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Jan Ren

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#1Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren


Name: Jan Ren

Age: 21 years old; March 24th X768

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Sinese

Ethnicity, Mother: Sinese

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Tattoo: Center of the back, dark purple

Face: Ranma ½ - Mousse


Height: 5'10"

Weight: 162 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Overall: Not one for a big, fortitudous stature; Jan Ren's physique is toned at best and average at worst. Though his most prominent feature would be his hair; long and silky, always well-groomed and thoroughly washed. Jan Ren's hair reaches his middle back in length (and is probably going to get longer), an even fringe hiding his forehead. Two long bangs would sometimes hide his ears if allowed to.

Coming from Sinese lineage, Jan Ren isn't afraid to hide his origins. In fact, his pride in it shows through his choice in attires. Donning fashion exclusively dabbing in his home region's culture, Jan Ren's usual work clothes include what appears to be a baggy, white qi pao made from special silk.  Let me tell you, that was NOT cheap. A red makeshift belt is used to hold the piece together, tied over his waist. His bottomwear is typically long, varying in darker colors to contrast his topwear's brightness. For footwear, while he can take the occasional boot or sandal, Jan Ren really does feel most comfortable barefoot or with tai chi shoes.

Extra: If there's anything noteworthy, it'd be that he carries a red hair band over his left wrist, which he'd use to tie down his hair at certain times when things get serious (read: when he feels like it).


Personality: Jan Ren would like to believe that he's overall a good person. Not one afraid to use words to promote himself, acknowledging competition among all his peers in the world, he's stubborn if not determined with his goals; and while some may view it as a bad trait, his policy is to stick to what he sets his mind on and avoid getting sidetracked. What he lacks in adventurousness, he makes up for in habit-building diligence. Yes, he's a man of order. And words, unfortunately.

Jan Ren values chivalry and honesty. He holds morals in high regard and can come to respect others even if their opinions differ. It's part of being a refined man, you see. Though while he would like to adopt these traits for himself, he's having a hard time fully getting accustomed to those, as this guy is unfortunately, a real coward. He will avoid sticky situations instead of facing them if he can, and is willing to get to some low levels to ensure his own safety. Hey, nobody's perfect.

While appreciating foreign cultures and embracing that the world is a lot bigger than one can grasp, these's no culture like his own. Jan Ren is a proud Sinese man as a principle, rather just a trait. He displays pride in where he comes from, and very connected to his roots.

But let's stop beating around the bush here. If there's a reason Jan Ren is looking to better himself, get famous or raise his income, it's all for one reason: women. Jan Ren wants to get a date with a cute girl, get a girlfriend and everything beyond that. While there are perks in his chosen profession, there's little shame in admitting to his Master that the real reason he's in this business is to get popular with the ladies. Confidence is a skill and not a trait, and he'd work himself to death to raise it, if just for the sole purpose of appearing 'cool' in the eyes of some girl. And also because he unfortunately is prone, in fact, to chickening out when things get real serious. Part of his cowardice? Perhaps.

For this reason, he's bound to have a hard time with aggressive women.


  • Girls: Fiorian, Bosconi, Sinese, even the exotic ones in Desierto. You can say it's low standards, though he'd say it's his accepting nature. Jan Ren likes girls of all kinds. ...Maybe he's a perv?

  • Cats: Cats are cute. Not too friendly, but cute. It's soothing to pet cats, it's fun to feed cats. Cats are good friends. These furry creatures might be feisty, but they're nice to have around.

  • Sin culture: Having been taught to be himself in pride, Jan Ren is very connected to his homeland's culture, and is appreciative of it being a part of his life. He laments the dark times his country suffers currently, but being a refined Sinese man is a point of pride for him. From its clothes, to its myths, even to music, history and folklore; one can easily get him excited if a conversation starts with those topics in mind.

  • Romance: Would you be surprised be this point, really? Jan Ren wants romance in his life. He's read up on some novels, too. He finds the idea charming, and ultimately it'd be the end-goal for his ambitions. ...You know, until the birds and the bees become a relevant topic.


  • Alcohol: I mean he can hold his liquor, somewhat, lightweight man that he is. But the point is, alcohol really clouds one's judgement. There are numerous stories about alcohol being used as a drug to get someone to drop their guard, then taking advantage of them. While some may see it a procedure to get with the ladies, Jan Ren believes it'd be better if all was done in neutral, honest state. Call it old-fashioned chivalry if you must.

  • Fighting: To be more specific, fighting out of his control. When it's easy battles he's sure he can win, it's no problem; but. Even in today's world, there are those that divert from fighting while still having capabilities. Jan Ren is one such person. If we're really getting down to it, it's because he hates pain and it's inveitable when fighting someone upfront. Bloodshed's also struck his country many a time, but it only comes second to his averting from himself feeling pain.

  • Bugs: It bugs him. They're disgusting and they don't contribute to nothing. Is he afraid of them though? Haha, of course not...!


  • Girls: Fuck money, get bitches. No, seriously. That's the big reason he even got here in the first place. He wants to get with the ladies. What's wrong with that?

  • Jewels: Okay fine, money's nice to have too. Money can solve most of your problems, you know. Whoever said money can't solve your problems? Must've not had enough money to solve them. Or something like that.


  • Loneliness: He's not afraid of being hated, no. But dying alone, the thought of having a funeral where no one attends, that's terrifying. Especially if there aren't any cute girls there mourning his death. --No, anyway, nobody likes being stranded alone in this society, right? It makes perfect sense. What if you get betrayed by your best friend or lover one day and you just, can't get back on your feet? That counts too.

  • Entomophobia: Fear of insects, in simple terms. Creepy, crawly things or the ones that fly. Jan's creeped out by those and he gets the shivers just at the thought of one of those. And you're telling me these things can grow to the size of cars?? No. Just, absolutely not.

    ...Yeah, I lied. He lies about that too.


Magic Name: Water Magic

Magic Element: Water

Magic Description: The most basic form of elemental magic, Water Magic allows the user to create and manipulate bodies of water for multitudes of purposes. The user can control the temperature of the water so long as it doesn't reach boiling or freezing point. Jan Ren prefers to use it for supplementary and offensive purposes.


History: In the middle of the country of Sin, there lives a family by the name of Ren. They are of average upbringing and background, not standing out in particular. And in that house, a boy was born. Jan Ren.

Even with the declining economy of the country, Jan's family made sure to raise him as a proper values man. An intellectual, if you will. In other words, they pounded into him everything Sin's culture had to offer, from folklore songs to dance, to myths and to history. By the age of 6, his conscious had come to adopt the culture as an integral part of his self. While not quite one with affinity for magic at the time, he did want to become an influential figure in his country. A bit of an oddball of a kid, he was.

Jan's life was not too eventful. He made friends, laughed, cried, got bruised, broke his ankle and recovered. When he was 14 would be the first time he discovered his abilities as a wizard, and that opened the door to many possibilities his parents would constantly offer. Why not become a soldier for the local dynasty's power? Why not deepen his studies and become a diplomat? Such questions often sprung up, but the boy at the time had a whole different goal in mind: and that was, to get a girlfriend.

Yeah, some mindset shift occurred off-screen and midway through puberty, Jan got awfully interested in the opposite sex. While his confidence really wasn't all that great, being an only child raised with two parents on average-at-best income, he found himself immersed in romance novels and courting books some time at that age, though never actually daring to take the necessary steps to make it come to fruition. ...At least at first. Jan's first relationship happened when he was 16 years old, though it didn't last too long. Barely two months in and while everything was going great, when push came to shove, he couldn't stand up to the challenge. Shortly after, he turned tail. His first breakup, barely two months in. And a shameful one at that.

Jan found himself a mediocre job as a construction worker at the age of 18, helping rebuild some damaged facilities with no skill required. And then he quit, as it got stressful. He turned to intellect, and took an office job at a papers agency. There he stayed with the same, stagnant routine for a solid two years; and then, something happened. Trade began significantly declining, the governors stopped dabbing with his home city, and crime rates raised. He of course, knew why that was the case; being behind a desk and filing documents meant he had prime access to these sorts of reports whether he liked it or not. The local dynasty lost its power and barbarians, inevitably, seized this chance to raid the surrounding areas.

His parents were aware of that too. So to help their son grow stronger and keep him safe, they made a bold move. Using a long time's worth of savings, they handed Jan a buttload of Jewels and, kicked him out of the house. He of course, realized that they decided to do that because their area was now in clear danger as well. Jan was to cross the country and escape, find himself somewhere else where he can prosper and make a true name for himself. Or, even just travel the world. Whatever it was, Sin was not a safe place for him anymore, moreso as his routine grew dull. He'd protested and argued, of course, understandably worried for his parents' wellbeing. But in the end, he gave in to their will and accepted this gift.

Over the span of half a year, Jan has crossed the world. Joining traveling merchants and nomads in his travels, strategically spending the income he was allowed to keep to make sure he's not in too much danger. Of course, the travel wasn't a smooth road, but an awfully rocky one; filled with uncertainty and longing. But if he was to value his parents' intentions, and his status as a man, he had to make sure he goes through with it. His travels led him to Fiore, where he now resides; using the rest of whatever he had left, to settle down in an apartment.

The magically abundant country would make a great place for him to develop further. However, he keeps his past, his home, close to his heart with his stature and vibe.

Now on his own, it may be a good time to focus on what he truly wants. And that would have to be... Well, girls. As such, he went and applied to join Blue Pegasus as a novice wizard, with the bold statement granted: I want to work here because I like women. That is all.

In the middle of Fiore, there lives a man carrying the name of Ren. He is of average upbringing and background, not standing out in particular. ...Yet. Jan Ren.

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Venus Rosé

This character application has been approved.

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