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Exterminator #3 [Quest: Nuala]

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Exterminator #3 [Quest: Nuala] U8W6XVS

Nuala was walking along the streets of Dahlia City. It was a beautiful day for once. The sun was shining and the weather was warmer than usual. It seemed as though spring was almost here and Nuala was enjoying herself. Dahlia had become a home to her, in spite of its weird location, the weird citizens and all the accidents that happened here constantly. Of course also the fact that there was a literal Necromancer cult at work and that no one really seemed to mind - the people of Dahlia were simple enough and just rolled along with it and Nuala could respect that. She was out and about in the city today since she was preparing herself for her travel. She was headed for Magnolia soon - tomorrow to be exact. Kaiser had asked some of them to be there to do something for her and although the vampire hadn’t exactly told them what they were supposed to do, Nuala had a faint idea. Magnolia wasn’t too far from Dahlia so the travel wouldn’t take very long. That was very much a good thing for the Voidling as she did not like long travels. Unfortunately for her, once her travel to Magnolia was completed and she had finished her business there, she would need to travel again.

Her plan was to head towards Port Astera, which was a city in the west of the country. Nuala knew a few people there that she didn’t quite want to think about yet. The reason she headed there was also something else entirely. She had been offered an interesting job: it was a hit job that involved killing one single person and the reward was massive. Nuala had to stay careful and suspicious of these type of deals of course but she would be lying if she said that she wasn’t interested. The money she was being offered was a lot and for once she had also been warned beforehand. Apparently the person she was supposed to get rid of was a skilled mercenary, just as herself and she was supposed to succeed at the mission and ensure that he was killed without issue. Of course Nuala couldn’t promise a perfect result like that but because the monetary reward was so high she decided to roll with it regardless. Those things were still matters of the future though and they shouldn’t be occupying her mind too much or now. Nuala was going shopping now anyways.



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Exterminator #3 [Quest: Nuala] U8W6XVS

She wanted to buy a few things to bring with her on her travels before leaving her home. There were some essentials of course. Things that she carried on her body no matter what, such as her jewelry, her weapons and whatever other items she had. Mostly her jewelry though since it was enchanted and protects her. Furthermore. Nuala was looking to bring some snacks. She was probably going to travel by horse so she would be able to bring a somewhat heavy bag with her to put something to eat in. Nuala was hoping that everything would go smoothly and she planned on renting a somewhat decent place during her stay in Magnolia. The city itself was quite interesting as it was quite cultural and known for its many stores, shops, boutiques and whatnot. So Nuala would probably be doing some extra shopping once she arrived in that place. But for now she was still walking the streets of Dahlia. Nuala also thought about doing some extra work today since the day was still young and there was still time left for her. She wanted some extra pocket money before leaving town in case there was truly something she was interested in purchasing.

Nuala walked down the streets and stopped by a bakery where she bought some pastries for herself to eat. They were all delicious and she was always surprised to see how well these people were doing for themselves, in spite of their struggle with the beasts and monsters coming from Aldenwald. There were some people here whose shops truly had the potential to make it big if only they were located in a different town with more people, more tourists and generally speaking just more civilians that actually had the money to buy things. Nuala didn’t feel bad though and she hoped that the presence of the guild could assist Dahlia in growing larger and blooming again. After all this was her guild’s base and it was in both theirs and the guilds best interest to improve the circumstances of this town. As Nuala walked down the streets she came by a pub that was quite popular, even during the day time. It simultaneously served as a restaurant and people seemed to love eating here since the meals were prepared with freshly hunted game. The owner was a talented cook and his wife was a talented hunter from what she had heard.



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Exterminator #3 [Quest: Nuala] U8W6XVS

Nuala decided to pay them a visit. She wasn’t exactly hungry but she could stop by for a drink just fine. The store was open and it was populated as well. When Nuala entered, a few people were even waving at her and recognizing her. This was because she had lived here for a few months now and helped the local folks with their issues. They seemed to be grateful for that and Nuala was glad to be recognized as a member of the Daeva Eye guild. Kaiser was a devious person and kind of mischievous too, but she had better uses for Dahlia than to destroy its economy and its people for no reason. If Dahlia grew stronger, larger and improved its ability to make money and attract tourists then they would all benefit from that in the end. When Nuala entered the pub, she walked towards to the counter where she took a seat. She was dressed in her usual attire and a cloak covered most of her appearance but not her face. The lady of the house, the huntress who was responsible for this place’s success, approached her shortly after and gave her a drink that Nuala often ordered. The two of them were familiar with one another already.

“I’m surprised you are coming by,” she said to the thief and Nuala thanked her for the drink and took her first sip. “I wanted to see how things were going here before we leave for our trip. Most of us will be gone in the next week so I hope you all will be fine until then.” Nuala was quite amicable for someone who had helped the local cult to murder people, bury them alive and summon the dead - but these locals didn’t need to know that. “Not really, to be honest. I hope that the ones that stay can help us out. Lycans are still a problem here. A farm has been attacked last night and while no one died, they killed almost all the farm animals. Merchants are hesitant about coming to town now because of what happened two weeks ago.” Nuala nodded and sipped on her drink. Unfortunately this problem wasn’t news to her nor was it a surprise to her that someone had been attacked by lycans AGAIN. This was after all a major problem here in Dahlia City.



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Exterminator #3 [Quest: Nuala] U8W6XVS

The huntress went on, ranting about how much she struggled to find a solution against these beasts. Because they always traveled in packs it was impossible for her, a normal human, to defeat them one by one and there wasn’t much she could do about it. It was way too dangerous too after all she had a family to take care of. Furthermore, she hunted on the opposite site of the town, where Aldenwald’s influence stopped mattering anyways. Nuala sighed and emptied the drink she had been given. Somehow she felt as though she was running out of time now and it was necessary for her to go and kill the werewolves. Of course Nuala could only kill so many, but maybe it would bring a few more weeks of peace to the villagers when she took care of whatever was out there. Nuala looked at the woman and waved her closer. “Where exactly is the farm that has been attacked? I still got some free time for the day so I think I can stop by and see how they are doing. Perhaps I can even trace the pack that did this.” The huntress seemed grateful for her words.

“Honestly, I was hoping you would say that. It’s the Muller’s family.” And then she proceeded to describe the address of the family that had been affected by this. Nuala then decided to leave the bar and head for the guild first. She wanted to drop off all her items that she had bought and bring her secondary weapon with her. When Nuala was in Dahlia she usually only brought one weapon along but against werewolves she definitely needed two. Then the Voidling mounted her horse and went on her merry way. It was approximately a thirty minute long ride on horseback down to where the farm was actually located at. This location that was far away from the city center and the city walls and therefore of course also the guild made it such an easy target for bandit raids and werewolves. But they rarely saw bandits here which was probably because all the werewolves were eating them. When Nuala arrived at the farm she found that the family was currently in the middle of cleaning up the mess that the werewolves had caused. Nuala approached them and they seemed to already know who she was. “I guess you are here to help us defeat those werewolves?” They asked and Nuala nodded her head. “I will take care of them for you if you point me into the right direction.”



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Exterminator #3 [Quest: Nuala] U8W6XVS

And they did. The villagers pointed Nuala into the right direction of where the werewolves had been coming from and Nuala went on her way. Of course she had to leave behind her horse first - she wouldn’t want it to get hurt. Nuala was headed for the woodlands and as soon as she got within range, the Voidling began to run. She was soundless so it wouldn’t matter if she was running, as long as she knew the direction she was headed into the werewolves would surely be caught by surprise. And with her moving so fast along the trees and bushes of Aldenwald it would probably be hard for them to catch a glimpse of her scent anyways.

This time around the werewolves aren't sleeping. There was just two of them from what she could tell and their small number was probably why they hadn’t managed to kill anyone at the farm before help arrived. This would be fun for Nuala. She could easily take on two of these. It seemed that they were chasing a deer and were occupied by that when Nuala attacked. Hard to believe that they were still this hungry after killing so many farm animals already. The Voidling was turning invisible before she got within range. She was running at high speed and had her daggers unsheathed already, and before anyone could see anything coming, Nuala attacked.

She caught up to the first werewolf, now running in front of him and stopped abruptly in her movement, aiming both her daggers at the beast who had no choice but to walk right into it. With a twist, a twirl and a turn, she sliced him open and he fell to the ground lifelessly. Without hesitation, Nuala jumped onto the second beast who was surprised, but immediately attacking her. Dodging its attack by lowering herself to the ground and dashing forward, stabbing both her daggers into its guts, Nuala killed the second werewolf. She gave her surroundings a good listen but there was nothing else she could hear, so the Voidling sprinted back to the farm. Covered in blood, the farmers family knew of course that it had been done and rewarded her accordingly.

Now she could leave for Magnolia at last.


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