doing so? Her talisman picked up the fact that she was not only a vampire, but a vampire that used magic. And so she resorted to the latter, hoping that she wasn’t wasting her time by being this way.


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East forest? The girl wore a puzzled expression as she prepared to ask wherever that is but something else quickly caught her attention. Name? This woman was asking for her name but she had no idea what it was. Did she have a name? Of course she was vaguely aware that she did have one. Certain flashes of images that suddenly poured into her head suggested that she had people calling her something. Yet the word never truly appeared in her head as if it was censored. She frowned deeply now that she was starting to feel that something was awfully wrong with her situation.

Without answering Kaiser, the woman looked all around her first. It was a forest but something about the forest was just so wrong. She hadn’t cared before when she woke up but now she was starting to panic slightly. Why was she in the middle of a place like this with no clothes on her? What could have happened that placed her into such a weird and embarrassing situation? It only got worse when she suddenly realized that she couldn’t remember even half of it.

“I,” She started, feeling a light shudder pass through her. “I don’t remember.”

She said so as her eyes widened and she suddenly looked up at Kaiser with an expression of horror. “I don’t remember. I don’t know my name. Who am I?” She felt so spooked that the purple haired girl didn’t even notice that she had unconsciously grabbed onto one of Kaiser’s arms. She was starting to pant hard from all the sudden emotional stimulation –and to think she had wanted nothing more than to go back to sleep just a moment ago- and started running a hand over her hair in frustration. The more she tried to remember, the more her head hurt. She had a vague memory of a dark night and the strange feeling of something sharp sinking into her throat.

At such a sudden thought, she pressed a hand over the spot over her neck and started feeling around. Nothing. There was nothing that indicated that the events of that night have been true. Yet she was so sure of it that she once again turned her head up to tell Kaiser. “I think I was attacked by something.”


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Reawakening [Kaiser] SmwXEG9

Kaiser’s amused look turned into a frown, as she heard the girl say that she couldn’t remember her own name. Deja vu. It felt like she had experienced this before, and in truth she had, about a year ago with her guildmate Venus. While she met her guildmate in the most bizarre way, this woman seemed to have just woken up from a deep sleep, and she was naked too. Kaiser made a look that said ‘Are you serious?’ when the woman asked her who she was. “How would I know?” she blurted out. The vampire let go of her hand to take off her coat and put it on the nude lady. “You should probably cover up them balloonies. They’re really distracting,” she said with a soft chuckle as she covered the woman’s torso with her coat.

The pale sorceress then decided to take a seat next to her new company. After leading a female only guild for some time now, Kaiser had become somewhat of a feminist, becoming interested in other women’s stories and wanting to help them in any way that they needed, not to mention it was reinforced by the fact that it was a vampire too. It could be why she didn’t feel shame in being completely naked. Vampires were extreme in one way or another it seemed. She watched the woman’s expression shift from one to another as she seemed to be recalling her memories to aid her in remembering who she was. An identity crisis. The vampire remembered when she had something like that after like a year of being in Fiore. It wasn’t anything like waking up naked in a random forest though. She just couldn’t decide what her nationality was, after moving from Bosco to Joyan and finally to Fiore. She was young.

Brought back to reality from her little train of thought, Kaiser found herself gazing into the woman’s eyes. “Attacked?” she began. That reminded her further about her first meeting with Venus, who was evidently attacked by someone or something, at that time. However this person had not a scratch on her body, and claimed to be attacked. Kaiser looked over her body once again, and gave her a questioning look. All sorts of ideas came to her head but she wasn’t going to bombard her with a million questions. “Why don’t you follow me back to my villa so we can figure it out together?” she would ask.


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Raquel seemed to realize how inelegant she seemed when she lost her cool. It was as if something within her snapped and the fear and pain of a distant past had suddenly come to grip on her with its crushing might. Nothing from her memory truly served to explain what made her like this but Raquel was determined to not show too much anxiety in front of this woman she knew nothing about. Besides, it also dawned on her that she had been talking to her completely naked for such a long time. But although she should have blushed and scrambled to hide herself, Raquel only felt indifference as she looked down at herself and looked back at Kaiser as if to say ‘so what?’.

Her long hair was flowing down to the ground, hiding a lot of things that should be hidden. She didn’t feel much shame even as Kaiser went out of her way to cover her up. Instead, she gave a pat to her chest and said “they’re good”. But thinking it was making the other woman uncomfortable, Raquel started fixing the coat around her, now fully covering everything. “Thank you, I guess. Yes, I was attacked. I can’t really remember much except that one scene…something seemed to have bit me here,” She placed a finger on the right side of her neck, caressing the skin there to see if there were any marks left from when whatever it was that attacked Raquel sank its fangs into her.

Strange…why is there nothing on my skin? She felt puzzled. Her broken memory had been particularly clear of that one scene where she got attacked. The feelings of fear and anxiety that it brought to her were real. So why was it there were no traces of the attack now? She felt herself growing increasingly frustrated while thinking about it that she almost missed what Kaiser said. “Your villa?” her eyes narrowed, not knowing how she should answer it. But it was indeed true that Raquel now had no idea where she should go and this woman –though felt dangerous- had been kind and patient enough to listen to her story. If she hadn’t found her, Raquel wasn’t sure what she would have done all alone with nothing in the middle of a forest. “Alright, I guess…”


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Reawakening [Kaiser] SmwXEG9

From the information that she was receiving, Kaiser implied that the girl was turned into a vampire after the attack, because if she was one before, she would’ve known that it was more than just an ‘attack’. She was clearly describing a vampire bite, but as if she had never experienced it before. She had just turned. The pale sorceress unknowingly smiled at the moment she was being shown where the bite took place even though there was nothing there to prove what she was saying. Kaiser knew exactly what had happened though, by this point, but she wasn’t going to unload it all on her right here and right now, and risk scaring the girl away. Kaiser’s face lit up when she agreed to follow her back to her villa. She was unaware of the excitement she felt, meeting another vampire for the first time who was also a user of magic from what the Talisman told her.

Standing up from the tree root, Kaiser patted away any debris that was clinging to her backside and helped the girl get up, wondering exactly how long she had been stuck under this tree for. Hopefully she still knew how to walk otherwise Kaiser didn’t mind having to carry her to the villa. The vampire felt like she was doing some kind of charity work now. She had subconsciously become some kind of walking non-profit organization, but it wasn’t that bad. She led the way back to the villa, and since she didn’t feel like getting a cab or something, she just walked and hoped that the girl didn’t have a problem with it. It was weird to converse without knowing someone’s name, so she decided to just give her one. “Let’s call you Raquel for now,” said the Daeva. The name came from...really nothing. Kaiser just came up with it because she thought it fit and she liked pronouncing the name. The way it was said made it feel like a sophisticated name, though on paper it was plain and splendid as day.

Once they arrived back at the villa, Kaiser would bring the girl to the dining area, to make some coffee for herself as well as the guest. She gestured for the girl to take a seat at the dining table. “I’m gonna get you something more comfy to wear,” she said and while the coffee was brewing, went up to get something from her loungewear collection and changed herself. Returning to the dining area, she would give Raquel the clothes she brought for her and prepared the coffee for both of them. Once they both got their coffees and were both seated at the table, Kaiser would say, “So tell me all about it,” as if they were two old friends catching up in a long overdue hangout sesh.


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The young vampire was willing to walk back with Kaiser to her villa. She wasn’t aware of her benefactor’s excitement at finding one of her own but was surprised that someone was going to give her help. Not many people would readily take in a woman with amnesia, especially if they found them in a situation similar to hers; not unless they had ill intentions. She felt none from Kaiser. Although her pure instincts did ring warning bells that the woman was not someone she could mess with. Not in her current strength. But then again, there was no need to. So far, the brunette had done nothing that indicated doing harm to her.

And surprisingly, this woman had even given her a name now. ‘Why does it feel like she was naming her new darling pet?’ The thought drifted briefly through her mind. But Raquel wasn’t a bad name. She quite liked the sound of it. So she just nodded her head. “That’s a pretty name.” Now she was convinced she hadn’t made the wrong choice. Besides, her first priority now since she had already been awakened from her sleep with no memories was to find somewhere to stay. And Kaiser was willing to give her just that. So even if it appeared as if a cat was following its owner home, Raquel walked slowly behind the older mage towards their villa.

It was a nice and cozy place. Small but very pretty and feminine looking. Raquel found herself especially fond of the cute, bright colored decorations. When Kaiser returned with the clothes, she made sure to tell her this thought. Soon afterwards, after changing, she sat back down at the table again. She held on to the warm cup of coffee curiously. It seemed like something familiar yet very new. She took a sip, frowned at the bitter taste, but continued to drink anyway since for a while now her throat was feeling painfully dry.

“There isn’t much to say,” She said in between. “I don’t remember exactly what happened to me. All I have are certain broken images that I can’t piece together no matter how much I try. I think I was attacked by something. It caught me off guard from behind and…bit me?” The last part was something Raquel questioned even if there was a vivid picture and even the feeling of that terrible night. “It happened yesterday…perhaps if we look for the attacker, I would get to know more about myself…”

The idea seemed to spark something inside of her. Frustration and anger at being left in such a helpless state of mind. No matter how calm she appeared outside, there was a ton of questions floating around in her head. She stood up as if someone had pulled a string, dropping her cup that shattered into several unrecognizable pieces on the marbled floor. But she paid it no mind and took a few steps forward, convinced that if she went back to the forest, she would find some clue on her attacker. She was being rash. However, Raquel wasn’t seeing it in her agitated state.


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Reawakening [Kaiser] SmwXEG9

Kaiser brought her coffee to her mouth to blow on it a bit, while she all eyes and ears on Raquel. Then she took a big gulp as the girl rapped on about the attack. Although she already knew exactly what had happened to her, she was curious to know more about the attacker. The whirring sound of the air-conditioning system punctuated the storytelling, which didn’t really give her the information she wanted, and so she decided that she would just break the news to the girl. However, a sudden thought seemed to have occurred within her mind, causing her to drop her mug which produced a loud cracking noise and littered the floor with tiny pieces of shattered glass.

Acting on instinct, Kaiser shot up from her seat and covered the distance to reach and grab onto Raquel’s arm. “Snap out if it,” she said sharply, pulling the girl back swiftly to force her out of the trance. The brunette vampire didn’t plan on becoming her personal psychiatrist or something, but she wasn’t done with her as yet and so she would refrain from offing her right there and then. Kaiser used her force to sit Raquel back down on her chair and held her down. She was probably being a little bit dramatic right now, but because she was also holding herself back from doing something that she would regret later.

“Calm down and take a deep breath,” she began. She drew in a long breath herself to prepare her mind before launching into an explanation that she would have to construct in a way that wouldn’t shock Raquel to the core. Of course in a split second how could someone come up with something like that? She gave up, and just broke the bad news to her, all the while holding her down in her seat. “You’re a vampire now. You got bit by one, and the assailant left some of their blood in your system after draining you completely, which is the reason you’re still alive, although no longer as a human, but as a vampire.” Kaiser wasn’t sure how she would react upon receiving this next piece of information that she would unload onto the poor girl. “Why do I know? Because fun fact, I am one too.” She thought about adding ‘Don’t worry I won’t attack you’, but assumed that Raquel would understand this because if Kaiser wanted to, she could’ve done it already.


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The sudden sharp pain in her shoulder snapped Raquel out of her daze. She found herself back on the chair, sitting down with shattered pieces of glass all around her feet and over the floor. What did she just do? Why did she suddenly get so agitated and wanted to go back to that place in the forest? Now that she could think more clearly, she realized how silly her actions just now were. Maybe it was trauma. Perhaps even though she couldn’t remember it, the trauma of that night was clearly residing in her unconscious mind. She was feeling at a loss until Kaiser’s words made her suddenly look up at the tall brunette.

A vampire? She had become a vampire? What kind of ridiculous statement was that…There was no way she was some creature from the stories adults use to scare their children to bed. Besides, she looked nothing like one. The tales had always said they were scary beings with monstrous strength and bloodied bat like wings. Although her memories were scattered and torn in most places, she still knew that there were no records of vampires being real. At least no one has seen one in real before. Hence they stayed as nothing more than one of the frightening myths in this world.

“That’s impossible,” She finally managed to catch her runaway breath enough to answer. “Not only are you saying that I’m a vampire, you’re saying that you’re one too? A vampire? Perhaps you’re mistaken, Ms,” She tried to pick and choose between the politest words she could even though she was already screaming various other things inside her head. Mostly, Raquel just couldn’t believe the woman. She took care of her and readily gave her food and shelter. But, her claim just now was too much to accept. If she wasn’t so grateful towards Kaiser, Raquel for sure would have directly questioned her sanity.

Besides, Raquel was more or less convinced that she was most likely attacked by an animal or some other creature resembling one. The problem here was her lost memories. Without them, she had no idea who or what she was. There was just no way that she would accept something as unbelievable as being turned into a vampire.


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Reawakening [Kaiser] SmwXEG9

As impatient as Kaiser was as a person, she felt some kind of understanding of what Raquel was going through right now, because she too went through the same thing when she turned. She too had been a human before, and what’s worse, she had to go through it all on her own. The vampire gave some time for Raquel to panic after hearing what she had to say. Of course, this was expected. What human would receive the message that they had turned into a vampire well? Unlike Kaiser, most humans would rather remain to be weak and useless creatures, than become a creature of the night. The questions that Raquel asked were expected, and she had thought of the perfect demonstration to clear all her confusions, and make her realise the truth.

“I’ll show you,” she said, and her vampire fangs would protrude from between her lips when she smiled. Raising her right wrist to her mouth while she still held onto Raquel using her left hand, she licked a spot of porcelain skin that was translucent enough for the greenish veins underneath to show through. Then, she bit down, sharp-tipped teeth of a predator sinking flawlessly through the thin layer of skin on her wrist which caused blood to burst from the tiny holes, and flow down her forearm in a sanguine stream, even dripping down to the rug and staining it.

Withdrawing her teeth from the bloody wrist, she brought her hand in front of Raquel, holding it very closely in front of her face. Blood would pulse out of the two punctures that her teeth created as she licked off any blood that was on her lips. “You know that I have no reason to argue with you, if you can resist this,” she spoke. The grip on Raquel’s arm tightened a little, since she wasn’t sure of how thirsty the newly turned vampire would get.


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Raquel was startled when she saw Kaiser’s fangs. A Vampire? They really exist? Even though everyone thought of them as nothing more than a myth, a scary story. To think vampires truly lived among them while being hidden in darkness. It felt unreal. Raquel didn’t think she was ready for this, yet…Her eyes widened as some strange feeling surged within her. She was following all of Kaiser’s moves with an odd sense of anticipation, as if she was about to gain something, something that the young water mage would never be able to live without again. Such as strong feeling. It was nothing she could explain with simple words.

True enough, just as the scent of blood hit her, Raquel went into a state of silent frenzy. Her whole body started to burn up. Thirst and longing for the red liquid intensified as her eyes burned at the sight of it flowing slowly from Kaiser’s pale wrist. She wanted it. It was such an unfamiliar yet earnest feeling that whipped her body and mind off to a complete different world. Raquel couldn’t think anymore. What was left was a pure and raw desire for what Kaiser offered. She didn’t even hear the other vampire’s words. With her mouth parting and her eyes shining a wild red color, Raquel hungrily leaned herself forward as much as she was allowed to. Her throat burned in frustration at not being fast enough.

With a hand reaching out to grab Kaiser’s bleeding hand, Raquel half got off her chair to try and drink the wine like blood. Unless restrained, she would clasp her mouth over the wound to feel sated and relieved as the scent and taste of iron fills her up. She didn’t realize it yet, but she was growing a pair of fangs of her own. They would sink into Kaiser’s wrist, exactly where Kaiser bit herself to draw more of the liquid in. Greed and desire overwhelmed the young vampire, she wanted nothing more than to push Kaiser down. Only if she wasn’t restrained. An almost animalistic growl could be heard as she pushed at the hand holding her back.


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Reawakening [Kaiser] SmwXEG9

The reaction from Raquel was everything Kaiser expected, but she didn’t realise how satisfying it would be to witness another of her own kind connecting with her in such a way. The senior vampire released her grip on the violet-haired woman’s arm and let her drink from her wrist to her heart’s content as she watched, pleased by the sight. “I knew it. You couldn’t resist it,” she chuckled. Even though the fledgling was coming at her with full force, Kaiser had enough strength to withstand this force as she was much stronger than the newly turned predator.

“I’ll take you out for a proper meal another time,” she promised, as she retracted her fangs. If Raquel continued to feed on her blood any further, she might need to go out for a meal right this instant, and so she shoved Raquel’s face off of her wrist and withdrew her hand. The reason that she was a little bit forceful in that action was because she understood the craving that Raquel was feeling, and she believed a gentle push wasn’t going to move the thirsty fledgling off of her. Once Raquel had settled down, Kaiser would reach over to grab a napkin and wipe the blood off her mouth.

“There’s an empty room upstairs right beside mine. You can have that. Maybe get to know the people in my guild while you’re here. I don’t know how long you’ve been in that state, so I’ll assume you have no idea about the new guilds that have popped up recently. Ours is one of them, and it’s called Daeva Eye.” She didn’t force the girl to stay though, since she might have a family or something elsewhere. So instead she offered, “If you’d like to join it, I’ll be happy to let you in. You’re the only other vampire I’ve ever met.” If the girl agreed to joining the guild, Kaiser would bring her guild stamp and give her the insignia wherever she wished. Afterwards, she would instruct the part-time maid she hired to clean up the dining area while she went upstairs for a bath. She hoped that Raquel stayed.



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Raquel didn’t register any of Kaiser’s words until the force of Kaiser's push pulled her away from the source of her cravings. Raquel hissed as her back collided with the wooden chair behind, but it soon served as a shock that took her back to reality. The young vampire –she now fully accepted this fact- was still feeling a bit at lost with all these new discoveries. She didn’t know what to think about her new obsession to blood nor was she sure how she was going to cope with being a creature of the night. Her head hurt just thinking about it. ‘What do I do now?’ She ran a hand harshly over her hair, sweeping the violet locks to the back of her head with a sigh.

Daeva Eye. Although she couldn’t tell just how long she was sleeping for, Raquel knew a lot had changed. This guild was probably a part of this change, too. But that didn’t matter. Her biggest priority was getting through this period of time as a new vampire with no knowledge whatsoever on her race. Kaiser could help her. At least she was sure of that now. The woman wasn’t exactly gentle or the caring type but Raquel knew no other who could possibly help her as much as this woman could. So when she asked her if she wanted to join Daeva’s Eye, Raquel nodded to give her consent. Raquel was oblivious but a year had passed as she laid asleep in a magic enchantment. There was much to learn and new people to meet; so many new things to find. Maybe this was a second chance at life and she wanted to put her past behind her and move on.


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