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Cupcake Courier [Quest]

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It was time for the next mission she had on her list. There were so many people to save today. It wasn't going to get done themselves. Her eyes cornered as her partner was beside her going to the same one. She wondered if he was just going to be there for all of them. 'He's following you for sure. Like those men in cloaks.'. Kuri gave Arisa a scary thought as she remembered when she was being followed by the men. It was a nightmare and the only one that was there to save her was the one that ended up betraying her. Shortly after that thought, a small tear ran down her cheek. ''Partnering with me can't be that bad." He shot a small joke. It was meant to be a joke at least.

''Huh?" she didn't notice truly till she felt it with her hand soft fingertips. It was one single tear as she then chuckled back, ''Oh no, I've had worse.~" She teased back with a false smile. It was supposed to be real, but she just couldn't lay one on her beautiful face. 'But I'm not beautiful.' She believed as she walked towards the Bakery. Today they were going to help Olly in the Kitchen, baking and the like. It has been a while since she baked.

Her bakery...

She missed it so as she remembered her home, her past life that seemed as if it didn't matter anymore. She had to become stronger though to destroy the one that destroyed her in more ways than one. Her chest started to clench but had no time to rest. Her eyes winced in turn, but they were finally there. "Finally! Weclome!" a jolly man spoke as he shoved boxes into their arms. ''Please deliver them at these respective addresses.". He sounded as if he was in a hurry and honestly, she thought she was going to bake. This was going to be more fun if she was the one baking, but nope. Here she was delivering.

Together, her and her partner went out to deliver the first one. The first delivery belonged to a woman who supposedly wanted little hats on them. Was it a tea party? She was curious, but Kurisa didn't ask many questions once she got there. She smiled happily and waved bye to them. Next was some guy who ordered cupcakes with black and blue frosting and purple flowers. The sparkles made it look like there was honeydew on it. It was a pretty sight, but she had to give them up to who they belonged to. There were so many crazy designs and some were just simple as well. She didn't mind though as they belonged to someone that wasn't her. ''Do you enjoy sweets?" She asked him curiously out of nowhere to make it not silent anymore. "They're alright." He answered simply and then they delivered the last of them. Kurisa and her partner went back to get their reward and left to go to their next destination.



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