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Making time to die [Private/Red/Kaiser]

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#1Ren Liath 

Making time to die [Private/Red/Kaiser] Empty Wed Apr 01, 2020 4:46 am

Ren Liath
It was an overcast night in Magnolia when Ren arrived. Other than the weather being dull the town seemed fairly lively. There were quite a number of youths doing their daily pub crawling and somehow Ren managed to get pulled into the mix. It seemed perfect for him to waste the rest of his time getting wasted. Was definitely better than just exisiting and doing nothing.

The company Ren found himself in rather poor company. Although this didn't strike Ren at first glance. They initially started out very friendly and even generous, buying loads of drinks for the mage and listening yo some of his stories. Although as the night progressed their real intentions emerged.

Now that Fiore had new guulds ruling the roost these people wanted to test their mettle. Specifically the morally grey guild of Deava Eye. Word was that they were a legal guild but weren't just out to do good quests. And their memebers were deadly strong and did what they want. Ome of which was supposed to be in town so they wanted a solid mage to test her out. And so they chose Ren.

Sadly with the intoxication of alcohol Ren was in no fit state to fight but he was in a right state to shout random slurs at the guild from the street. Like how it was full of smelly girls and the leader's mother was a ho. Ya know, the classics. He didn't expect much to happen but if it kept his new friends happy then he was happy to have some fun even if he didn't quite agree with the message.

Making time to die [Private/Red/Kaiser] BWhZdfi

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revel in chaos;  

Making time to die [Private/Red/Kaiser] SmwXEG9

Kaiser was walking through the streets of Magnolia on a full moon night. She heard a few ‘awoo’s almost in intervals, and she chuckled every time. The doggies were everywhere, no doubt about that. It was interesting that she had never met one of her own kind. Vampires were usually in the shadows and didn’t show out like werewolves. They were never really ‘out there’ unless they had a status, whether in the vampire society or in the magic society. In Kaiser’s case, it could be said that she had some kind of status in the magic society, and she was naturally the type of person to be ‘out there’. That was probably why she didn’t really like it when she heard those rumors that fly around about the other vampires. She didn’t want to be a part of it. She wanted to do her own thing.

Smashing the finished cigarette with the heel of her boot, the lone nightwalker walked past some bars where people were getting shitfaced because it was a Friday night. However she wasn’t craving for the feeling of intoxication tonight. It was the time of the week for her. To get hungry. Patience wasn’t a trait of hers and even more so in this kind of time. The air smelled disgusting, but that’s what she had been having to tolerate ever since arriving in Magnolia. Everything about the city was too much for her to handle, and she just couldn’t wait to change it all.

The vampire strode through the street, looking around as she was lazy to go all the way to the outskirts to have her meal for the week. It wasn’t hard finding her food, though. She found him in an alleyway, a dark haired male all on his own, seeming to look for something. Kaiser took no time to jump him at her full speed, aiming straight for his neck to dig her fangs into. She didn’t want to take too much time as these were unfamiliar areas so she fed on the poor boy as quickly as she could, draining him completely of his lifeblood as she held onto him firmly.

m a t r i a r c h y
#3Ren Liath 

Making time to die [Private/Red/Kaiser] Empty Fri Apr 03, 2020 11:19 am

Ren Liath
"Haha she didn't show!" Some of the jeered as it seemed that all of Ren's shouting an insults came to nothing. Unsurprising but still. With nothing to keep their interests the group slowly left, leaving Ren all on his lonesome. Without much else to entertain him either he thought he'd venture back to an inn where he could sleep off his inevitable hangover in peace. Provided he could find a place.

Walking through dimly lit streets however seemed to cause more of a problem than he thought. Every couple of steps the boy tripped on cobblestone and fell hard to the ground or stumbled so hard that he fell into a wall or someone else. Eventually he had to use a walls to prop himself up.

It worked to a degree but now he had to take some dank back alleys to get to someplace comfortable. With each limping step he found himself knocking into a wall until he was in the darkest of alleys without any light. He stopped for a moment, wondering should he just set up shop here for the night, holding a coin in his hand that he was going to use for the inn. Much like most of his life he was in a pitch black void with nowhere to go. A hopeless feeling educed by the alcohol washed over him as he noticed someone approach. And then he didn't feel so lonely or alone or anything. He felt nothing as his lifeless body hit the ground, finally at peace.


Making time to die [Private/Red/Kaiser] BWhZdfi

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revel in chaos;  

Making time to die [Private/Red/Kaiser] SmwXEG9

Kaiser devoured her weekly meal in no time. She wiped any blood on her victim’s clothes and dropped his lifeless form to the ground. There were other vampires in every town, so surely no one was going to pin this one on her. After the quick but filling meal, the pale sorceress returned immediately to her villa to wash up. It was unbeknownst to her, of course, that the male was actually the rune knight who had come along with her to the desert country to collect one of the nine heroes' relics, thanks to Moon’s magic.

Once she reached her villa, the vampire jumped right into the shower after undressing herself. It was normally the opposite when she was a human. Shower first, and then eat. But now since the way she ate was no longer the same as the way she ate when she was a human, and ended up in her getting messy due to having to stop her victim from struggling most of the time. Anyhow, that was another habit that stuck after being a vampire. After the shower, she felt clean and relaxed, so she made a chocolate milk drink and sat down to listen to some news.


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