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Raymus Kouris

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#1Raymus Kouris 

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Raymus Kouris


Name: Raymus Kouris

Age:July 7th X768

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Sevese.

Ethnicity, Mother: Sevese.

Class: Berserker

Race: Werewolf

Rank: B-rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Tattoo: Under Left Collarbone

Face: Cu Chulainn- Fate Series


Height: 190 cm

Weight: 80 kg

Hair: Dark Blue/Navy

Eyes: Red

Overall: Raymus is a werewolf who prefers to wear fashionable clothing as is the norm for the Blue Pegasus. He can usually be seen clad in a variety of colours but blue takes his preference . Despite trying to be a more cheery person for the guild, Raymus has cold, sharp eyes containing a beastly glint. his hair is stretched out long and unkempt, although somehow still has some semblance of silkiness that would be found amongst those of noble birth. He also tends to tie his hair in a ponytail and let's it hang over his back or drapes it over his shoulder. As one who can be called a handsome beast in human form, it befits his appearance.

Raymus’s charm points consist of those things on his head that look like animal ears and what looks like a tail on his lower back. These animalistic effects are due to his heritage as a werewolf, so one would understand him hating such features, but he actually seems to like them. They are also only a culmination of hair for the most part and although he can wag and make them twitch, they’re purely cosmetic.

Raymus also has Red markings on the right side of his torso that lead up to his right arm. These marks are an after effect of the magical implements his parents used to halt his transformations and are only sometimes visible.

Extra: His pupils sometimes turn into slits when he transforms or is agitated.


Personality: Raymus is a rare breed of egotistically and realistic. He is more than confident in him own abilities and ideals to the point where he’s beyond stubborn and can’t be swayed in him thinking or ideals. He often credits this to him past and living by himself while he needed to rely solely on him skills to get by. Even as an anchoring factor he often takes his realism as a boastable strength. His tendency to be rather self indulgent also stems from his past and upbringing.

Even with his big head, his ability to  be realistic keeps him down to earth and empathetic towards others. his realism can only stretch so far though. It almost acts as a double edged sword, aggravating him to a degree because of how he grasps situations.

Friends and companions is not something Raymus is used to and with others he tends to be rather awkward in how he speaks. While he isn’t necessarily shy, interacting with others is a challenge for him. When he can manage it though he tends to be very carefree when speaking and has somewhat of a loose mouth, usually letting something personal slip without even realizing it. Being comfortable with someone tends to make him revert in terms of manners as he starts acting harsh to them, although this is mainly him teasing, for the most part.


  • Meat: Being part animal, Raymus can’t help but love fresh meat. The rarer the better!
  • Fruit and Veg: The other half of his hunter gathim livelihood, Raymus also enjoys some fresh and juicy produce to keep him fit and healthy!
  • Clear Days/Nights: Ones where you can see the stars. He finds it comforting and relaxing to just gaze up at the infinite sky.


  • Wasted food: To the point where he will dig through the trash and dig out perfectly good pieces of food and save it for himself for later.
  • Cruelty based on appearance: Seeing anyone disrespect a person or animal based solely on their appearance truly enrages Raymus, having grown up with that discrimintation too.
  • Sanctimonious people: Not all people, just the pompous ones who think they’re hot shit. But not in a cool way like how he does it!


  • Repaying his Debt: After being “Taken in” by Blue Pegasus, Raymus hopes to do him best in the hopes of paying back the immeasurable debt he feels he owes them for their kindness. Whether it be doing missions or helping the new recruits, it doesn’t matter so long as it supports the guild and the people who accepted him.
  • Mastering him Affliction: While he doesn’t dislike him animalistic features too much, Raymus hopes to eventually fully master him race’s powers to the fullest so he can finally have control over how the power affects him life rather than it being the other way around.


  • Abandonment: Raymus above all else is terrified of being abandoned again like when he was a child. It is why he tries desperately to keep up with the guild’s rules despite his short temper and rash nature.
  • Snakes: Having had a bad run in with a snake in his past, Raymus despises the creature and is totally terrified of it.


Magic Name: Raiju’s Embodiment

Magic Element: Lightning

Magic Description: Raiju’s Embodiment is a lightning based magic. It’s magic seals are yellow to denote this. As for it’s capabilities, well the magic is incredibly physically based. The magic is capable of buffing the user with electricity while also allowing the user to weaponize this lightning into offensive properties. The magic also allows the user to use some supplementary spells although to a much inferior degree compared to the aforementioned spell types.



Raymus was born in the neighbouring land of Seven. As his name would imply, he was born to a noble family who were often regarded as a very holy family. It was this conceited view of the family that ultimately ended that opinion. For years Raymus's parents had tried to have a child but to no avail. Without any other heirs they were desperate, sad and enraged that they could of all people would fail at this task. So angry in fact that they scorned the gods they worshiped and demanded a child. While the gods did not respond to their tantrum, a so-called prophet did. He was insulted that the people who founded their success on the gods would scorn them so. The prophet however would help the couple and give them what they want which would eventually take away everything they had.

The Prophet was an adept mage and managed to help incubate the baby within the woman’s womb.  During his pregnancy, Raymus's mother seemed just like any other, at first. The only difference was instead of craving pickles he craved meat, raw meat. Another oddity was that instead of the normal kicking, his baby felt as though he was scratching and clawing inside of him. The Prophet assured him that this was fine and simply side effects of the magic and everything would work out in the end and true to his word the boy was born, but he was far from ordinary.

Born with not only a full head of hair but fur growing down to his lower back which extended to a tail, almost like an animal pelt. He also had sharp fangs already protruding from his gums. Raymus’s parents were baffled and couldn’t understand how this came to be. Simply be, the Prophet cursed the child in the womb to be born as a werewolf and told the family as much for the disrespect to their gods in a letter. The Prophet assumed that the lay people would soon find out about this and the family would be excommunicated. Raymus’s parents quickly figured this too so instead of leaving peacefully they would lie and deceive to keep their prestige.

They started by trying to amputate his tail and ears but these weren't actual appendages and merely tufts of hair to resemble an animal. After finding this out made things far easier so instead of needing to dismember their son, they just made sure to cut the boy’s hair as short as possible to remove any signs of these. They even had limited success in keeping him from transforming fully thanks to some magical items. What they couldn't suppress though was the boy's innate wild instincts.  Raymus was always difficult to handle. He always wanted to move or play and couldn't stand sitting around and learning proper etiquette. It was hard for him to be himself. Everything he wanted to do had to be suppressed and he was forced to act a certain way to keep his parents happy. It depressed the boy and made him want to rebel, so as often as he could the boy would sneak out to let him inner beast out.

Still his parents could live with this. They could live with any of these flaws their son had so long as he could eventually redeem himself as a noble. Sadly Raymus was only brought into the world to take away from his parents, even if he didn't know it. And with or without the influence of the Prophet, his plans would come to fruition.

After many years of trying to put him into the right field to quell his animalistic side, eventually when he turned 10 Raymus was put into the arena while he would learn to fight and control his growing power. This seemed to suit him well, finally somewhere while he could be himself and get out all his frustrations. It would also finally give him parents peace knowing that he had a place in their world even if it didn't suit their idea of a noble lady. So long as he could control himself it would do. Sadly this could not last and in realizing this the final act to their families destruction would begin.

One overcast night Raymus was in the middle of a match with a modest crowd watching. While the sky looked like it was going to be quite stormy the sky suddenly cleared and both fighters were showered in moonlight rather than rain. While it did not affect his opponent, the moonlight took full effect on Raymus. his transformation into a Beast was complete and in seeing that he was in fact a werewolf the whole of the arena turned on his parents for hiding this from their society. They were given two options. Leave with their son, or leave their son. With only the thought of saving their title in their head, his two parents took no time at all to disown their son. This action while looking like their only option was exactly what the prophet who gave them their son had planned. To pin them between a rock and a hard place for not fully accepting their son leading to their demise. To show that they are heartless creatures who didn't deserve the gods love and to be punished for their foolishness. It was no surprise that he was there for the decision and relished in it.

This was all well and good for the prophet but as for Raymus, he was now alone in the world. Born to suppress everything that made him unique, unable to do anything he enjoyed or be taught anything to help him in the real world. So without much other choice the boy had to leave his homeland and try to survive.

Thankfully having at least gotten the bair minimum of basics in how to survive, Raymus managed to keep himself alive until he got to Fiore. There the boy was taken in by an elderly couple who were in similar circumstances to Ariann's parents. They too shunned their child because he was different, but realising their mistake when they met the werewolf they knew they had to help him as penance. So they raised him as their own, let him act on his instincts and express himself as a werewolf to the point where he was comfortable in himself with his affliction but still it was a hard subject for him to share. Seeing this the two knew that they could only show him so much. Before they passed they showed the boy a guild who were proud to boast that they brought out and showed all the beauty of their members. Their last request was for him to join so Raymus agreed. However he was reluctant and felt bad that he would just throw all of his problems onto someone else's lap. However he was accepted into their ranks after speaking with the guild's maste. Now an official member of Blue Pegasus, Raymus wants to help the guild in any way he can much like they helped him.

Reference: NA

Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic:  NA
  • Weapon:  NA
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: NA
  • Race: Gifted Werewolf to Start from Ren Liath
  • Companion: NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 175 100 refund due to death coin from Ren Liath

  • Strength: 32
  • Speed: 32
  • Endurance: 33
  • Constitution: 26
  • Intelligence: 52

Other Changes

100 exp from Ren Liath thanks to death coin



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