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The Shape of Fire Cannot Swim In Water [Private | Alisa]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

The Shape of Fire Cannot Swim In Water [Private | Alisa] Empty on Thu Apr 02, 2020 7:32 am

Daiko Flayme
Daiko’s throat couldn’t handle this, man. Saltwater flushing in just as he was about to reach the surface, and it hurt quite a bit… it also had this lingering, itchy feeling to it afterwards. Truly, water was one of the greatest challenges that Daiko had faced in his life. As a Fire Mage, water spells in combat weren’t exactly preferable to him given his element’s weakness to it, but one would think that a Savannan guy like him knew how to swim? Or what?

He had never been to Savannah himself, so he didn’t know what the norms were over there.

If you looked over the beach from the docks of Port Hargeon, you could be lucky to spot the silhouette of a dark, mocha-skinned Blue Pegasus Mage crawling up from the sea towards the shore and spitting out saltwater. A few coughs followed suit, and he wiped his mouth and attempted once more. However, having repeated this all day long, Daiko soon came to a halt, and he began questioning if he could ever master the art of swimming.

There was a time when he was able to swim, remember? Back when he was a Lamia Scale Mage and had underwent Shahrbaraz’ - no, wait, it was Aguero’s - training journey. He had climbed mountains, crossed the ocean and survived the winter out in the forest, but what the hell, man?! Of all those high-quality skills, why did he forget how to swim?!

It was as if he had been reset back to square one, just like all those other times in the past! He could’ve sworn that it was a curse or something! NO! He wouldn’t let it take over him again! He was going to overcome this weakness one way or another, and he was going to stay as fit as always! To hell with curses!

Today, he had recovered a little. He was in his swimming trunks, dark-green and humble, and sitting down near the edge of the shore while hugging his legs. Coda was perching in front of him, not that much afraid by the saltwater flushing up on the sand.

“I’ll learn to swim, somehow… Coda, I have a surprise for you,” the Fire Mage spoke up to his curious, little fella, “I, uh… I asked for someone’s help with this, and they should be here very soon. It’s someone you really, really like a lot.” Coda cawed out loud for a few seconds, and Daiko replied with a flustered look on his face: “S-Shut it, that’s not the case! I swear…!”

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The Shape of Fire Cannot Swim In Water [Private | Alisa] Empty on Sat Apr 04, 2020 10:17 am


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"My~... Feels like summertime came early this year...", mused the sculptress, her smile widening ever so softly as she strolled across the streets in little more than a pareo, a vision that might as well have been pulled straight out of the pages of Sorcerer's magazine.

Letting out a low, delighted hum as the pleasantly chill breeze brushed against the cheeks, leaving her hair fluttering freely behind her at every steps, the sculptress made the most of this little trip to the beach to well and truly appreciate the coming of spring in all its vibrant shades. The city itself seemed only better throught the guild's efforts, happier, just like the Hargeon of a few years ago, before the demons came. And that came as a result of all of their efforts, but a few Guild Members in particular stood out among them. As Alisa climbed down to the stairs to the beach, she quickly caught sight of one of those, and the one she'd come here to meet. Holding true to her word of heeding a special request from the one who helped the guild establish itself in Hargeon, Alisa met Daiko on the beach as he taught himself to swim. Or so, that's what she expected to find:

"Fufu~... You know I doubt you'll ever learn to swim standing at the water's edge like that.", teased the sculptress, speaking up as she approached him from behind, slowly reaching closer, delighing in the warm, fine sand sinking through her feet, sifting beheath her toes with every slow, graceful step.

Truly, Alisa loved this... This view, the expansive blue as the all encompassing ocean stretched out as far as the eye could see. The faint smell of salt reaching her nostrils as the crashing waves hammered against the water's edge, even the sea birds squawking overhead, like the excitable youngsters overjoyed at the chance to finally frolic outdoors after the rains and chilly weather had finally passed... Sure, it would come back again, but for the time being

"But then, I'm hardly a water mage, so what would I know~?", she added, winking cheekily at the young man, taking a long, deep breath of the soothing salty breeze as her full, rounded bosom strained the confines of her favorite violet bikini, that pale, smooth flesh quivering ever so softly as she interlaced her fingers and stretched her arms up, left then right as she continued, "...Almost surprising you asked me instead of Sofia, is it not...? Who knows just what you might be thinking~"

Resting a hand on her hip, admiring her guild member's wet, tired form, she figured he'd probably went ahead to get himself started while waiting for her, but... No way on earth she'd ever let such a golden opportunity slide, a playful little smile drawing on her lips with a mischievous glint in her eyes, not missing the chance to tease him for it.

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#3Daiko Flayme 

The Shape of Fire Cannot Swim In Water [Private | Alisa] Empty on Sat Apr 04, 2020 11:14 am

Daiko Flayme
Coda’s wings spread out flamboyantly as Daiko realized that the raptor was looking at someone behind him. Yep, it seemed that his Guildmaster had arrived at last, which at first bought a sense of relief to his lungs; however, her very first words to him made a small vein pop on his forehead. “I-I’ve already tried like… hmpf…” he huffed. Nothing ill towards her, but Alisa seemingly still had a thing for saying just the right words to ticker him like that.

Taking a look at her, he could’ve sworn that she had donned that bikini before. However, it had been a whole winter and autumn ago, so his memory was faint and lacking. It still looked good on her, though… but there was something dangerous about it… something dangerous that Daiko noticed. Did it… was it smaller than-

You could almost hear his neck crack as he turned away from looking too much at her after having spent a good ten seconds doing what felt a lot like ogling at her figures. To think that he was so aware of her body like this… it made him feel embarrassed to a very high degree. And her teasing words never helped, and it was as if she was slightly mocking him or something! Truly, Alisa didn’t seem to be the type of mock a friend like him, but it was still so annoying for who knows what reason…

She did raise a good point about the whole premise of him inviting her over. Taking a deep breath, he remembered that he asked her to come here and all, so he had to be somewhat collected and mature. Please, Daiko, keep yourself together. Yes, Alisa was good at poking his nerves, but she wasn’t like Sofia… one of the reasons that he invited her and not the actual, slightly more voluptuous water mage was because of his previous experience with the ocean-haired lady.

To summarize his worry, he feared that she would try and get her way with him like back in the forest. She did seem quite a little pushy back then, and that had lingered in his head ever since. It, uh… it made him aware of her. He was aware of her and Alisa nowadays.

That would likely be all that Daiko would ever admit, to be honest.

While Coda was flaunting and fawning over Alisa like a worshipper of hers, the Fire Mage’s face couldn’t contain the inner embarrassment and fluster that his whole ordeal with Alisa usually consisted of. However, he tried to voice out somewhat maturely: “W-Well… I, uhm, figured… *inhale* I figured that it’d…” His words sort of died out into a myriad of silent bickers, while a dark shadow loomed over his head.

What… just what the hell is wrong with me?! Why did I ask Alisa for help and not Sofia?! Sofia’s the water expert! This doesn’t make any sense! What was I thinkiiiiiiiiiiiing?!

“W-Well, you can also swim, right? I just want to learn the basics… I keep sinking whenever I try to stay afloat, and it’s really annoying…!” he muttered out with somewhat more stability than a moment earlier, having stood up on his feet and clenched his fists. To make it more clear for his friend, he would mimic the moves he used to do while swimming - it sort of came out as making angel figures in the sand with the way he waved his arms and legs. “I do know that I gotta keep my arms and legs active all the time, but it just doesn’t work…”

Looking close enough at his moves, the problem/issue was already apparent. He waved his arms and legs in the right direction to stay afloat just as much as to the wrong direction.

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The Shape of Fire Cannot Swim In Water [Private | Alisa] Empty on Wed Apr 08, 2020 12:20 pm


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Of course she did... How could Alisa ever hope to resist the urge to tease Daiko when he looked that cute. Even as he huffed and puffed in annoyance, she could only giggle in response, hand raising gracefully over her mouth, letting him take a moment to catch his breath... Yes, she knew all too well just how weak he was to seeing women in swimsuits but, she couldn't really chide him for having good taste, not to mention... Most guys, and even some girls, all too easily shared his plight:

"Fufufu~... Looks like someone's happy to see me~", spoke the sculptress, waving at the beautiful red raptor, waving at her to come over as she crystallized her right forearm. Like a proper falconer, Alisa gave the firebird a nice little perch to dig her talons into. The thick crystal, hard as it was, would crack if Coda gripped to, allowing her to hold on without hurting either Alisa or herself.

Regardless if the bird accepted the invitation, she'd look to Daiko ever so often, a knowing look in her eyes that made it all too clear... She knew fully well just where she was staring, and didn't even need to point it out. Indeed, Alisa had worn this bikini before, one of the few articles of clothing she actually wore somewhat frequently. Understandably so, since it was, well... her favorite Bikini.

"Hmmm~...?", her brow rose as the flustered fire mage struggled to actually explain himself, and though Alisa did what she could, she found herself giggling all too easily as she watched him make sand angels. Far more pressing that outright telling him those were the wrong moves, she had a far better way of going about it: She'd show him, "Well, it's a good thing we're out at sea in that case..."

Turning towards the ocean, tucking one of those loose locks away from her face and behind her ear as the wind had them whipping about all too easily, Alisa reached for pareo around her waist and undid the knot, letting the sheer lilac fabric glide gracefully down her long, elegant legs, leaving it close to where Daiko sat as she walked past him, resting a hand on his shoulder for a moment:

"...Floating in salty water should prove much easier for you.", she added, smiling confidently. Of course she could swim, it would be silly not to know that simply because she happened to be an earth mage. Can't go around letting water users have the monopoly on swimming now, can they~? Besides, it it worked like that... Pretty much every single sailor would need to be a water mage, "Come on now... Show me what you can do~"

Wiggling a finger as she motioned him to follow her, the sporty woman cooly strode over to the water's edge, letting out a soft sigh as the slightly chilly waves licked at her feet, and yet not nearly as much that they'd prevent her from going in. After all, the waters of Hargeon never got so cold as to prove truly uncomfortable, even in the dead of winter... Well, not for her anyway~

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#5Daiko Flayme 

The Shape of Fire Cannot Swim In Water [Private | Alisa] Empty on Sat Apr 11, 2020 5:22 am

Daiko Flayme
Coda didn’t hesitate for a second when Alisa manifested a crystal layer on her forearm, indicating that Coda could perch safely on her without harming her or herself. She did need to flap her wings once or twice to regain some balance, but resting on the arm of the beautiful Guildmaster was mesmerizing for the red falcon. She cawed like a happy crow, pleasantly letting her talons grind against the impenetrable crystal surface.

Man, from Coda’s constant worshipping of his Guildmaster to said Guildmaster’s constant giggling, Daiko was quite lost for words. A vein had appeared bulking on his forehead, and he tried his best not to arc his eyebrows… why was everyone having so much fun teasing him like this?!

Well, back to the issue at hand, which was Daiko’s swimming skills… or lack of, really. Alisa approached the ocean, and Coda quickly basked off of her arm as she did so. The raptor landed on the dry, sandy shore once more, trying to pick up the pareo that she let glide down. Daiko’s face looked up at Alisa who stated that it’d be easier to float in salty water… for some reason, salty water allowed one to float easier? The Fire Mage didn’t know the mechanics behind that fact, but he trusted her words and stood up, following her towards those Hargeon waves.

It didn’t take long until he had walked as far as his head could stick up from the surface of the water with his feet still touching the bottom. He took a deep breath and dashed forward, reaching the deeper levels of the shore and began basking with his legs. It looked to be that he was able to project himself upwards just enough to stay afloat as many swimmers would do, but his movements underwater also proved to do the opposite; with the movements of his arms, he unconsciously pushed himself downwards and nullified the buoyancy effect from his swimming, so he was always swimming up and down and up and down, slowly sinking due to the effort in his arms’ and legs’ movements favoring the descent that he didn’t even intend to do.

His face was sudden the only part of his body still above the surface, and Daiko started panicking a little. He didn’t want to look like such a fool to Alisa, but at the same time, he was in desperate need of some advice. “S-S-Sinking, again…”

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Alisa couldn't help but just spend a moment there, petting the friendly firebird as it dug it's talons on her arm, reaching out and stroking her soft plumage as she spoke:

"And how have you been hmm~?", she spoke, cocking her head slightly, leaving her hand there as she contently pet her guildmate, turning to look back to Daiko, who looked adorably flustered by only the slightest little tease from her lips.

She could probably keep going but quite frankly, considering she hoped to keep him calm as he learned to swim, taking it much further would prove much too cruel. He looked a bit confused by her words, though the sculptress had no doubt he'd figure that part out himself if actually managed to hold up without flailing wildly about. As she trudged into the water, feeling it climb higher and higher up her long legs until she could only dive into it, she lead the way for a couple meters before actually turning around to observe his efforts: At that point, Alisa had seen enough as her fire mage flailed around widly in the water, until the sculptress could only turn around, whipping her legs softly and gracefully as she looked back at him:

"Take a deep breath Daiko. Keeping your lungs full will help you float much easier, if you can do that, you won't need to struggle so much. Splashing around wildly like that will only tire you out.", as if to exemplify her words, she swam right back over to him in a slow, elegant breast stroke, those long black tresses ebbing and flowing around her with every moment as she moved up to him and stretched her hand out, "Come on, give me your hand. Don't worry about sinking or even moving your arms, just focus on your legs for a moment."

Flashing him a soft smile, Alisa cooly waited for Daiko to accept her offer, really, she didn't need much more than a little bit of support to keep him afloat, and once he got the legs down, the arms would come naturally. A fighter as skilled as him already had the necessary coordination down so, all he needed was to keep calm and carry on.

"Keep splashing about like that and all you'll ever do is scare away the fish~", giggled the sculptress as she gently swam back with slow motions of her legs, letting Daiko do most of the work of moving forward instead of actually trawling him along.

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#7Daiko Flayme 

The Shape of Fire Cannot Swim In Water [Private | Alisa] Empty on Wed Apr 22, 2020 12:40 pm

Daiko Flayme
The way Alisa propelled herself towards him made it seem all too easy to swim. He tried bending his legs by the knees to propel himself upwards, but it was a rather weak advancement. He tried one more time… nothing. Fair, he felt like his actions were futile and that he would need a miracle to learn how to swim. It all rested upon Alisa to show him how to fare the waters with grace and balance.

And, uh… he began listening closely. According to his Guildmaster, keeping his lungs filled with air helped him float above the surface. Given his previous efforts, he was a little exhausted - moving underwater was more tiring than on land - so he had to put some effort into bringing enough air into his lungs via a long, vacuum-like inhaling. He grabbed Alisa’s gentle hand out of fear that he would accidently sink while pulling in air, but she assured him that he just had to focus on his legs for now.

He felt his chest rise up to the surface again as it was filled with air. Keeping his mouth shut and his cheeks filled with air too, he noticed that Alisa was swimming backwards slowly. It must’ve been a prompt for him to swim along and test his swimming skills again, in which he closed his eyes and basked his legs. His face got submerged underwater again, but differently from before, it didn’t sink deeper than just under the surface. His back still felt fresh air from above the waves, and so did his legs and feet a few times as they basked up.

He lifted his head back up from underwater again and revealed his packed cheeks to Alisa, whose whole and elegant body led him along the waves like a mermaid luring a drowning sailor to their death. He felt confident that he could swim now and noticed after a while that he didn’t need to hold his breath all the time, but he could merely reach for air once in a while as quickly as possible to refill his lungs.

“I’m… starting to get the hang…-“

He got brave and basked more with his legs to propel himself forward at a faster pace. Although his face was underwater at the moment, he had full faith in Alisa and that she didn’t just swim out to the open sea or something and still stayed near the shore. He hadn’t spotted any fish just yet, but he was looking… while, obviously, keeping his breath under check.

In the meantime, Coda was sunbathing on the beach sand…

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The Guild Master watched him like a hawk, more out of instinct than anything else. With Alisa this close, he had no real way to horribly mess up to the point of dying, something that, judging from the way he flailed and splashed about, could turn into a rather real possibility if he tried his hand at swimming without some help first. To his credit, as he listened to her words and cooled himself, Daiko suddenly felt lighter in her hand. The sculptress kicked her legs gently away, guiding him around while still letting him do most of the work:

"See how much easy that is~...?", giggled the sculptress, smiling playfully as she added, "The less you splash around the simpler it gets."

Fortunately for him, this particular mermaid wasn't planning on drowning him or anything of the sort, for if she was, she really wouldn't need to do anything at all. At this rate though, that would inevitably change as he got used to swimming, and Alisa couldn't help but feel a certain pang of satisfaction as she noticed she didn't even need to mention Daiko didn't actually need to hold his breath forever, letting him figure out he could use the buoyancy to stay afload, nodding as he realized he was slowly starting to get comfortable:

"Mhmmm, I'd say so~", advised Alisa, keeping the training wheels on, holding his hand throughout the effort, looking into his eyes as she nodded, smiling softly as she found him flailing about a bit more. Really, she had no doubt he'd make tremendous progress the moment he actually managed to stay calm for even a couple of minutes, "Now, don't forget... Your lower body should do most of the work."

Though she never strayed so far that he'd lose sight of the bottom as he looked down, she did slowly vernture far away enough that neither of them could actually touch the sandy sea floor without diving down. She wanted to him used to moving about in the water first, learning how to conserve his energy and keep his breathing in check.

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#9Daiko Flayme 

The Shape of Fire Cannot Swim In Water [Private | Alisa] Empty on Thu Apr 30, 2020 8:25 am

Daiko Flayme
Yeah… he was getting the hang of it by now. His feet did most of the work, but he gently darted across the waves like a fresh, new swimmer… it reminded him of back when he swam from Hargeon to one of the neighboring islands during his training journey with Kái. It was… the more he thought of his past, the more embarrassed he became of how he forgot how to swim so quickly. He shook his head on the surface of the ocean to wash away his thoughts and focus on learning how to keep himself afloat.

“T-This easy?!” he let out after having given his progress some thought, “H-How did I forget how to do this…?” He got a bit of saltwater in his mouth and spat it out, not enjoying the salty but dry taste in his mouth. If saltwater rushing through your throat was uncomfortable, then what happened next topped it by a margin.

Underwater, between the legs of both Blue Pegasi, a 30 cm long cod basked and somehow decided that now of all times was the perfect hour to seek shelter in a cave. The cave that it was targeting was the waving space in Daiko’s swimming trunks, so without warning, it put some more force into its bask on its back fin and torpedoed itself into his trunks, almost pulling it off of his hips. Queue the shock…

“B-BLEUEGH! M-MY *blurp* P-PANTS *bluuuurgh*” he coughed out loudly. The force from the cod’s torpedo move sent an electric shock through his body, and in quick reflex, he pulled his hands that Alisa was so gently holding for him back in one, quick swipe to try to grab his trunks. His head submerged underwater, and his salty eyes caught a glimpse of the back fin still exposed as well as the dorsal fin of the cod poking his swimming trunks. In utter panic, he barrel rolled underwater to try and get it off, but it only helped the cod conceal its whole body under his dark-green trunks.



The Shape of Fire Cannot Swim In Water [Private | Alisa] Empty on Sat May 02, 2020 11:52 am


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That easy indeed~ Alisa could only giggle at the reaction as he got the hang of it faster than he himself ever imagined, and really, why wouldn't he? Daiko found himself in peak physical shape with the constant training he underwent as a mage, and though he may not be quite as strong as Alisa herself, he was still leagues above even the fittest professional swimmers:

"Hmmm, now that is a good question isn't it~? If you ask me, I don't really think you forgot how to do it, but rather, you simply forgot you could~"

Alas, he wouldn't find it nearly so easy to completely recapture all the buried skills of years past, but to his credit, that wasn't entirely his fault. Alisa had been so preoccupied with the guildmate in front of her, and yet she couldn't quite miss the rather sizeable fish darting between both their legs. But it was the man's startled yelp that caused Alisa's smooth, alabaster soft skin to harden with a crystalline sheen, heightening her sensitivity to sound as if to track some unknown foe pulling Daiko underwater.... But in the end she could only giggle as she saw the man struggling to cover himself as the fish damn near ripped off his trunks:

"Myyyy, what a debaucharous man you've turned out to be, Daiko~", teased the sculptress, hand raising over her mouth and giggling playfully, "Wellllll, there really is no harm in skinny dipping if you happen to enjoy that sort of thing... But... Flashing yourself in front of a lady is a rather indecent thing to do.", frowned the sculptress, her smile fading just enough to drive her point home, yet her playful, nonchanalt tone making it all too clear she wouldn't hold it against him or anything... Even if she wouldn't easily get away with such carelessness~

He'd be hard pressed to use his fire underwater to kill the meddlesome fish but... For all her cheekiness, Alisa wouldn't let him face this fearsome foe unatendeded. Her principles of decorum forbade her from directly helping, and yet, her submerged hand produced a long, diamond hard crystalline spear, the kind one would use in underwater fishing. Even as he dove underwater he could see the harpoon in Alisa's hands, graciously offered.

If anything, she hoped his fighting instincts would let him get over his difficulty swimming... Even against a foe as deceptively dangerous as an average sized fish.

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#11Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
What did she mean by debaucharous?! He wasn’t doing any of this on purpose - really, he could’ve sworn that that fish was acting on its own agenda! Now Daiko just wanted to eat it for dinner later, but that required actually getting a grasp of the fish without, uh… without any accidents down south. He stuck his head out of the surface of the water for a brief moment to hear some of Alisa’s quips, which only embarrassed him even more.
As he was about to be pulled away by the ridiculously strong fish, he spotted the crystalline spear handed to him by Alisa. That would work so much better underwater than his Fire Magic, so he quickly grabbed it and began eyeing the fish’s contour sticking out of his trunks- oh fuck, shit, no! His trunks were about to rip!
His breath caused bubbles to escape his mouth as he shouted underwater the silenced words ‘die’ as he lunged the spear through his trunks. He was aiming for the fish, yes, but it was difficult moving the spear underwater, and the fish still got away! His teeth grinded in rage as he planned to follow, but he needed some more air, so he quickly used what Alisa had taught him and… well…
Was it the same? Swimming across the surface and swimming underwater? Wait, no, it couldn’t possibly be the same. Then again, he… he…
He was panicking! He couldn’t just stay down here without air! He had to do something…!
He let his feet propel him up and focused on holding in the air he had left in his lungs, and sloooooooooowly, he began ascending to the surface again until he broke the layer with a gasp. Coughing some water out, he shook his head and looked around, quickly diving his head down to spot the fish swimming towards some coral reeves… WITH HIS TRUNKS!
“…” His hair flared up immediately; deep-red flames signaled his utter anger at the fish that stole his swimming trunks and left him with such a heavy weight of embarrassment in front of his friend. He couldn’t let Alisa see him! He had to be quick and go after it before it disappeared, so without any break, he spoke: “I, uh, got the hang of it, I think, it stole my pants, wait here, don’t look, PLEASE STAY HERE!”
With that said, he dove down again to hunt it down. This time, he wouldn’t hold back any of his magical prowess… but that was rather futile as his Fire Magic just turned to warm bubbles underwater. The way it propelled him, though… that was useful! His feet released the same jets of fire that he usually used midair for flexibility, and it torpedoed him towards the reeves where he spotted many sea creatures; clown fish, moray eels, crabs, sea stars- there it was! The giant fish was holding his swimming trunks in its mouth and swam across the reeves with him trying to stab it down.

He managed to return to Alisa at the surface, but he was gasping for air like he had ran a thousand miles. The fish was stuck through the spear that Alisa handed to him, and he had his trunks back on again… or well, he was in the middle of putting it on.
“Hng… t-there. Stupid fish is served…” he spoke with pride as he took a chump off of the fish’s scaly body with his omnivore teeth. He needed a pick-me-up after his embarrassing scenario… and, uh, his trunks were ripped almost in two. Would be fun if he realized that sometime…


The Shape of Fire Cannot Swim In Water [Private | Alisa] Empty on Sat May 16, 2020 3:30 pm


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Well would you look at that... Alisa has been right after all. She knew better than to look down and stare at her now mostly naked guildmate as he did battle with a rather deceptive fish. In the end though, her smile merely widened as he bravely fought for his modesty underwater, eventually emerging right before her eyes with a fish clealy pierced through the spear:

"See, what did I tell you~...? You knew how to swim all along, all you needed was a moment's calm.", spoke the sculptress encouragingly, noting how for a moment there, he overcame his panic and actually swam down. But in the end the sculptress could only giggle as a hand rose over her mouth, "I cannot make those out out of crystal, I'm afraid... Even if I could, wouldn't really be comfortable now would it~?"

Cocking her head slightly, looking into his eyes and nowhere below, she was ultimately surprised by his quick thinking, as despite the apparent futility of the act, the thrust afforded by his fire magic easily propelled him down to the bottom like a torpedo, until the sculptress couldn't help but look one with visible surprise... She certainly didn't expect him to pull that off~... Eating the raw fish as he brought it up to the surface though... Now that was something she sadly expected he might do, her nose twitching at the sight:

"Don't do that. You're not in the jungle anymore.", Alisa frowned, her nose twitching at the sight of a grown man in a populated city, with a refined, well developed cuisine, resorting to eating raw fish. She looked visiby displeased at the sight of such crude sushi, and calmly swam past Daiko, once again motioning her finger urging him along back to solid ground, "Come on, time for a little break don't you think~?"

Running a finger under the edge of her swimsuit, the sculptress adjusted the wet, damp fabric over her curvaceous figure, those deft fingertips squishing ever so softly into her supple form as the vain woman moved on to her hair immediately after, sliding her hands up her neck and guiding her long raven hair behind her in dripping tresses, gathering it in a bundle as she gently squeezed out some of the excess water and looked back at her companion:

"Fetch us some wood, will you Daiko? I don't need much, just a couple sticks will do really.", urged the sculptress, smiling at him as she cooly leaned over and draped the silky purple pareo on the soft sand. As she waited for him to return, she cooly made a small crystalline disk, shielding her eyes as she glanced skywards... The plan was simple really, make herself a lens out of crystal and start a small fire, and give her hard working pupil a proper mid workout snack.


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#13Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
No, please, no, he was fine with, uh… his injured swimming trunks. Ones made of crystal would poke him in the wrong places, and he wouldn’t want any of that. Now that he thought about it, it felt rather cold underneath the belt line, but he shook it off as the change in the water’s temperature. The fish tasted pretty salty, a taste that he wasn’t used to as most of the fish he used to eat in Worth Woodsea came from lakes with freshwater. The salt planted on the fish’s body gave it a strong spiciness that he became very fond of.
Although Alisa wasn’t a big fan of his eating habits, in which he rose an eyebrow at her direction. There was nothing wrong with eating raw fish, was there? The fish was basically meant to be eaten raw, and in his defense, sushi existed. Sighing sadly, he followed her suggestion and approached the shore as it was time for a break…
The cozy sand under his feet was refreshing and relieving. He was no more out in the unpredictable sea, and he had some solid foothold that made his courage spray out. No fish could embarrass him here, and he felt like a warrior who had overcome a dangerous task and came back home victorious.
While Alisa asked him to go get wood, he was half-listening. Something about her adjusting her signature swimsuit with her fingers and seeing the fabric hugging her skin distracted him from many of the words that she spoke to him. It was when she mentioned ‘sticks’ that he came to his senses and replied: “Sticks… oh, wood, sure…!” He darted off towards some greening further into the land from the shore, and since just a couple of sticks would do, he brought himself three long sticks that were found on the ground. Birds had been using them for building their nests, and overtime, they just fell down after usage.

“… Ohhhhhhhhhh, no, no, no, no-“ he began panicking in the middle of picking up the branches. He had now realized that there was a gaping hole in his swimming trunks, and from the space between the flakes, his manhood could swing forth into the light. His face reddened up despite his dark nuance, and his hair lit up in a pink fire out of embarrassment. “Shit, did she see? What can I do…?” he mumbled in fear as he looked around, his first thought being to go get some leaves to cover up.

As he returned with the branches, the pink fire was still on and his face was still blushing while his eyes were lowered in what looked like remorse and guilt. His trunks were patched up with wide leaves that he pulled off from some of the palm trees, so upon observation, it would be clear to notice why he looked so down. He could barely say a word, while Coda landed on the sandy floor and cawed at his arrival...

It always ended like this, huh...?


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