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One Year Ago [leaving BP] [Flashback]

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One Year Ago [leaving BP] [Flashback] Empty Thu Apr 02, 2020 12:35 am

Flashback Starts

Cold. Faye could only feel cold. The deadly silent night air wrapping around her and the dreadful silence spread across the path, shrouding it in darkness. She had decided to leave something she once thought precious behind. It had come from a long time of thinking, pondering, and anguishing over the rights and wrongs. But ultimately, she just knew it inside her heart that it was the right decision. She just couldn’t stay in Blue Pegasus anymore, knowing that being in the guild brings her no more joy. In fact, sometimes it felt too limiting, like there was an invisible chain pulling her back from the things she truly wanted to do and achieve. And that was how she had ended it. It was pure coincidence that they ran into each other. Her meeting with the guild master had been brief and without any drama. She had sat down and bared her thoughts to the old master one by one, her insecurities, fear, ambitions, and wishes. They just conversed like that for a long time with the faint scent of chamomile tea floating around the both of them.

When she left the private room, it was close to midnight and Faye had wandered aimlessly around the town for a long time as if to take in the sight of it for one last time before making her way up north. She would leave the town that night and clear up the mixed thoughts in her head. At least that was what she had in mind until she found herself lost in the forest. The clear imbalance in her emotions had, in the end, led Faye to be careless as she navigated the forest, ending up in a clearing that she had never been to and has no recollection of. It was just her and the moonless night sky.

One Year Ago [leaving BP] [Flashback] Y4RU1BP

One Year Ago [leaving BP] [Flashback] Empty Thu Apr 02, 2020 12:56 am

When the loud sound of a broken twig initially appeared behind her, Faye was startled but thought nothing of it. The forest around Magnolia was somewhat famous for monsters and weird creatures but none of them posed a real thread to Faye. So she had not even turned back at the sound, only just looked around, searching for a familiar path that could lead her back into the city. Since there was almost no light guiding her, Faye had to rely heavily on her instinct as a mage and her magic in order to even take a step forward. Yet, even then, she had not realized the possible vulnerability of her current situation. She was out in the middle of a deep forest with no idea on where to go or what to do. If no other solution could be found, Faye reckoned that she would have to find some place up a tree to stay until the morning.

So she had thought of almost every possibility. Everything! Everything but the cold breath that loomed over her neck. It was even too late to utter a painful cry when something sank into the flesh of her neck and drove her senses into an overdrive that quickly died down to a dull, low buzzing sound. It reduced all of her immediate, instinctive reactions to nothing as the pain quickly pulled away into something pleasant. Yet, the feeling did not last long. Faye was utterly horrified when she managed to gain control of her conscious for a moment and realized that someone, or rather something, was draining her life away, slowly, teasingly, pulling her into a deep, dreamless slumber. As her eyelids closed, she heard him. A heavy sound forced into a low whisper. He caressed her hair and said,

“Maybe…I’ll let you live. But for now, sweet darling, you should sleep.”

Flashback Ends

One Year Ago [leaving BP] [Flashback] Y4RU1BP

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