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Wolf in Wolf's Clothing (Solo Quest)

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#1Rinni Faithe 

Wolf in Wolf's Clothing (Solo Quest) Empty on Mon Mar 30, 2020 1:31 pm

Rinni Faithe
Stalking the area around the Farmland is a beautiful white wolf, looking to bring home a delicious morsel for her starving pups. Also on the farmlands, lies a pen full of succulent sheep ripe for the picking. Farmer Jim has had enough of his precious sheep vanishing overnight. As such, he placed a bounty on the wolf's head. Stepping into the scene is a lovely young girl wearing her medium armor set and wielding her Arcing Bow. Upon her head was a frayed huntsman's cap. Her chest was covered by beast hide vest.  Down her legs were brown trousers ending in knee-high black boots. Her dark brown hair was tied in a ponytail as her milky brown eyes scanned the area. No sign of the wolf, looked like she got here just in time.

The sun was setting, and the wolf seemed to prefer hunting at night. It made sense, as no one would be around to spot it after dark. No one, that is, except for Rinni Faithe. She entered the Farmlands and made way toward the sheep pen. The sheep were noisy but so fluffy and adorable that Rinni was fine with huddling among them. Even if it took half the night, how could you be mad at these adorable critters? She put on a wool hood she had made from sheered sheep wool earlier, in order to blend in that much easier.

Now, all she had to do was wait for the wolf to make its appearance. It was dark and the air was growing cold. Thankfully, the wool hoodie was warm and comfortable. She heard a rustling nearby and turned to spot a couple of sheep walking. They bleated innocently as she tried to pinpoint the possibility of the wolf hiding among them. If she was correct, it was a white wolf. That'd make it blend in among all these white sheep. Fortunately, there were a couple black sheep in the mix. But, to be honest, that really wasn't helpful at all. The wolf could be anywhere. In the still darkness of the nightfall, Rinni heard a low growl. She turned toward the noise and spotted a pair of glowing yellow eyes amidst the herd.

Pulling up her Arcing Bow, she aimed at the animal. She had to plan this carefully. She didn't want to accidentally shoot a sheep. The wolf spotted Rinni, and realizing she wasn't a sheep, it lunged at her savagely. In her panic, she fired her bow shooting an arrow that only barely missed its target. She cursed in surprise as the wolf pinned her to the ground. It was slightly stronger than her, but not by much. Lifting her legs, she placed her feet against the animal's belly and kicked it away.

Landing with a yelp, the wolf took off running and Rinni gave chase. Losing sight of it, she slowed down and follows its tracks. Silently, she edged along the border of the farm hunting her prey. The hunter had become the hunted... and Rinni wasn't going to stop until she had finished her job. It only took five minutes for her to locate the wolf. It was hiding behind the barn, waiting for an opportunity to strike and take a sheep trophy home with it. The teen quietly approached the wolf, and readied her bow. As beautiful as the creature was, this was for the greater good.

"I'm sorry..." She whispered as she released the string. The arrow flew true, striking the wolf through a vital organ. Its lung. The creature fell, gasping for air. Rinni slowly approached and quickly ended the animal's suffering by slitting its throat with her skinning knife. She then dragged the body to the farmhouse, presenting it to Farmer Jim. Upon receiving her payment, she offered her Leatherworking skills to Farmer Jim and crafted him a fine coat from the beast's hide.

She then left the farm with a heavy heart. Feeling pained and at a loss of her decision to slay such a beautiful animal, Rinni decided to take a trip. She'd been stuck at home far too long. She didn't time to herself and so she decided to head toward Sieghart Mountains. Perhaps a hike along a mountain trail was just what she needed to find herself.

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