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Count The Blessings [Quest]

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She started to walk off as her partner then unexpectedly followed her. Her eyes cornered as she saw his emotionless face gazing at her. He was like a loyal puppy dog who had nothing better to do. "Do... do you need something?" She wondered. He just stared at her blankly. "Are you not going to the next one?" He spoke coldly. He already knew she was going on a quest spree, but how? Did he have the same idea somehow? Her arms crossed against her frilled blouse that was pink colored. Her pants were leggings with demi shorts on and slip-on shoes. Kurisa didn't have much to put on at this point and neither did she care about her style at this point.

''Alright, let's go then." She reported back and then realized that they will have to go back to the church a little later. "Maybe we should go grab something." She stated as she then grabbed an apple, paid for it and then got water. It was enough till later as they had to go back to see the Father of the Church again. Once they did, they were left with a list. Both of them walked towards where Father described as he needed some flowers. Her eyes read the details as they were small, red center on them and had some orange petals when they bloomed. 'They sound beautiful, but deadly for some reason.' She thought to herself.

"Let's go start looking into the shrubs in the forest." He stated the obvious. If these were super easy to find in town then the Father wouldn't have sent them to fetch all of them. Kurisa went to search through some shrubs, they found none there sadly as they searched for an hour. Next, it was the east forest. It was dark within the trees as the trees started to grow some leaves that created the shadow. she wondered what the Blessia Flower looked like. The silence between them grew as she assumed he was paying too much attention to the mission instead of the company they had.

Finally, she noticed some flowers under a large tree and jogged towards them. ''Hey! I think I found them." she spoke loud enough for him to hear. As soon as she got a few inches away from the flowers she bent down. Her eyes studied them to make sure they had a red center on each one and some orange petals. The one thing she did notice was the fact that they had thorns on them. "He didn't say anything about Thorns." She spoke. Something felt amiss though as plucked them. Her hand felt weak and her arms were tired. "C-can you hold onto them?" She nervously asked as she didn't want him to question why. He didn't bother it seemed as he took them within his own hands. They looked soft but strong. Slowly, they both went back to the Father and returned the flowers. Rather or not it was enough, they wouldn't know truly, but he seemed satisfied enough as they were rewarded.



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