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Eyes Wider Open (Quest)

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#1Jin Tatsumi 

Eyes Wider Open (Quest) Empty Mon Mar 30, 2020 11:38 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Having just returned to the guild after the first more than casual mission, there was yet another request from the strange shop owner for Jin's services.

Taking the request down from the board, he headed over to the drug shop once more to see what was going on.

The shop was just as quiet as always. A couple walked out of the store, caring a small paper bag. No doubt, with some medicine inside.

Jin eased by them and slid into the shop, with his halberd slung over his shoulder.

"Hey, old man. What do ya need," he asked as he set the weapon up against the same spot on the wall.

Kalash grumbled and hastily gathered up his things and dumped them into a bag. "I have to make a delivery and need someone to stay here and return this item." The old man revealed a small device used for certain medical herbs.

"It's broken and I can't accept it. I need you to get a refund from the man and watch the shop again."

Jin grabbed his weapon and began to walk behind the counter, "Sure thing boss. Piece of cake. Watch the shop and get your money back." The light mage sat in the chair and rocked back in it with both hands behind his head.

"You'll need to close up the shop too. I won't be back. Contact me with the orb." The owner set the key on the countertop and slid it over to Jin, who let it stop on its own.

He gave the man a simple nod, and reached up to grab a notepad, "You care if I flip through your inventory log?" Jin's question put a puzzled look on the owners face but he didn't care.

Kalash left and Jin thumbed through the notebook. It gave him a bunch of ideas for his own medicine dealings. Something more legit than disguising his light magic.

The store picked up in business as more and more people filtered through. Jin hopped down from his lounging position and began helping them and suggesting items to use.

Eventually, a man entered with a frown already brandished on his face. He walked straight to Jin and stood at the counter. "I'm here for a...BROKEN item," he said with a sleazy intonation.

Jin cleared his throat and grabbed the device. He put it on the table but kept his hand over the top of it and leaned over the counter,
"Listen up, pal. We don't take busted up wares around here. This is a respectable business. So cut the crap and give us something that works," he said taking his hand off the device and letting the man have it back.

"uh, I..uh..." the merchant stammered and then took the device and gave it a quick test revealing that it was broken. Jin held out his hand for the refund and with a scowl, the merchant gave it away.

Jin turned on the crystal ball and Kalash was elated to hear that it went well and told Jin to take his cut from the refund. The light mage left with his pocket a little more full.


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