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Erebus Gresham

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#1Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham


Name: Erebus Gresham

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Sevenese

Ethnicity, Mother: Bellan

Class: Rogue

Race: Human

Rank: A-rank

Guild: Guildless; Tattoo Color

Tattoo: Forearm

Face: Spike Spiegel - Cowboy Bebop


Height: 6'2

Weight: 170lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Overall: Erebus is a lanky young man with a tan skin complexion. His arms and legs are toned and cut, but otherwise, Erebus is a skinny legend. His teeth are pearly white, and his appearance is notably attractive and masculine. His eyes are big, and his jawline firm. Erebus normally wears medium armors to supplement his speed, tank-tops and sweats for casual wear, and if he's wearing anything over that, it's a zip up jacket.

Extra: N/A


Personality: Erebus comes from a place of excitement, deep in the heart of all people, there is that kid. That energy that is aching to come back to the top, Erebus simply never lost that factor, and most of the trouble he gets into is because his ideals stand for evening the playing fields.

He is a rogue in the that sense and beyond, he will steal from you, even if he likes you. Which makes Erebus a pretty toxic individual to befriend, but his loyalty in any other area is unrivaled. Erebus would die for a reason he could believe in, but would evade the death all together if within his reach. He's a chaotic neutral force, but he's chaotic in such a way that it doesn't register to the senses; Erebus comes off as a singularity determined for survival.

He is prone to trying to feed, shelter, and safeguard those around him despite not having those things for himself as he's doing it. He is a hard judge of character for even the most talented critics, because the stunts he pulls makes him very difficult to confide trust into. If fun & irresponsibility manifested as a creature, they might think somewhere along the same lines as Erebus, but Erebus can also surprise people with responsible decisions too. Leaving everyone to wonder if he simply just doesn't care about the damage he's overlooking. Which is exactly the case actually. Too the Rogue; Erebus Gresham, trust is cliche and so he can never fully bring himself to trust another person. But he ignores things that would set the typical person off and gets his vengeance back in some manner, no matter how big or small. Whatever it was worth to him, he takes that much back. Instead of pretending someone wants to be his best friend, Erebus vibes with basically anybody who doesn't trip and just does their thing. Hanging around him for very long though, will have you associating yourself with mischief.

Unpredictability is the element that sustains his movement, and if you can start to predict him. You just might see a different shade of the personality he's known for. Not all Angels have Halos, not all Devils have horns. People like Erebus, they live in the middle; and they feel comfortable there. Erebus has never had to kill anyone, but he could, and he knows it. Uninterested in those subjects, Erebus will find his own ways of avoiding conflict he deems unnecessary.


  • Magic: Erebus enjoys watching mages, magic is of interest to the rogue. Who doesn't fit the caster classes. One of the first things he asks about is the talent tree of the person he's impression. This information is actually stored for the future regardless, but it's fun to see what others can do.

  • Cigarettes: Erebus likes to smoke, he want's all the smoke, preferably menthol.


  • Greed: Selfishness is the fastest way to turn Erebus inside out, and allow for his real badass to show. Erebus is the opposite of that in essence, and the Selfless have trouble with the Selfish.

  • Negativity: Don't be bad vibes man.


  • Better Days: Erebus doesn't have a sense of direction except that he's living in the present, and that means attaining the life he's dreamed of. Not only that, but sharing it.


  • Paranoia: Strangely enough, Erebus is a calm individual but not without consequence, everyone in life has scorned the rogue. This leaves his heart on his sleeve and causes him to worry that no one really fucks with him like that, that he's going to be used and thrown under the bus whenever someone's given the chance.


Magic Name: Stab

Magic Element: Stab

Magic Description: Stab


History: Erebus began his stride as an ambiguity, never really aware of the things that were happening around him. His friends getting into trouble, his troubles with the law, all of it went over his head. Until that fateful day they tried to cuff him, and-- fight or flight kicked in. He didn’t mean any harm! He didn’t even throw a punch, but reflexes moved on their own, and Erebus was moving, his body taking over. Obstruction; that’s what they called this crime, but Erebus never did a crime. Battery, maybe but he only fought when no options were available.

Why not just run instead of make everything worse, everyone would always say. Well he did sometimes… But then sometimes he didn’t.

They just couldn’t touch him. He found it odd himself, being the person he was, it was like he couldn’t keep the confusion off his face. Each and every time. Someone or something had him in the chase:

The banging at his motel room door, suddened the boy to his feet, rummaging for his jacket before the door was kicked in, nearly ripping the bolts from their hinges. Swords were drawn and another scenario like all the rest, Erebus began to duck and tuck under the two “men,” this was beginning to happen bi-weekly. They always sent the strangest pair of crackheads or weirdos, I guess you could call this guy's gang lackeys or something. They would swing swords before laying proof. Erebus just couldn’t agree with a system like that, ao he didn't affiliate anymore.

He didn’t understand what the problem was with most of the things people wanted him for, even if he was unjustified, there needed to be some fairness to life, and there never was. Society, what a boggling concept.

Anyways, they wouldn’t hear him out, he couldn’t be right, and they had to be-- every single time an exchange took place! Maybe his face was just bad rep or whatever, well:

Erebus decided it was time to get out of this situation. Another duck and slide, he skinned his knees on the drift for this one; but adrenaline was already kickin’, the pain was not on his mind. How could it be? He was about to be put to the gallows. Without even a mugshot for his mother! His mom would kill him for that… No, Erebus was already putting this escalation down by force. Popping up from the ground with his left-hand, the “Rogue” came to find a pair of sex cuffs now stripped from the night-stand, he pulled to his waistline, zipping his fly, thankfully whoever he'd been with was long gone...

Now in possession of the cuffs. His mind was lining up and he definitely knew what he was doing, in a time like this you don’t hesitate. You make what you got count.

At least, Erebus was never the type to sit on nonsense. He lived by the spark, the power of impulse. The Rogue quickly snapped to his feet from his knees, the sound of a click was heard, and in that very moment the first target’s eyes glanced down to confirm the worst, he was thrust backwards into his colleague with ruthless aggression, poor female he thought, crushed under some fat guy.

Erebus hadn’t slowed his pace out of pity though, opportunity knocks; literally. When the two goons felt their bodies collide onthe floor, the stun became the interval needed. Erebus locked both bandits onto each other by the wrists, kicking the female's wrist to disarm the blade and send it rolling across the room, he calmly hopped over them while they were regathering themselves at the ground.

They would no doubt try to chase him. Which was going to aggravate them further. They hadn’t noticed the cuff had been pulled around one of the furnished bed’s four legs and thus; had bound them together on the floor. Erebus thought the two looked so cute together down there, maybe they would make for a couple even. That was a wedding he would love to show up too!

The duo weren’t so impressed, just ticked off. Shouting something at him you’d rather not say out loud yourself, if you were raised to respect your manners I mean, but they could save all that mess for after their honeymoon. It was poor sportsmanship not to give him his praise, that shit he just did there? Pro moves. Dusting his hands off. The Rogue inched on out, closing the door to his hotel room slowly,one cig for a goodbye and a salutations all the while...

Reference: Death Coin: EREBUS

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#2Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Hi, just a few edits to make - can you add the colour to your tattoo, in case you join a guild and please add 1 more for each section of likes and dislikes.

Bump when done.

#3Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

Refunds & Reclaims
Attribute Reallocation

Total Points:

  • Strength: 101
  • Speed: 65
  • Endurance: 1
  • Constitution: 121
  • Intelligence: 1

Other Changes

I want my donation Earrings to be Faruz Earrings please, and I'd like to save my title image for later.

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Venus Rosé

This character application has been approved.

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