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Beach Gym [Quest]

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#1Jan Ren 

Beach Gym [Quest] Empty Thu Apr 02, 2020 3:07 am

Jan Ren
"Hey, you there! Kid!" The sudden words caught the foreigner's attention as he turned to see a bizarrely muscular man doing his stretches on the sand at the beach. First it was the ocean, now it's the sandy beach. Not places Jan often found himself in. Though, really, kid...?

Somewhat reluctant to approach, the Blue Pegasus wizard took slow steps as he came closer to the surprisingly tall, tanned man. If there was any time he'd let stereotypes determine his thoughts, it would easily be this instance. But judging a book by its covers is nothing short of rude. As such; "Yes?" It would be treated as easily as lightly as any other interaction so far.

"You're from Blue Pegasus, right? Heard about you from Jacob!" The fisherman? Huh. Word spreads around fast. "Listen, I need your help with something real quick." The tanned mountain explained, stretching his bloated chest forward. "See that over there? I need you to spot me. Think you can do that?" With some further explaining granted about what 'spotting' is, Jan Ren ultimately agreed. He was getting paid for it, after all, and it was a new experience.

Never in his life did the Sinese think he would delve in fitness, of all things. Let alone weight training. Life sure is full of surprises.

But before he had to 'spot' anything, the blond muscleman had already began his first set of eight reps, with a stunningly high weight put on each side of the bar. Alarming? Very much. And just like that, the dude sat up and began hoisting yet another plate on each side of the bar. "U-Uhh, great going! ...Do you always lift this much?" Jan asked half-heartedly, already shocked with the amount this man displayed. But he spoke too soon.

"What do you mean? We're only going up from here! Come on, spot me."

The second set went by rather easily, and as Jan widened his stance and placed his hands under the bar to make sure Jay completes all his sets, he noticed the bodybuilder began to slow down his process by the 7th rep. Taking the initiative, he went and lightly pushed against the bar to help the client. And that's when he met with this insane weight for the first time. Only further awe-struck that a human was capable of lifting these kinds of weights, though doing his best not to show it on his face.

And so they reached the 3rd set, with even more weight hoisted. If Jan was to properly do this, he had to completely immerse in the task. When Jay began to show how much he's struggling, the Sinese already went in to help. Mustering as much strength in his lower body to try lift the bar along with the other. Even breaking into a yell to motivate the dude into finishing the last rep of this set. Maybe that's the genuine weight-lifting experience? Come 4th set and then 5th; by these two, Jan could already feel pain in his lower back as he struggled to support the weight that Jay somehow managed to lift consistently (albeit with visible difficulty).

And finally... "Oof!!!" CLUNK. The loud sound of metal clashing against metal was heard as the last rep was complete. Jay picked himself up from the bench as Jan couldn't help but fall down on his behind. Panting, the muscleman took a moment to rest before turning to the scrawny Blue Pegasus mage. "Hey! ...Not, half bad there, kid! Thanks!!" With a thumbs up, he smiled as Jan returned an uncomfortable smile.

Maybe weight-training wasn't all that bad, y'know?

WC: 605/500

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