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Cytha Mcdonald

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#1Cytha Mcdonald 

Cytha Mcdonald  Empty Wed Apr 01, 2020 2:09 pm

Cytha Mcdonald


Name: Cyntha Mcdonald

Age: 21 April, 11, X768

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Sevese

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: The Hunter

Race: Werewolf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Daeva Eye

Tattoo: On her right arm bicept it is red in color.

Face: Baiken, Fatal Fury


Height: 5'9

Weight: 125 Lbs
Hair: Pink

Eyes: Red

She is a rather beautiful woman with long pink hair and ample chest size. She is muscular in build with obvious bulges in her arms and legs even under clothing. She also wears an eye patch over her left eye, this is not because her eye is damaged but because she uses it to control herself. She is often seen wearing a Chinese style of dress or a kimono and keeps a large blade on her left side which she uses to hunt demons. Her top is often left to expose her chest as she uses this to lower men's guards as well as to make her appeal to people to get information out of them.  

She often wears facial paint when she is out on a hunt, it will usually be red in color and be various shapes and symbols depending on her mood.


She can come off as cold or sometimes distant due to her nature of not trusting someone to be a monster in human clothing. She also has extreme anger to those she considers monsters, due to things that have happened in her family she cannot trust those she considers monsters.

She is one that seeks to end the darkness of the world, even if it means she has to become darkness herself. Her family bloodline came from such a monster and to try to move it on she will do anything to end the monsters of the world. In battle she is very brutal and will do anything to win a fight, there is no such thing as cheating only the winner and loser so she won't fight fair.  

When it comes to love she feels anything or any race can be a soulmate, this is of course outside of monsters. Those are the one thing she can't accept, b and will not accept but she isn't against having a god as a lover or elves, things of races that are not monsters or demons. She is very caring toward those she loves and will show a much softer side toward them.


  • Painting:
    She enjoys painting as this calms her soul and the taint she feels in her heart.
  • Swords:
    She has a strong fascination with swords as she uses it as part of her magic to fight things she considers monsters.


  • Monsters:
    She hates anything she considers a monster and will go out of her way to kill such vile beasts.
  • Fake People:
    She despises people that pretend to be one thing but are completely the opposite, this dishonesty to her enrages her heart.


  • To Change The World: She aims to rid the world of monsters and dark beings in order to make the world a peaceful place if she can do this she feels maybe she can cure herself of the monster inside herself and bring back honor to her family name.


  • Becoming the Beast: She aims to rid the world of monsters and dark beings in order to make the world a peaceful place if she can do this she feels maybe she can cure herself of the monster inside herself and bring back honor to her family name.

  • Failure:
    She fears failing to change the world and the world falling into darkness, this failure would be nearly as bad as becoming the very monsters she wishes to fight.


Magic Name: Reckoning Magic

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description: Her magic is very unique in the way it works it stores the magical energy of those she kills and lets her use it as fuel to use her magic. This magic has several interesting properties it creates explosions as well as other arcane effects.



Her family history is filled with darkness and horrors, due to her great, great grandmother being such a vicious monster her family name had been long tarnished. Cyntha was born to what she thought was a normal mother and father but there was a dark secret her father was a werewolf and she had inherited his werewolf blood. She always felt like she had sharp teeth and hear hearing and vision seemed a lot better than other kids but she never put two and two together.

As she got older she noticed she always had anger issues until finally, it was the day of her awakening, her father pulled her off to the side and explained to her she was a werewolf, she would feel urges and as her teen hormones went crazy it was possible she would awaken the inner beast. She could not believe it her mother and father both knew this and never told her she felt betrayed but she now understood why her family was always moving. They likely were being hunted, she began to figure out more and more as they argued about her father coming for them. Her family was a family of hunters and his father was a werewolf-like himself. He was from the famous Mcdonald clan, while famous it was also hated and many had been hunted and killed.

One night it all came to a climax as Cytha awoke to some noises outside she could feel her heart racing as suddenly a torch came flying through the window. Her mother and father quickly woke as a man's voice could be heard calling the pair outside. The would show worry on their face as they told Cytha to hide with the pair coming out, her father had never been told she had a child and they had been on the run before she was ever conceived. He likely didn't know as she could hear her mom's begging before two shots could be heard firing off.

Cytha could not hide any longer as she dashed out of the house coughing because of the smoke to see her mother and father dead in each others arms. The anger showed on her face as she began to change, her grandfather watched as two men with her made a run at her before she would fully transform and dash to kite the two men. She began to rip the pair apart with her anger clearly showing, they begged for help but her grandfather lifted no finger to help them.  

He smiled as she leaped toward him before he would slam his hand into her body releasing some sort of magic and knocking her out. He would not kill her, instead, he trained her to become a hunter, sometimes it took a monster to kill other monsters. She learned his magic and his way of fi9ghting as she was quite skilled with a sword she used this instead of a gun like himself.

She finally had become a strong enough mage to seek a guild as she had one goal to end all monsters so no others suffer as she had. To make the world monster free and change the world for the better.
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#2Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

I'll be grading your application.

  • The race section is where you should fill in as 'Werewolf' and the guild section is where you enter which guild you wish to join.
  • Please fix the coding error under the 'Fears' category.
  • The starter magics for characters are usually very basic; it's fine to create explosions but dealing more damage to creatures is not allowed for normal magics.

    "...With each spell cast, she begins to decay her own body as her magic power starts to consume her very being. This, however, can be reverted if she consumes Beast flesh this, however, takes one full post without interruption to fully restore her body back to normal."

    Please remove this section, it is not allowed for basic magic.

Bump when done.

#3Cytha Mcdonald 

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Cytha Mcdonald
Fixed and Bump

#4Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

  • Please mention the colour of your guild tattoo under 'Guild' section as well.

    "...it can also cause significant damage to creature's flesh."

    Please remove this part.

    This magic has a very interesting side effect on her, however.

    Your last sentence ended abruptly, you might want to reword it haha.

Bump when done.

#5Cytha Mcdonald 

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Cytha Mcdonald
Edited and Bumped

#6Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

This character application has been approved.

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