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Judgement Tarot - Erebus Gresham

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#1Erebus Gresham 

Judgement Tarot - Erebus Gresham Empty on Thu Apr 02, 2020 8:08 am

Erebus Gresham

Day 1,

I'm writing this down now to remind myself of that strange dream I had the night before. The strange old gypsy, who; for reasons I can't put together at the moment, or probably ever will, spoke on how she knew me in a past life. She talked like she believed it anyways, but I know it was just a dream, I wasn't in Crocus, I've never even left Oak. But what's strange is how hungry it's made me, when I saw that tarot card. I'm going to walk to the store and eat something. I'll see if that does justice to my stomach, but who knows.

Erebus walked down a narrow sidewalk, coming to the first restaurant he could find. Godfather's Pizzeria. Word, a whole pizza should be plenty, and if it wasn't then surely he could scrap together some stolen pocket change and figure something out. Erebus strode into the place like he owned the joint, snapping his fingers so that a waitress would be alerted to his arrival. She made herself look pretty, dusted her shirt, and was there in moments. "Order for you sir?" She said, bubbling with a cute aura. "Yeah for sure, I need a large oven baked cheese please. Thank you, and bring me a bottle of water too. That should be plenty."

Later into the day,
I spent every dime I had eating around town. To no avail, I'm still starving and my endurance feels weak. I just hope this curse lifts soon, it's starting to make me itch, the itch I can't reach. I hope I can get to the bottom of my hunger soon, the worst part about being hungry is the certain feeling it's going to disrupt my flow. I've gotta remain positive and partial in these unpredictably hard times after all.


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#2Erebus Gresham 

Judgement Tarot - Erebus Gresham Empty on Fri Apr 03, 2020 6:44 am

Erebus Gresham

Day 2,

Approximately twenty-four hours into hunger and Erebus has began to break into houses with a Ski Mask and take things from the shelves. He knew what he was doing was dirty, rotten to the core, but he didn't have anything else he could do to stop the growing starvation, and this was merely the beginning. Erebus had begun to notice supernatural phenomena within himself as the hunger's grew, placing both hands inches from the door, he would push doors straight off their hinges.

Mixing that with his speed and acrobatics made Erebus something of a universal master at getting around, sliding up and down walls and thrust himself across windows. Guns popped off, or men with weapons of varying strength, but no one could make a starving person like Erebus stop. He had to quench, perhaps he was starting to understand what selfish meant. He was a hypocrite, he realized. Because now, he was taking everything for himself, not to survive, but because he was unsure if he could survive, knowing full well that this curse was making him confused about the reality of the world around him.

He didn't empty places of house and home, rather he just took few from the many. Loafs of bread or produce predominantly. Launching from a second story window; Erebus would tightrope across the sealed power-line, careful as not to electrocute himself improperly before escaping to the streets where he belonged. Erebus loved himself, but he certainly had to question why that crone was doing this to him. Was he suppose to realize something about himself?

Regardless, this was a dark and inhumane way of driving something through. The rumbles from his belly, the watering in his mouth. Erebus was losing his mind to Hunger-- slowly but surely, retaining humanity was so very key here.  


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#3Erebus Gresham 

Judgement Tarot - Erebus Gresham Empty on Tue Apr 21, 2020 9:56 am

Erebus Gresham

Day 3,

The more he ate, filling his starving pits with stolen food, the further he drifted from wishing to share, with greed festering, gluttony taking a weighted hold on his insignificant heart. Erebus would fight hard not to give into the curse. The curse designed solely to make him lose himself in the guilt. Each day that passed was surely sapping his strength, the agenda on the horizon was to remember that curses are never permanent, they can always be broken. Perhaps God was testing his resolve, to see how far he'd go to quench these pains. If only Erebus were a stronger man, then he'd fast. But how? When all he's ever known was starvation to begin with, no sir. He thought to himself, he was going to keep the hunger down. If he had to stuff his face everyday until he found a way out of this hole, then he was going to do it with a smile on his face!

Treading cold waters, Erebus began to quiet down, and as a talker, this meant things were heading in a direction he couldn't savy as beneficial to his charismatic attitude. Irregardless, the prowl for Hunger was a heavy load, and he doubted he could manage much longer. Erebus decided he would set off on a mystical journey, to find a wise man, a witch doctor, or a grotto where he could escape the prison of his own mind. Erebus ended up traveling outside of town, away from the larger sources of meals he'd been thieving to live on.

In the wild, Erebus had to honor mother nature. He began learning to hunt and trap for survival. One squirrel for breakfast, then sleep, one rabbit for lunch, then sleep, and finally; he'd fish at sunset, three fish; and he'd sleep.


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Judgement Tarot - Erebus Gresham Empty on Fri Apr 24, 2020 8:23 am

Erebus Gresham

Day 4,

Practicing discipline had shown Erebus a valuable lesson, crucial even. He was nearly halfway through his curse, unsure if it would ever end, but he was growing to accept the reality of hunger. Never quite having his fill, but knowing he wouldn't die either. Erebus was living on the land, fishing all day, then thanking the earthrealm for intermittence. Overall he knew there was going to be rough tribulation ahead, as there always was. But sitting on that thought he could smile about it, he'd found an outlet, and denied insanity. The future was ahead so he did his own thing in midst of the curse.

Erebus walked quietly around the forest, checking branches and wood. If the wood was nice he would pick it up and carry it to the stream near the river where he'd taken refuge to ignore the headaches accompanied by the hunger that the town gave back to him. At his little campsite, the rogue would beat two pieces of rocks together for a fire and roast his fish, after skinning them with a Bowie knife. Around noon, Erebus would check the foundation on his den, made with branches and a sleeping bag, it was something like a wood fort, but being so close to the river, Erebus could wash himself and his clothing freely. This was basically like an extended vacation to him, to where he could teach himself how to act around others, while being hungry.

"Not everyone would understand, but at least I do, and that's plenty enough for me." He muttered under his breath, the town was visible about a few hundred meters in the distance. He was close enough to enter should that really be necessary; for now though, that didn't seem very critical to the rogue. He would just mind his business.


#5Erebus Gresham 

Judgement Tarot - Erebus Gresham Empty on Fri May 15, 2020 11:51 am

Erebus Gresham

Day 5,


Erebus had starved under his gluttony for five straight days, and now? He no longer needed food, he simply craved it. His endurance was building, though, through whatever black magic ritual this pulled it's magia from.

I don't know what to do. I feel I'm losing my mind. If God exists, what did I do to deserve this unjust punishment? What Judgement befalls me.

Erebus chose to get straight to work, the air spelled of spring flowers now, and that meant he could distract himself with training his body, perhaps pushing his limits today would draw his mind some peace. Walking the dirt path from his fireplace up the hill, the man was facing the river. Advent World was somewhere North of this River, but Erebus had no interest in going there. His training was here, he began to practice his agility, stabbing and rolling, and with his rhythm kept up, he'd continue this exercise for ten minutes. He'd then perform standing lunges and practice thrusting them backwards into back flips. Such exercises were hefty on the body, but would sculpt wonderful muscles, especially in the abdomen area.

The realization didn't come immediately, but in time Erebus had realized his hungers ceased when he was strengthening his will through battle, perhaps thievery wasn't in his future, he could try becoming a fighter... Maybe even a mage? Unlikely, as Erebus didn't know magic. He wondered in cluelessness who might be able to teach him. Probably out of his future, and if so, then so be it. He'd just become a master with his knives and let that carry him to renown and fame. Haha! Erebus fished at dusk. His curse was beginning to lift.


#6Erebus Gresham 

Judgement Tarot - Erebus Gresham Empty on Sun May 17, 2020 5:56 am

Erebus Gresham

Day 6,

Everything is returning to normal slowly, and I think it's because I've matured. I'm no longer complacent, no longer angering the spirits around me. I'm meant for more, and they've judged that. I truly feel that I've gotten the chance to become tougher by fasting. Surviving in the wild, and dedicating to a training regime. Pretty soon I'll be able to go out and do as I'd like. But I need to apply the accurate amount of pressure and keep going for the rest of the week. Then I'll leave Oak.

Erebus dropped his pen within the journal,propped against a tree, firelight kept his eyes on the paper. Mosquitos were out, though, they hardly affected the Rogue. They were apart of nature, an ugly part, but an existing case nonetheless. His body was sore, beaten and barren from kicking and punching trees, as well as cutting at them with his rusted daggers. Erebus really needed to get that fixed... They weren't going to hold up too much longer. Least he didn't think so.

With Erebus already possessing monster strength, decent speed, and ridiculous constitution, he knew his pain threshold was his weakest link. Four more days of raw training and he figured he could get going, lingering in Oak wasn't doing anything for the Rogue; he needed to make friends, rivals, that kind of stuff. By sitting on his head, he just stayed irrelevant to the world round him and that certainly wouldn't do! Erebus finished his writing and tucked the journal into his carry bag. He prodded the fire to get it started again, and then rolled over, using his sack as a pillow.

The boy yawned, signaling that his longer, barbaric day, was coming to a merciful halt. He could finally rest now, it was much needed.


#7Erebus Gresham 

Judgement Tarot - Erebus Gresham Empty on Mon May 18, 2020 12:14 pm

Erebus Gresham

Day 7,

Where progress was made, gaps were created, and Erebus truly began then, to understand what a horrible reality this is for an over-thinker. He had lost his head to the thoughts which seemed to claw at his psyche; he had victimized what it meant to be a rotten scoundrel, the master thief. No, he wasn't a wizard and any thought of it wouldn't be his style, he was Erebus Gresham. Unavoidable Rogue, and so the pinnacle of judgement changed yet again. To understand this test, it was only natural assumption that every single day the curse would peak his head space. Altering the way his consciousness reacted to the given situation. It would make him unpredictable, maddened by the world. When in reality, the judgement was the seven sins of man being squeezed from him, juicing him up or depraving those thoughts from his intricacies. He was afflicted then, with Bi-polar mania. One of a few short judgement to be had during this trying time, a time to build his endurance up from the ground. Not physical endurance necessarily, but endurance of the mind. To understand mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual despairs. Knowledge was power, but it was also a pain.

Sometimes, I wonder why I'm here, twenty years old and lost for words about where I should be going. Who I'll be talking too at the end of it all. I ache all over just thinking about a world as cruel as the lonely one in which I've grown. I guess I have some talent, but for what? This world is cruel, it's lacking the answers I need. It's lacking the people I need to make it happier, more whole, friendly. It's lacking love, and without love? Well, it's not up to me I would say, it's for God's Judgement.


#8Erebus Gresham 

Judgement Tarot - Erebus Gresham Empty on Tue May 19, 2020 6:57 am

Erebus Gresham

Day 8,

Erebus had floated around the concept all night, not even having slept the night before. Perhaps that is why he was feverish, and sick to his stomach. Or maybe, it was another facet to this curse. Another amalgamated procedure to warrant his insights. His shadow id, and his super-ego. The mystic arc where you feel yourself, a devil or an angel, but for some this feeling will never go away after you've been awakened to it. Like too, are the vibrations, and pulses that our souls hold tight together to make us up, whereas our spark is the mana coursing well through our bones. Our souls linger somewhere within it.

The boy took a step into the water, cold as it was, the stream felt nice against his shins up to the knee. Using his dagger in one hand, Erebus stabbed the water brutally, as the metal pierced into the blue unknown, the Rogue exhaled softly. Upon ripping his arm from the water, a fish was trapped impaled through with the blade. Erebus turned around and headed for his campsite, he threw another fire together and roasted the fish against it, using a stick which he moved the fish too from his off weapon.

Erebus feasted on the food, after his long two week of suffering he felt that perhaps it would never truly end, and he would feel this way fr good. Unable to be comfortable in his own skin, conflicted inside and outside of his body. Maybe he should drown himself, he thought curiously. To take it all away, what if the answer was so nigh and simple? Erebus turned staring at the waters. It was disgusting, horrid even, but for a moment he really did think about ending his life. However, life was a challenge and the good parts hadn't happened yet. He had reason to ignore, and persist into life.


#9Erebus Gresham 

Judgement Tarot - Erebus Gresham Empty on Tue May 19, 2020 7:32 am

Erebus Gresham

Day 9,

Into another day on the frontier, to get straight to training, the boy woke up around six in the morning, mostly to get right to it. But also so he could watch the sun come up on a purple sky. Another habit of his, was distract himself with beautiful sights, distract himself from the loneliness that makes hearts ache in frustration and complacency, he took off at an improved velocity towards a tree and began planting dents through it that slowly pulled it right out of the ground. Walking the dirt path from his fireplace up the hill, the man was facing the river. Advent World was somewhere North of this River, but Erebus had no interest in going there. His training was here, he began to practice his agility, stabbing and rolling, and with his rhythm kept up, he'd continue this exercise for ten minutes. He'd then perform standing lunges and practice thrusting them backwards into back flips. Such exercises were hefty on the body, but would sculpt wonderful muscles, especially in the abdomen area.

Two more days of pushing, two more days of training--  just a little more salt for the wounds and surely, his judgement will have ceased, his freedom given back and his soul left to rest without maddening thoughts taking over, remaining in this large forest contained no justice for him, as said before, Erebus was going to be responsible for a great many things in this world, anything to launch the Rogue's life; especially in the money department. Erebus had never been a rich man however, maybe now it was time to apply his life savings. He ventured backwards, towards town to see if he could use some of the stolen cash he had amounted on some better garments. After all, tomorrow was the tenth day. His reckoning.


#10Erebus Gresham 

Judgement Tarot - Erebus Gresham Empty on Tue May 19, 2020 7:47 am

Erebus Gresham

Day 10,

Reaching Oak by the stroke of midnight, Erebus walked along the black market streets in the slum ghettos, his eyes drifted from wares here and there,but no one could match his style per say. These vendors sold to warriors. A class of melee that Erebus didn't prefer because really rather, he was more nimble than what they could do in his own style. Whereas they needed heavy armor that constricted movement, Erebus blossomed in agility, contorting and defending against weighted momentum came like second nature to his breed of fighter. Quite naturally as a matter of fact.

The Bazaar vendors kept eyes on him, perhaps they heard of his fighting the Lich two weeks ago, and liked him! No no, they probably just knew his type, poor deadbeat thief haha. Regardless he kept walking until a certain little street shop came into his field of vision. This was the place for sure, Erebus would have liked to get new knives but there would be time for that after he began questing, for now he needed new duds. Simply put, something sexy, to get the shorties bothered. Erebus grabbed a black cloak and cowl, purchasing them both his old dirty suit was replaced with a prim and prosperous outfit change.

The gear itself would allow him the ability to become more and more invisible; adding an element of surprise to his mantle, in addition? Protection, not a lot, but enough for survival past the first few minutes at least. Better than nothing! Now, Erebus had been aware his hair had frizzied and grown weirdly so he put the last of his cash down on a physique potion, which altered his hair and eye color, as well as style. He was officially a dangerous rogue, the greatest human rogue alive, Judgement had been decided.


- End & Exit -

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