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Somebody Once Told Me (Erebus)

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Here he was, the man of the hour. The alpha of awe. The brute of brawn. The cultivator of class. The duke of domination. The emperor of eloquence. In truth he was none of these things. Zane was up to his usual tricks again. He hadn't checked into the Fairy Tail guild hall in literally 2 years at this point. He was overdue on his taxes. He had spent months doing literally nothing except wandering around. In a way, he had become nothing but a delinquent. But Zane still found a way to pull it together. If nothing else, he managed to be lovable despite his massive list of flaws.

Napping on a park bench in Oak, Zane quickly realized that this town was full of thugs who would not think twice about pulling a wallet from a sleeping man's pocket. Exhaling in relief as he realized the money he had just saved himself, Zane walked forwards toward a nearby shop. Jason's deluxe spices. It seemed to be some sort of shop dedicated to the selling of rare and expensive spices that were often used in only the best examples of fine Fiorian cuisine. Seemed interesting enough.

Being a cook himself, Zane was impressed as he admired the spices in the halls of the shop. There were many others in the store, all folk that looked much richer than Zane. It was probably true too - looking at the prices, he'd most likely lose all of his savings just to get a couple grams of any of the items in the store. His hand touched on one of the spices encased in a glass tube, sighing. It was as if he was a maiden in a play, forced to have her love interest so far away that she felt like his face would never yet again be in her hands. Zane quickly realized he actually didn't want these spices that bad, pulling his hand back.

That was enough window shopping for now. Nearing the exit to the store, Zane reached in his pocket for his notebook, only to find something else was missing. It was his wallet. Somehow, someway, he had gotten his wallet snatched while in the spice shop. He was certain he had it on him when he entered. There was a bell on the door that rung each time it was opened, and he had not heard it ring since he got in here. That could only mean one thing...

Moving towards the exit door and covering it, Zane held his hands towards his mouth and raised his voice. He had gotten sick of this city already, with it's many crooks and scoundrels. They were all rascals, every last one of them Rascals, with no respect for mages!

"I know one of you is a thief, so you better come ahead and give me back my wallet! I'm not coming outta here until I get it back!" he said, as the employee at the till seemed to be unphased, napping her shift away. Zane couldn't blame her. If he had to work at an expensive spice shop and deal with rich snobs 24/7, he'd probably need a hell of a nap too. Zane certainly wanted a nap right now as well... but the wallet had to come first.

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Erebus Gresham

Erebus sat back in his chair; his feet propped up outside the window by the spice place, he hadn't needed much eyeballing, Zane was a character who was relaxed, probably unsure of losing anything! Well, if that didn't sound like a fun game, then what was? Erebus stood up right as Zane walked by, the interaction so brief and aimless that it likely never registered to the blonde's senses.

A test of wits, of realizations in oneself, Erebus lived on his cunning, not only pitting it against himself, but those around him too. He stopped about fifteen feet at the freeway and waited on anything, any kind of notice, you name it; what have it. "Okay buddy, how about... The rogue looked down at his watch, time gauging. He offered a sudden grin. "Agh, well look at that Erebus you've got five minutes; let's make a friend." Before he'd keep what was his or rather deny having ever seen such a thing, but sure enough Zane really did need his money, and was calling shots into out into the air very soon after.

Erebus smiled, escaping from his lungs a bellow of smoke and toxins. He spun on his feet with a nimble stride and marched right up to the blonde, "Right here buddy," Erebus offered a genuine smile. Wallet in hand."Times are rough in Oak y'know, can't be too careful," Erebus stepped on his dominant leg placing his cig in his lips, his hands tucked warmly under his pits. Strangely, yet characteristically it all seemed so natural, the stance was his own. Erebus had grown habit to keeping his balance, he needed to be able to lean backwards at any signs of being swung on.

"Sorry to be so crucial and scare you like that, but it was going to fall-out your pocket sooner or later, you should thank me." Erebus wasn't fibbing, in truth the wallet was jutting out. The last thing anyone would want is for a less reasoning personality to get ahold of something so important. I mean, there was so much more to abuse there than just a few dollars, there was an entire identity to scam. Those are definitely worth protecting, especially in Scoundrel Town. "You smoke at all? I got a few in the pack." Erebus didn't have any friends, but he loved socializing.


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Zane had been wondering where some of the smoke in the shop had come from, and he'd soon have his answer. It was a man that he had not yet noticed in the store, though one that would certainly be hard to forget currently. Moving his hand forwards a bit, Zane started by peacefully taking the wallet from the man's hand. Zane stood in the same spot, an annoyed expression on his face. So this guy thought that he could just steal ZANE's wallet, then act all sly about it, while smoking something, while moving in such a suave way, while having a nice haircut. Zane was... well, actually, he couldn't really be all too mad about it. This dude was cool as hell!

Zane's face quickly changed to that of a smile, as if he had just been pranked by the funniest man in the world. Hell, he had pretty much forgotten this man had quite literally robbed him - Zane had truly been charmed. "You know what, it's alright! I get it, things ain't going too well here." While Zane was more laid back now, he made sure to put his wallet reallllllly deep into his pocket this time. While he hoped it wouldn't be stolen again, he had learned over time not to underestimate the thieves of this city. "I suppose you have a point, I clearly need to invest in better pants..." Zane moved a bit left of the exit, no longer intending to keep people in the store. He instead leaned against the storefront window to the left, putting his hands in his pockets while talking to the stranger. A move that was mostly intended to look cool, but also brought about by a desire not to lose a wallet full of money again.

"Smoking? Only during special occasions, honestly. I suppose there's no harm in it now, though. It wasn't like I was doing much today anyways. Hand me whatever you've got." Holding out his hand, Zane wondered what exactly he'd even be smoking. Hopefully it wasn't that stuff they sold in Marigold... that shit was wacky. Realizing that he had not yet learned who this man was, Zane thought to introduce himself before accepting a smoke from the stranger. "Name's Zane, by the way. Nice to meet you."

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Erebus Gresham

Interesting... Erebus smiled back, was this someone genuine? Not dripping with insincerity like all the rest?.. Please let it be so. He thought to himself, on cue with his friend Erebus crouched knees. Letting his shoulder-blades kiss the glass wall which he found himself almost falling into gently behind him, about four feet from where he was.

He slid himself back against the wall until his comfort was secured-- he leaned in with Zane, so not to leave the blonde hanging back. It was important to let anyone you speak with feel engaged. This person in question however, just happened to be a someone; the first someone to offer any meaningful conversation in what felt like forever.

"Sucks indeed, but Oaks never been right, not to me anyways. Hey, at least there's this talk about a guild that just formed outside of Town though." Erebus offered a bit of positive news, his head jutting up to look over the trees in the far distance, just a subtle nod of direction.

He then flicked his dying cigarette-but aside. "I smoke Northports' actually Zane, they're menthol flavored. and- My name's Erebus, I grew up around here, if I hadn't, then I'd be a lot less me so I gotta rep it for that much." he jested. In truth, Erebus had been kindred too many times to count, and this town had chewed him up, spit him out, and repeat. Luckily, he just didn't break easy. His constitution, his spirit, was his strength of character.

Erebus wondered about Zane for a second as the shorter male would inhale the cancerous fumes, and relax to the nicotine. This on-go young kid, seemingly unbothered by the tense environment of this unforgiving world, and Erebus was still so local and use to it too. He wasn't mad at the poverty but like damn, he surely wished he could escape it; and join these successful people who ventured in from the outside. Zane had something about it. Some kind of contagious good mood, maybe they had a similar vibe, and this was what it felt like. To recognize real.

Better not to let that get to you E, keep your head on top. The thief reminded himself not to go quiet for long, he had a habit of overthinking.

So the rogue, waving it of mind, came back to the moment with sudden clarity. "They're calling that guild Advent World I hear, but I ain't too sure of 'em." Erebus held a lighter and a cigarette over to his colleague. "But I don't really understand magic, so who'd I be to judge people for trying to make the world a better place?"

Erebus then piped down as a young girl and her mother walked past them, no need to let everything go heard to the citizens, they stressed enough about this forsaken place. Oak was a dreadfully shady world. But for what it's worth, the women and children were left alone if the men could maintain it. Everything was about money and status here; in this gross, dark underworld.

Erebus was a prince of this world; so he knew it all too well, which begged the question, where's Zane world? Such a collected traveler... Erebus had to know, he had to pry! "Tell me about yourself, where you from? South? East? The North?"

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"New guild, huh? Is Phantom Lord still around, by any chance? I haven't been to Oak in quite some time." The world often seemed to move too fast for Zane to process sometimes. There were moments where it felt like every moment was as long as the next, but on occasion weeks and months would fly on without Zane noticing their presence. At this point, Zane was more of a drifter if anything. Not a serious, cool, mysterious drifters like in all the stories though. He was more of the comedic relief of this tale if anything.

Taking the cigar from Erebus, Zane lit it with finesse. As someone who traveled so often, he was used to using a lighter for just about anything. If you didn't have some sort of fire magic, it was hard to go on the road without one. Tossing the lighter casually yet precisely towards Erebus once more, Zane exhaled a bit of the smoke as he listened to Erebus about the new guild. "It's the first I've heard myself... I guess I can't say much about them, only knowing their name and all. The name's definitely a bit tacky, if I had to admit. But hey, tacky things have their charm too."

The conversation with Erebus was a nice change of pace for Zane. He talked with many people, being a wanderer and all, but not many gave him as much substance in a few back and forths as Erebus did. A perfect way to get rid of the boredom of the day. After all, it was this or continuing to look at overprices spices. When Erebus asked of Zane's birthplace, he was happy to oblige the details, perhaps even more than he would oblige most people.

"I'm from Baska. Parents were some farmers who worked there. It's a nice place, really. I know some people from other areas wouldn't wanna go to a place like that - I remember all the folks in Crocus and Era calling it a hick town for a while. But I think it was pretty cool, really. Haven't been there for a while though... I've changed on both the inside and the outside. Not sure if I could just waltz in on my parents like that, especially since I've been MIA to them for years anyways." Zane's voice still sounded fairly casual, even while speaking of the subject. Perhaps he had gotten used to vanishing. He hadn't gone to the guild hall in forever either. "Nowadays I mainly just wander around and whatnot. I had a couple of goals for a while, but I kinda lost sight of them. It's so easy to just go with the winds sometimes. How about you, Erebus? You got a plan in life?"


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Zane's eyes wandered to the clock as he spoke, his memory on something quickly coming back. He accepted that one request at the castle, right? He was going to be late if he didn't leave soon! He couldn't believe that he forgot that... he supposed he was probably just fooling around too much the night where he agreed to do so. Still, he had to make a break for it, and fast. This Erebus guy was super cool, but Zane just didn't have the time to chat right now, despite previously thinking otherwise. "Sorry bout this, but I just realized I'm late for something. If you're ever in Magnolia, stop by Fairy Tail, you might find me there!" Zane hadn't mentioned his guild in a long time, but he supposed it was the best place to find him. In fact, maybe he should go and try to head to Magnolia soon sometime... it would be interesting to see the current state of the guild. He hadn't heard much of it in a while...

Running out the door, Zane realized he had more important things to worry about at the moment. He needed to jolt for the castle quick, lest he want to receive a scolding on being on time. His legs had to get moving, and moving they did as he ran through the streets of Era.


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Erebus Gresham

Zane was a nice socializer, he had a lot to say and the context for which he went about it didn't confuse a simple mind like Erebus. The Rogue appreciated that out of life, many people couldn't just... Well, be simple? That was their problem too, convolution of the small stuff. "Phantom Lord? Not in years man, in fact they went out of shop ages ago, few months after their ring-leader got sautered to misfortune by Grimoire Heart... Or was it Blue Pegasus? Something like that, I was a kid back then, can't remember too well. You really didn't know?" Zane had a few more chips to sit on the table when he told Erebus the short summary of his life as a mage. Magic was super neat, god damn.

"Oh me? I-" Zane was short on time it seemed, he mentioned his situation with a flare of respect to time, which reminded Erebus he was only trying to smoke a cigarette then pocket some wallets out here too. Sure enough, he gave a cheery smile and a nod, letting Zane on his way towards Castle Phantasm. "Yeah if I'm ever out that way I'll check out the guild, be safe partner!" Shoot, another friend gone with the horizon, oh well. Erebus turned on his side, pushing off the wall, another day; another dollar. Time to go get some money together.


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